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  1. I found Smaug !

  2. “To me, clowns aren’t funny. in fact, they’re kinda scary. I’ve wondered where this started, and I think it goes back to the time that I went to the circus, and a clown killed my dad.”

  3. Two slurs up pantry door and one down ! ( no frigging Idea what that meant ? )
  4. Don't say I never tried ! 

  5. Selling Clothes pegs and Lavender ! If you didn't buy they put a Curse on you
  6. Take me out tonight 
    Because I want to see people and I 
    Want to see life 

  7. your madness is making a machine of ev'ryone,
    but one day the machine might turn on.

  8. somebody said they saw me swinging the world by the tail, bouncing over a white cloud and killing the blues.

  9. Ask your girlfriends and see if they know
    That my strength is ten fold girl
    I'll let you see if you want to before you go

  10. “Advertising signs, they con you into thinking you’re the one that can do what’s never been done, that can win what’s never been won, meantime life outside goes on all around you”

  11. Skating away on the thin ice of a new day ! 

  12. So I open my door to my enemies
    And I ask could we wipe the slate clean?
    But they tell me to please go f*** myself
    You know you just can't win

    1. SaintJeff


      Floyd, great song. It's a huge dig at Waters though. Love the division Bell.

    2. mally


      Yeah ! I love the Lyrics on DB as good as any Floyd album out there 

  13. Used to walk miles along the railway lines as a kid From merton Bank You could walk to Crank
  14. Would that be the one that Crossed over the Flashes then ? there was no bridge but the built up walls were still there when I was a kid (and dangerous it was too )
  15. I remember that line it followed boardmans lane on the left hand side (walking towards Parr from Blackbrook )
  16. came here for the craic stayed for the laugh 

  17. Yeah thats where it looks like to me !
  18. The one in Runcorn has been re purposed into a fantastic place ! added 1 minute later Yeah yeah its not St Helens I know ( nice though ) https://societyltd.co.uk/
  19. you better not pout I'm telling you why 

  20. Family wedding today in Lancashire ! 

    1. Robbob2010


      Better than Merseyside :french:

  21. Great pictures Rob !! I used to go in the Royal for lunch when I was an apprentice at Beechams , They used to have bowls of onions sliced and pickled on the bar !
  22. I've actually walked the sankey from the dam to warrington and then from warrington to the marina at widnes with my grandson its a fantastic walk mate loads of history
  23. Great Pictures mate I used to drink in the Griffin in earlestown and the Prince of wales ( which I think is gone now ) not been down that way for yonks !
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