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  1. I thought thay where for discharging static electricity


    I used to love the meat and potato pies in my local the green dragon in clock never ever seen any ! like them in Devon just pasties
  3. That's right Alan as you go through the park gates if I remember correctly
  4. Perhaps you should GOOGLE it Hort
  5. Thought I new most pub's in and around town but never heard of the Prop and Pony Im Shure someone will out me right
  6. Brilliant BJL by I hope you don't mind I am downloading them all keep them coming 😊
  7. The Green Dragon was my local from a teenager to moving away at 23. I haven't seen that photo before thanks for that had some brilliant time's in the rebuilt one
  8. Nice to see the Prince of Wales pub again one of my locals when in town I believe it was the only Burtonwood pub In town
  9. Absolutely brilliant Dave you townies had all the fun we Clockers were more for roaming the fields
  10. My father worked there when clock Face colliery closed down he was a rope splicer / blacksmith
  11. We used to use the pit baths as our changing room and shower when playing football
  12. That's what they did in Instow North Devon a lovely old box on the quey at the start of the Tarka Trail
  13. You need to practise Bert a cup full of winkles and a pin could help 😁
  14. Is that rasist Alan or just a load of balls
  15. I think the emergence of charity shops put pay to all that Alan but I remember them well
  16. Thanks for the memorys.i worked at Crone and Taylor next to the bridge for a few years after I served my time at the Vulcan . Your doing a great job Rob much appreciated by all
  17. I used to like Walkers Falstaff in the winter and preferred Burtenwood to Greenalls
  18. Alot of water has gone under the bridge since then Thanks Dave still a great site but unfortunately more political these days
  19. I was trying to remember the name of the pub i remember having a drink out of the RL challenge cup in there when a couple of saints players brought it in
  20. I will be charging you for a new scroll wheel on my mouse if you keep putting rob's photo's on again directly after he as posted them
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