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  1. St Helen's is not in Liverpool if you are going to do a story get your facts right
  2. Evil Tory Government I think they are Angels to what is on the Opposition bench
  3. We are a remarkable people in this town and we produce all manner of goods and services but at times I get fed up of people running it down if you backed local businesses instead of going to Liverpool or Warrington to do your shopping and once in awhile got off your assholes and held this council to account you would all do This is a great town and it will get better but it needs all of us to support it
  4. Dose anyone know what was on this land before the tesco and the new bridge Was all this land part of the old bottom works ?
  5. Well I had a cousin who was mayoress I have worked with one of the mayors and I have a friend who was mayor And I can tell you it is hard work I got one of the mayors to come to our school one Christmas the kids had a great time with him they just loved him and the mayoress they ware all over him and everybody enjoyed themselfs Yes you do get some assholes in the job But you also get some great people who really do some good for the town and its people Which you dont always hear about or see ,
  6. I know I am a bit late on this But to be fair The Mayor dose about 500 plus engagements a year that is a hell of a lot of work even if they are in a limo
  7. I think it was 4 or 5 killed when that stone fell when the old Barclays bank was being pulled down and rebuilt
  8. Well I for one hope the Nelson and the Market open soon I would hate to see them go the same way as other town pubs
  9. To be honest Dave No I dont. But there is a history there that we need to keep and I get fed up at times trying to figure out what pub people are talking about All because some landlord changed the name The Nelson and the Market are a good example And some of these landlord dont even come St Helens,
  10. I for one am a bit sick and tired of all the old pubs having there names changed just because some trendy landlord thinks its going to bring in the crowds
  11. Does anyone know who now owns the Sacred Heart site
  12. Does anyone have any photos of the School Orchestra about the time of Noah"s flood I think it was in 1973 or 74,or does any one recall the Orchestra and its members,
  13. Shouldnt this post be called St helens nutters I know,
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