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  1. i believe that fernando torres is being allowed to use his nick name on his chelseas shirt.......................iscariot

  2. it's bad enough her being a woman but she's not a bloody leyther is she? back on topic for a second is it just me or does anyone else think that the council have missed a great opportunity by not making the caverns into a tourist attraction?
  3. must get my haircut, i'm beginning to get bushy ears..........

  4. we always listened to round the horn and the clitheroe kid, as i got into my teens i used to love AFN (american forces network) which played all the classic soul tracks.
  5. i HAVE seen a woman with hairy ears.............................i've been to parr

    1. Le200


      That was obviously in Fingerpost where men are men and so are the women.

  6. how will you know it's me ollie, that photo in my avatar is definitely not me.
  7. these days the clegg is part of a park which includes thatto heath crusaders ground and club house, i go fishing in the clegg from time to time and it carries a goo head of perch and carp.
  8. i need sectioning, standing on otterspool prom on saturday night in -5 conditions fishing, and all for 3 codling.

  9. trying something completely different on saturday, seas fishing at otterspool, apparently the cod are inshore and biting.

  10. hello june don't be shy come and join us nutters on the forums.

  11. do you still go fishing?

  12. i hav got to be the only person on here who enjoys sitting in the pouring rain watching a little painted piece of carbon, waiting for a fish to light up my day.

  13. bloody weather, haven't had my string pulled for 10 days now.............my tackle will be getting rusty.

  14. for some strange reason known only to my self the railway was my regular pub in town before we went clubbing.
  15. absolutely spot on le, i was baptised there...
  16. get in there maxi, the red machine are on the march again...................

  17. don't know when it was capped but it showed on her land search when she bought the house.
  18. my daughter used to live in french street and there is a capped shaft in the grounds of the methodist church
  19. i remember rainhill hospital very well, did my RMN training there and i would never have left if it hadn't closed.
  20. behave yourself phyll, typical men don't wear womens clothes:hippi: .back on topic, i remember the thursday night disco's upstairs. never really enjoyed them as they always seemed to play crap music (pop)
  21. that track if i'm not mistaken was part of the runcorn gap railway..
  22. not half as scary as the nurses at the prov..
  23. we were far more suave and sophisticated than those guttersnipes from eddie camp:cool:
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