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  1. to be honest if it wasnt for john mckiernan town would have folded long ago, i have never met a more enthusiastic man as regards a sports team
  2. sadly i firmly believe that the gamble will become yet another victim of the council sponsored arsonist
  3. prescot panthers didn't go bust alan they were one of the five clubs who lindsey said gave nothing to the game, they were asked to resign from the league even though they werent in debt and owned hope street
  4. it grieves me to see the demise of our local club, all thanks to them being conned out of the houghton road money in the ill fated move to knowsley road
  5. Handsome Johnny

    Frank Myler

    RIP frank a widnes legend
  6. rumour doing the rounds is that radford head butted kelly after the game
  7. alreet mally  what is it you want to know about coins, i have been collecting since 1963 and have nearly 13,000

    1. mally


      Hi mate Good to see you Back ! As I posted I have a bunch of pennies and Halfpennys what should I look out for as Being Collectibles ? also I got a Churchill coin from 1965 and some Charles and Diana coins from 1981 These have no value stamped on them  

  8. read this morning that mose masoe has had emergency surgery on a severe spinal injury he suffered in yesterdays wakefield v hull kr friendly
  9. the lad has no fear of anyone as he showed against arsenal in the league cup
  10. its being played in london
  11. in 1977 emlyn hughes played 72 games for club and country,
  12. who wins your vote for super leagues coach of the season? my vote goes to ian watson what a brilliant job he has done at salford
  13. it was great to see the strikebreakers get hammered, saints v salford grand final anyone
  14. some may call me biased but i watch my beloved liverpool last night and was aghast at the massive talent that is harvey elliott, the lad is 16 and i predict that he will be a massive star in the future
  15. cant wait for next saturday this years cup final will be a cracker and in my opinion saints will will by 18 points, but for me the massive draw is something i thought i would never see again in my lifetime, widnes at wembley in the 1895 cup final. i will be there noisily supporting my two teams hopefully to victory
  16. jason demetriou is the favourite at the moment, he has a great coaching record in australia and is currently wayne bennets deputy, the added bonus is that jason played in super league nearly all his career for widnes and wakefield so he is used to the british game
  17. got my ticket and i will be presenting the club with a pennant from the FA vase victory
  18. the simple truth is he isnt good enough for super league never mind the nrl
  19. and widnes should get their 12 points back we didn't cheat but wigoon did
  20. i was there proudly wearing my roosters shirt
  21. the lads hadnt been played and the threat of liquidation is hanging over the club. total mismanagement by the cast of idiots in the boardroom
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