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  1. I'm waiting for them to go tits up
  2. got my ticket and i will be presenting the club with a pennant from the FA vase victory
  3. the simple truth is he isnt good enough for super league never mind the nrl
  4. and widnes should get their 12 points back we didn't cheat but wigoon did
  5. i was there proudly wearing my roosters shirt
  6. the lads hadnt been played and the threat of liquidation is hanging over the club. total mismanagement by the cast of idiots in the boardroom
  7. i'll never forget all the happy hours i spent fishing on carr mill dam sadly its changed now with gangs of the local yobs trying their best to make you feel uncomfortable
  8. I'm in regular contact with pee eccles
  9. kids showing respect is a thing of the past
  10. easy way to rejig super league, get rid of catalans and bring the chemics back
  11. tell the world johnnys back

  12. jurgen klopp has turned us into a superb team as witness in our demolition of chelski and citeh, he just appears to get more from the players than brenda could ever do
  13. i was born at number 19 Ross street in 1955 my nan lived there
  14. Handsome Johnny


    and farrell once again trying to decapitate mellor, smiths cowardly and childish kick at hanbury and tomkins brainfart hit on phelps..teflon warriors springs to mind
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