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  1. Although I've never contacted anyone else on Ancestry asking for information, a few have contacted me and I've aways replied and sometimes shared relevant information. . The only thing I don't like is that, although my Ancestry tree is private, when I've shared information with people who do have a connection, some of them have then gone on to put some of my stuff on their public tree. Then it's up for grabs for anybody to steal your hard work, photos, documents, etc.
  2. I used it some time ago. Had a few connections which didn't really give me much information, but I stopped using it because some people were taking advantage.
  3. NSSO - PM'd you, so as not to hijack the thread.
  4. Yes, local government reorganisation, remember it well. That's not why I left though, I had my daughter in 1974! Yes, I remember most of those names. Linda Bate! So she married Alan Cropper in the end. The one thing that sticks in my mind about little Beryl was one day the TC said to her "Have you seen yourself lately from the back, Beryl?" and quick as a flash she replied "Have you seen yourself from the front?"
  5. Thanks for that, yes I was another grapeviner. Very sorry to hear about Beryl as well. She was a particular friend of mine but we lost touch a long time ago. I actually got her job working for the TC when she left. Long time ago, but good memories. My name was (and still is) Eileen Cox. I worked for Bill Halsall and John Ellison, and then the TC and DTc after Beryl left. I was there between 1966 and 1974.
  6. I also worked at the town hall in the TC's department with Alan and Kath in the 60's/70s. I was quite shocked to hear that Kath had died, do you know who the other girl was who died, Non Sibi?
  7. We moved to Carr Mill in Jan 1951 and I remember seeing the farmer driving his cattle along Carr Mill Road to the cattle market. Not sure how long it stayed open, but was certainly there in 1951.
  8. Yeah, I remember amarites. My dad used to say, "mind your mum, she's in her amarites" ("am I right or am I right", meaning she was never wrong. )
  9. No, sorry I don't think I know your cousin, Ollie. I was there from 1956 and left in 1961. I wish now I'd stayed on and done A levels but in those days all I wanted to do was start working and earn money. At least in those days there was no difficulty getting a job when you left school.
  10. Great links, Phyll. That certainly brought back a few memories. Yes, Ollie, I well remember the dark and dreary bottom corridor. Funny to see how the uniform had changed over the years, especially the mini skirts in the sixties and the trousers in the seventies and those awful green gingham dresses we had to wear in the fifties. Regulation length was below the knee, or at least touching the ground when you knelt down. Happy days, although I don't think we realised it at the time.
  11. I was there 57 to 61. Miss Jackson and Miss Wood were head and deputy then as well. Yes, it was a good school and a good education - and no caning, unlike some of the the primary schools.
  12. I remember Bridge's transport in Brown Street in the 50's. My grandparents lived opposite in the terraced houses. The houses were demolished in the 1960s.
  13. I was at Parish Church from about 1951 to 1957. I remember Mr Tabern, who used to throw the chalk (and sometimes the board duster) at us. He gave us all nicknames - "Piggy" Bacon, "Porky" Pie, "Gus" Harris among others. He always used to call me Eileen Dover - I was a few years older before I realised the joke! Also remember Miss Bradbury, who I hated. We used to go to Gerrards Bridge for school dinners and woe betide you if you left anything. She used to have you in the school hall afterwards and make you stand in groups, depending on how much food you had left, and then give you a good telling off in front of everybody. My mum said I often used to go home with cabbage in my pockets. Happy days, eh?
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