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    and farrell once again trying to decapitate mellor, smiths cowardly and childish kick at hanbury and tomkins brainfart hit on phelps..teflon warriors springs to mind
  2. Handsome Johnny


    exactly what i was thinking about patrick ah van, considering the actions of smith, tomkins and farrell in the very same game
  3. Handsome Johnny


    you have a nerve, the pies built their great team on ex widnes players
  4. Handsome Johnny


    you should have watched the kev brown masterclass yesterday, we massacred wakefield 58-16
  5. yes joe we were missing several key players, but you are grasping at straws on this one...
  6. wigan were by a virtually reserve broncos team, the bunnies sent their strongest team
  7. he deserved a yellow at most, what about farrells assault on mellor, o'loughlons trip on herremaia, smiths kick and multiple offences by braindead joel. face it joe wigan are the dirtiest team in super league and if we would have had a decent referee last night at least 2 of your thugs would have been sent off.
  8. bet you were happy to have a team full of thugs again and a referee in your pocket, matty smith is a disgrace to the game for his cowardly kick from behind on hanbury and the least said about brain dead joel the better.
  9. well done saints, widnes were beaten by a try after the final siren when castleford kept the ball alive and we lost 20-18 four tries each and the goal kicking was the key
  10. a quite strong wigan team by all accounts
  11. did i say that the vikings won 20-16 against a very strong saints team and two sthelens born lads scored 3 of our tries paddy flynn and declan hulme...get in there
  12. the game is definitely on it was announced this morning COYV
  13. definitely alan i've been out all morning with the junior team fitness training
  14. to make room for mossops return
  15. who cares they are widnes players now joe
  16. good signing, talk about hitting a man when he's down, i expect the wigan pack to make a fist of it this season especially in the knockout rounds,
  17. such a tragedy a very promising young player who sadly lost his life playing the game he loved
  18. hen laurie daley nearly decapitated jiffy but still couldn't stop him scoring, priceless
  19. it was alan we were the first official world champions
  20. it is 25 years this year since we won the WCC against canberra raiders who wear green
  21. it was phyll all members had their name on the shirt
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