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  1. I used to Drink more in those days 🤣
  2. Did he have a pub in Leigh or somewhere ? I remember going looking for it once
  3. Let us know when they start draining mate , they will surely need to do it slowly to avoid flooding Haydock
  4. even that would reveal a lot I remember seeing a few motorboats last time they drained it , bet there is all kinds in there Murder weapons and every kind of hidden stuff !
  5. Why does it say Asbestos ? that's weird we used to play down there as kids ,Bet you all did
  6. And on the 3rd day God said "Let there be Zeppelin." and there was Zeppelin.

  7. have ordered me beer for tonight

  8. more truth bombs ! they dont like it up em Mr Mainwaring 

  9. Sam stone was alone when he popped his last balloon climbing walls while sitting in his chair  

  10. Underestimate me . That'll be fun .

  11. theres a hole in daddy's arm where the money goes ,Jesus Christ Died for nothing I suppose 

  12. the killer awoke before dawn put his boots on 

  13. Free the Clocker 

  14. Truth bomb needed !

  15. Going for me walk !

  16. gonna clean the windows today !

  17. beautiful day for a walk ! 

  18. going the pub while its still allowed 

  19. wonder if Lez zep are real Lezzies 

  20. We used to sing 123 O lary Who shagged my canary
  21. Daughters Confirmation today

  22. Somebody said they saw me
    Swinging the world by the tail
    Bouncing over a white cloud
    Killing the blues

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