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  1. This molly was behind Merton Bank near the railway and was Dumping ground for all kinds of toxic waste if you walked on it your shoes would melt and it was always catching fire ! As kids we would run down the street shouting "The molly is alight " and we would go watch the fire brigade try to put it out 

  2. 21 hours ago, kizzy said:

    Parr towards Newton le Willows

    Its fingerpost looking down Park road towards Blackbrook  ! Thats the Giraffe Church on the left with Nannygoat park center right and the sankey brook 

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    1 hour ago, halj said:

    I think it was filled in in the early Fifties.

    it was still there when I started at Parr Cent in about 62 !

    added 8 minutes later

    You can just about see the Black Horse Pub (now a Chinese Restaurant ) with Roper street where I grew up Behind it although Black Horse street is gone by then ! 

    All the empty spaces around park road was later filled up with three stories whick have since been knocked down although the terraced houses before them had been there for a hundred years 

    Me mam used to say that "Changes are not always for the better "  She was right !

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  3. 17 hours ago, FRANK said:

    I've heard of the 'blunder' - what/where was it?

    on the picture top right the flat grassy part when I was a kid was a massive quarry that was previously the spoil tip from a chemical works that I was told was called Paddys blunder I myself would love to know more about what went on there in those days !

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  4. I went to Merton Bank School my fave teacher was Barry Halpin the folk singer ! 

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    12 hours ago, Bert said:

    And let the rag and bone man down with his horse and cart, Alan.

    Does anyone remember the Rag and Bone man with the wooden leg ? he was my grandmothers Brother he lived in Wain street !

    added 6 minutes later

    His name was Johnny Traynor and his wife was Elsie 

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  5. 28 minutes ago, FRANK said:

    you'd be hard pushed to beat this:

    I remember when I worked at Beechams one of the lads had that Book he was always going on about how good it was but I was just a Kid with other stuff on my mind ! 😏

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    Thats mad because it says published in 94 but it was in the 60s it was shown to me ? 

  6. 10 minutes ago, HORT said:

    My point was that the glass works was FORSTERS

    Does it look like it could be to you ? there was a chimney there in the 60s it was knocked down by Harry Davis from Blackbrook  brick by brick IIRR 

    added 2 minutes later

    My grandad Dave Griffiths worked there on the Globe ! 

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