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  1. hi everyone sorry i havent been on for a while had to take a break from m research. it seems we are related john stockley 1796 son of thomas and mary was my ggg grandfather his son sandiland 1838 was my gg grandfather his son also sandiland 1869 was my g grandfather and my grandfather sandiland was born in 1913. (quite confusing i know) my father james also had a brother with the same name but he sadly passed away last yr. i am stuck as to who are the parents of thomas stockley i have it as a john stockley but i cant find any records about him. i have found some which lead back to america but i have no clear evidence to support this yet thankyou for all your interest in this topic i was quite surprised as to how much interest there was. speak to you all soon anjela x
  2. hiya you probably know my dad then james stockley, ernies brother. I'm his youngest daughter. doing quite well tracing my family tree ive got back to the 1700's thanx for the reply x hiya my grandfather was sandiland stockley 1914 his father and grandfather were both called sandiland and were from prescot. ive managed to get quite a lot of info so far but ive still got a lot of work to do. do u know anything about james stockleys relations any info would be appreciated thanx anjela
  3. I am currently tracing my family tree. any infromation on the stockley family of prescot would be much appreciated thanx anjela x
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