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  1. going away for a few days Soo 

    Happy new year everyone ! (cos I wont be here )

    1. Robbob2010


      Traitor ;) 

      Enjoy and Happy New Year Mally.


  2. skating away on the thin ice of a new day 

  3. save the music videos 

    1. Dave


      I'll leave them a while longer. If something ever has to go then they're the ones. :)

    2. mally


      Ok boss But if you Do need to wipe them out can we start again Maybe just one a day and not shedloads ?

  4. Just Got back from a Weekend in Dublin (wow isnt it friggin Expensive )

    1. gervassutti


      Spent a week in a hotel in O'Connell St over Easter...it broke the bank. Dublin was listed this year as the 2nd most expensive city in Europe to visit...Oslo was top of the list.

    2. RATTY


      Thanks for the warning, I'll give it a miss

    3. mally


      No Its a brilliant City ! Just Expensive

  5. Wow Severn Years !

  6. So, we screamed out the wrong words Into our own song And with a kiss that tasted like drugs Which taste like we'll never Ever make it home

  7. People see me all the time and they just can’t remember how to act Their minds are filled with big ideas, images and distorted facts Even you, yesterday you had to ask me where it was at I couldn’t believe after all these years, you didn’t know me better than that Sweet lady

    1. Phyll


      Idiot...oops sorry,Wind, lol.

  8. what do the Germans know how to advertise

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    2. mally


      I was referring To the post I cant seem to open Guys ?

    3. Le200


      Where's that at?

    4. mally


      The clue is in the name !

  9. can you tell me where were heading Lincoln county road or Armageddon

    1. gangad


      bit of Dylan senor

    2. Le200


      Seems like I been down this way befoe

  10. SG Cherry Faded

  11. Take me down the Highway like a rocket to the ocean

    1. lalala


      Enjoy the ride

  12. Madness triumphs over love, beasts over man, chaos over reason and for the moment life over death

    1. Le200


      I not like onions :)

    2. mally


      Ha ha you found it then !

    3. Le200
  13. If the sun refused to shine, I would still be loving you. when mountains crumble to the sea, there would still be you and m

  14. flowers and weeds grow in the same place

    1. Thumpa lumpa

      Thumpa lumpa

      Yes my Friggin front lawn

    2. jmosh


      All the flowers where weeds at one time

      That’s evolution for you


  15. I embrace the many colored beast I grow weary of this torment can there be no peace

    1. jmosh



      A different kind of poverty now upsets me so.

  16. In this tainted soul in this weak young heart am I too much for you

  17. I am tired and I am weary I could sleep for a thousand years a thousand dreams that would awake me different colors made of tears

  18. you know there aint no devil its just god when hes drunk

    1. Babsm


      Awww Tom Waits! Yes!

  19. an' though the rules of the road have been lodged its only peoples games that you have to dodge its alright ma I can make it

  20. If you get close to her kiss her once for me , always respected her for doing what she did and getting free

    1. RATTY


      Though the bitter taste still lingers on/From the night I tried to make her stay, Ah sad one that is.

  21. I made a wish I said it out loud ! everyone heard it was the talk of the town

    1. yolly


      Maybe tomorrow, maybe someday. Loved Chrissie and the Pretenders. [..off to youtube now]

  22. chronolgically I know your young but when you kissed me in the club you bit my tongue

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    2. Babsm
    3. mally


      Friggin ell Robbob you spoiled the whole mood there (ill think about it though)

  23. Acid booze and ass needles guns and grass lots of laughs

    1. gangad
    2. mally


      sure is ,I never get fed up of that album

  24. can you tell me where were heading Lincoln county road or armegedden

    1. Babsm


      Seems like i been down this way before. Is there any truth in that, senor?

    2. mally



      one of his best ever

      Gets me in the zone every time

    3. Babsm


      Me too haha

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