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  1. Very sorry to all of you who are trying to help I am getting myself very confused, Freddy did marry Alice Allcock, who was the sister of Edith, its the first time I have used this site and I keep getting a little lost om it at the moment. Stephen - I would love to have Freddy's service papers, I think you should have my email address as you sent me information and photos of Edward Atherton (who was married to Edith Allcock)hope you can see why I am getting confused, sorry everyone.
  2. Sorry, have just done the maths and checked my records, he died in 1960 aged 74yrs therefore he was born in 1886 dont know how I managed to put the wrong date in. I probably is him on the 1911 census. Thank you.
  3. Yes I have seen the saints site but it doesnt really tell very much, he was actually may dads uncle but we didn't know much about him and I am trying to research the family history, I dont even know where in St Helens he lived I was hoping to find some general information or even any early rugby pictures.
  4. Freddy Trenwith born in cumbria 1892 he came to st helens and played rugby for the saints was known for the cumbrian throw, he married Edith Allcock in 1909 and they had 3 children he died in 1960. Does anyone have any information on Freddy.
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