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  1. alreet mally  what is it you want to know about coins, i have been collecting since 1963 and have nearly 13,000

    1. mally


      Hi mate Good to see you Back ! As I posted I have a bunch of pennies and Halfpennys what should I look out for as Being Collectibles ? also I got a Churchill coin from 1965 and some Charles and Diana coins from 1981 These have no value stamped on them  

  2. tell the world johnnys back

  3. just imagine, war breaks out and nobody turns up.......

  4. denis you have redeemed yourself.........nathan brown is the buffoon

  5. denis you have redeemed yourself.........nathan brown is the buffoon

  6. denis betts you are a buffoon......

  7. just until new year and then normal service will be resumed...........

  8. 17th october is the worst day of every year for me, it is my mams birthday and reminds me of the great woman she was....god bless you mam.

    1. Babsm


      HJ...28th is the day i Lost mine..9 years ago miss her still

    2. SKYMAN


      nice comments

    3. Thumpa lumpa

      Thumpa lumpa

      Mine is the 15th October HJ for the same reason

  9. 18 years ago today a special person left my life, RIP tom my father in law, the best a man can have.........

    1. SKYMAN


      nice comment HJ.

  10. if god was a fish he would be a tench

  11. it is nearly 30 years since the falklands war, for my mates who lost their lives on the shiny sheff...........rest in peace

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    2. Handsome Johnny

      Handsome Johnny

      thanks phyll, i left the navy in 1976 but some of my mates were still on her when she was sunk

    3. Phyll


      I lived in Plymouth

      at the time of

      The Falklands.

      Tragic! RIP

    4. Babsm


      RIP...remember it well xxx

  12. oly 9 hours and 20 minutes to go the pmt (pre match tension) is terrible

    1. Thumpa lumpa

      Thumpa lumpa

      Whoops wake up from Wakfield HJ its going to be a long hard season

  13. happy and contented with a nice cold pint of stella.......................

  14. happy new car to me...............

    1. Babsm


      what did ya get HJ ?

  15. wind is dropping, no rain but over cast, luggy lane dam here i come.

    1. Dicky D

      Dicky D

      I believe it's fishing well again this year! Are the Tench still biting?


    2. Handsome Johnny

      Handsome Johnny

      certainly are, had 4 over 5 lbs last saturday.




  16. my 13 month old grandson has just wrenched the door off the sideboard by splitting the frame...........going to rugby as soon as he is old enough.

    1. RATTY


      one of them that'll break a ballbearing eh!

    2. Babsm


      A saint in the making;-)

  17. bloody weather........playing havoc with my plants.

    1. Phyll


      What's That?

      Playing havoc with your

      pants? LOL

  18. wedding anniversary today, 34 years.................i'd have been out after 7 for manslaughter.

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    2. Phyll


      Congratulations, HJ. Don't know how she puts up with you! LOL

    3. Carr Millite

      Carr Millite

      7 years? Community service more like.

    4. RATTY


      Well done


  19. if everything in life was as satisfying ans the sight of a float slipping beneath the surface of a lake.

    1. gangad


      depends whose holding it lol

    2. steve.


      Johnny was

  20. kyle eastmond..............the destitute mans jonny lomax.

  21. i really hate keyboard warriors.........they can only make offensive comments behind the safety of a computer screen..........

  22. i was 13 when i lost my virginity............................and i was 50 when i found it again.

  23. just imagine, war breaks out and no one turns up........

    1. RATTY


      I can imagine that for sure,

      why would you turn up?

    2. steve.


      Well usually those in power say fight for your country or die a coward, kiss my arse you lying £$%"£$£$, you only want us to fight cus your a bunch of gutless greedy fkrs, lets see you and your kids on the front-line for a change shit heads.

    3. clocker baz

      clocker baz

      Very true it will be even worse now. Young men cant afford an education , no jobs for the un qualified, so more cannon fodder

  24. you are CFC you've got no f***ing history (or points or goals against the reds this season)

  25. i believe that fernando torres is being allowed to use his nick name on his chelseas shirt.......................iscariot

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