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  1. windle_alex

    Motor bike shops

    Rotordean & Tom Hall's in Haydock..
  2. windle_alex

    Motor bike shops

    Bike Spurz on Common Brow...
  3. windle_alex

    Copper House Row

    Hello Elliem, Copper House Row was a terrace a little way along the path or track bed of the old inclined plane to Pewfall. As you walk up it was roughly on your left just before you get to the tree's. As you may imagine it housed workers for the copper works, of which there were many around her. Considerable amounts of ore from Parys Mountain in Anglesey were brought by sea, Mersey and canal. Regards, John Alex'
  4. windle_alex

    The Old Boston House In Haydock

    I wonder if you mean Brook House? This was close to where you ask but is now, or was, beneath the embankment of the East Lancashire Road.
  5. windle_alex

    school near brook in gaskell st.

    Correct.. it was the later St. Josephs school after Appleton and Beaufort Street
  6. windle_alex

    From St.Helens...Those Big Hills

    Highest mast in UK (being on Winter Hill) but not the tallest... Belmont mast is on lower ground but a slightly higher construction... so Winter hill wins :-) BTW Winter Hill is a nickname due mostly to the construction workers
  7. windle_alex

    North Rd Cellars

    Yes the round covers are coal holes to the coal cellar and the oblong ones do indeed have opening windows below ground opening into the largere cellar.. which was originally a washroom/laundry with a fireplace and wash copper in the corner...
  8. windle_alex

    Haydock Reading Rooms

    Founded by Richard Evans for the intellectual and moral improvement of his workers...
  9. windle_alex

    Windleshaw Abbey Graveyard

    Strolling through an old graveyard is not to be feared.. they often provide a unique peace :-)
  10. windle_alex

    BBC2's "Restoring English Heritage"

    Yes Alan, I agree, there is a wealth of machinery both ancient, old and new which is superb.. But somehow 'digital boxes' cloaked with safety screens just don't have the same grandeur
  11. windle_alex

    BBC2's "Restoring English Heritage"

    Yes Alan, Industrial machinery has its place in our heritage. Some of this can be very impressive. Some pre-digital equipment can be fascinating to watch. A subject close to my heart about which I could wax lyrical.. :-)
  12. Very good Parrer. I think the chemical firm you mention on Fleet Lane was 'Suttcliffes' opposite Lansbury Avenue. I had almost forgotton the Cardox. The Duckery and red rocks were my playground.. fantasic
  13. Was the Duckery at Derbyshire hill Road associated with Ashtons Green Colliery?
  14. windle_alex

    Windleshaw Abbey Graveyard

    My Granddad was Sexton for this cemetery and always had the original plans as a linen scroll which, when required, he would discuss with undertakers. I would imagine this belonged to the Priest at 'St. Thomas of Canterbury' who may help you. Good Luck,
  15. windle_alex


    I thought is was the 3rd Phyll? Or is that if you lived in Poland? :-)

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