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Community Answers

  1. got the frigging covid again 

  2. I had long moved on by that time ! Ma Jennings was the IT in those days when I worked there
  3. yes you could get anything including Corona , top deck ,tango , even pepsi from staff sales but it was only "proprietary medicines" made in St Helens ! added 5 minutes later They started to make Fynnon Bath salts when I was there I took some of the essence home to put in the bath and it turned me green 🤣
  4. is this to me @HORT ? I think in five years I only went in there about two or three times! so no
  5. the smell from Beechams was bitter aloes on the ground floor they used to store it between the fitting shop and the plumbers shop ! added 1 minute later Ribena wasnt made in St Helens added 3 minutes later which department did you work in ?
  6. I worked there in the 60s the powder came out of a hopper and two girls used to fold alternating sides if one couldnt keep up they used to put a fingernail through the teflon on the little chute thing and I used to have to replace it they got a five min break while it was being done
  7. I hate them worse than leper's and I'll kill em in their cars !

  8. Keep up the good work Dave ! and congrats on doing so for 20 years 🤘
  9. If you realise that you have enough
    you are truly rich

  10. people see me all the time but they just dont remember how to act !

  11. I used to go in there Rock Nights ! tony Fyne's Heavy metal disco ! He is a radio presenter in Israel nowadays added 4 minutes later I think it was called Fyne's fonograph 🤔
  12. BSA Gold Flash ! I used to have one of those
  13. RIP I.J. 

    1. tonyn


      very sad news mate , I never really got on with him in the early days , but as time went on we both mellowed , He was a decent bloke who will be missed 

    2. tonyn


      He certainly did a lot for our hobby , made everyone welcome and was there to give advice 

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