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  1. Dutch Proverb: "The innkeeper trusts his guests like he is himself."

  2. Gonna wash that man right outa my hair!

  3. but the question takes too long 

  4. I know my soul is battered
    And I know my mind is gone
    I been waiting for an answer
    But the question takes too long
    I need guidance on the river
    I need everything I've done
    So familiars coming at me
    Don't want to blow it all at once

  5. I got more, I got no need
    I got nothing I could leave
    I got things that you should see

  6. On us all a little rain must fall 

  7. never go full retard !

  8. Corfu day ! taxi at 12:30 

  9. living the dream 

  10. thats me in the corner 

  11. Beryls funeral tomorrow only 10 mourners allowed !

  12. And on the 3rd day God said "Let there be Zeppelin." and there was Zeppelin.

  13. have ordered me beer for tonight

  14. more truth bombs ! they dont like it up em Mr Mainwaring 

  15. Sam stone was alone when he popped his last balloon climbing walls while sitting in his chair  

  16. Underestimate me . That'll be fun .

  17. theres a hole in daddy's arm where the money goes ,Jesus Christ Died for nothing I suppose 

  18. the killer awoke before dawn put his boots on 

  19. Free the Clocker 

  20. Truth bomb needed !

  21. Going for me walk !

  22. gonna clean the windows today !

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