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  1. mally

    150 homes on former Carr Mill Cafe and land.

    Yeah the ones from The Liverpool road Ghetto / Greenbelt will be glad to live there ! Is Affordable a bad thing ?
  2. mally

    Llandudno 2019

    I like all the names people have Written on the Hillside in Stones ! really interesting place up there as well with all the old mine workings and everything
  3. mally

    Llandudno 2019

    Great Pictures Robbob
  4. So I open my door to my enemies
    And I ask could we wipe the slate clean?
    But they tell me to please go f*** myself
    You know you just can't win

  5. mally

    path from ship inn to carr mill

    we used to go over to Burkils for a chip crust for a penny
  6. mally

    Paddy's Ackle

    Yes I often wonder that as well ! I have walked the Sankey With my grandkids as far as warrington ant the Fiddlers ferry marina to spike island locks recently and tried to tell them as much as I know about what it was like (even in my time ) ! But IDK things are changing and our Industrial history seems to be looked on with more of a sense of shame rather than pride ?
  7. mally

    Paddy's Ackle

    at the bottom of park road where the stinky brook (as it used to be called ) goes under the road the stone canal bank can still be seen it follows the road for a little bit !
  8. mally

    Paddy's Ackle

    This is really Interesting Guys ! (its a shame whats been done ) http://ourlocalvoice.co.uk/sankey-canal-in-2014-and-the-future
  9. mally

    Paddy's Ackle

    Found this mate ! https://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/news/6082982.A_Blunder_of_enchantment/
  10. mally

    Paddy's Ackle

    cant place it myself ? I know where the blunder was so it makes sense but cant remember the pond
  11. mally

    path from ship inn to carr mill

    Spent nearly all my childhood down there and a lot of my early adult life I could walk from parr flash to the dam blindfold !
  12. mally

    Paddy's Ackle

    Are you talking about Blackbrook Basin which used to be part of the canal that was deep and wide ?
  13. mally

    path from ship inn to carr mill

    If you turn to the right and go through (we used to call it Johnnies wood ) there were some old houses I am pretty sure Robbob put some pictures of them on here a while back I also read about the Stanley bank cottages but I dont think they were in living memory Copper house row ring a bell (i think I read that somewhere )
  14. mally

    path from ship inn to carr mill

    When are you talking about ? you dont pass any cottages if you follow the stream under the lancs ?

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