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  1. though the rules of the road have been lodged its only people's games that you have to dodge 

  2. I had a vinyl roof fitted to my MK 3 Cortina really looked the bollox ( blue with a cream roof ) loved the Herald interior pic that was my first proper car loved that thing and nippy too ! cars are different today for sure you don't even need to put a key in the ignition or turn the lights on yourself, first car I bought had three speeds my current car has eight ( often think what my 20 year old self would have thought in today's cars )
  3. mally

    Air raid shelters?

    there is one in the woods near the east lancs road Quite a discussion about it a while ago ! anyone ever find out how it came to be there ?
  4. mally

    Truckers 1987 BBC Series Shot in St Helens

    It was Filmed in our street in fact I am in the background cleaning my car in one episode !
  5. mally


    Beautiful sunsets there ! added 12 minutes later
  6. mally

    Billy's Weekly Liar !

    anyone remember this from their Blackpool trips ?
  7. mally


    Best Fish and chips you can get anywhere ! " parkgate chippy " right on the front I would have recognised it from any one of your pictures Robbob we go five or six times a year nice place
  8. Sent you a message !
  9. Do you remember me From Recreation Street I used to play in your yard ? my grandmother lived at 135 you lived in the end house on that block Who was Gina ?
  10. mally

    Old cobblers

    my grandad used to nail old car tyres to the bottom of his clogs used to leave mad tracks in the snow with his limp you knew where he had been
  11. mally

    Old cobblers

    there was one in park road called "clogger Hills " he used to have everyone's shoes lined up on the counter with the price of the repair on a ticket
  12. not been in there but I will after seeing this went to the Revolving restaurant in vancouver with family I said " I'll get the bill " Lol it was $700 plus tip Shoulda kept me gob shut added 2 minutes later added 3 minutes later
  13. going away for a few days Soo 

    Happy new year everyone ! (cos I wont be here )

    1. Robbob2010


      Traitor ;) 

      Enjoy and Happy New Year Mally.


  14. mally

    23 Bridge St

    My mum used to work there in the Bake house she left when the Quality of the Ingredients started going down ( thats what she told me ! the old owner died or summat ) she moved to Pimblets new shop in Fingerpost
  15. mally

    Air raid shelters

    Yeah mate I had Thought that By now someone might have found out what it was doing there ! Shame it cant be preserved

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