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  1. i try not to cast pearls at swine !

  2. mally

    Hotties no more

    just Crabs mate ! added 12 minutes later and a broken heart !!
  3. mally

    Hotties no more

    bout 68-69 lol those were the days
  4. mally

    Hotties no more

    how would I know ! How many times were you down there ?

    Dont touch Dont even look! come on I've had enough lets go


    Dont touch Dont even look! come on I've had enough lets go
  7. the one on the bridge is now under the bridge !
  8. Damn facts, you can prove anything right if you have facts.

  9. mally

    Fly tipping

    cant understand where all these flies are coming from same with car boot sales they cant be getting these things by honest means (or they are Chinese copy's )
  10. All my bags are packed 
    I'm ready to go 
    I'm standin' here outside your door 
    I hate to wake you up to say goodbye

  11. mally

    Dear Doctor

    Hi Olliebeak ! Good to see you back posting on here and hope everything is Good with you !
  12.  On a hot summer night
    Would you offer your throat to the wolf with the red roses?

    1. Big_Jeff_Leo


      No not me...but two out of three ain't bad I suppose.

    2. mally


      you took the words  right out of my mouth mate 

  13. Thats well Cool hope the wind dont blow it away !
  14. Gimme the Beat Boys and Free my Soul 

  15. Very interesting ! I pass it every day and never realized its History Thanks for posting 😉

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