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  1. Are there any names to the guys in the photo,
  2. Did you guys know there is a Bunker under the Town Hall for the great and the good
  3. Love some of your music Ratty

  4. chardonnay anyone

    1. RATTY


      Chablis for me :)

      What music do you like Seaboy?

  5. Have you been in the town hall The council chamber or the members room ? may I suggest you ask your local councilor to give you a tour of the building your councilor will be more than happy to arrange a visit for you. Do you know who your councilor is ? If it is of any help I remember former Cllr Pat Robinson did a hand book on the Town Hall in the 90s the Central Library in Victoria sq should have a copy PS Do let us know how you get on SEABOY
  6. Are there any photos or dose anyone have any of Edmund Campion or it"s staff and boys that you could post
  7. I recall two nuns at St Anns school in the 60s Sr Maria Bernhard the head. And Sr Julie she had glasses and was a very nice person I often think of her and what became of her A saint if ever there was one
  8. Yes john Mocket was the deputy head from 1970 till Pat Booth resigned in 73or74 when he became the head I think mr Glover became his deputy! when campion closed Mr Mocket became head at St Augustine"s the Former St Anselm"s he did tech french he would stop you in the corridor and speak to you in fluent french he would have you saying yes no dont no .and you would have no idea what the hell he was saying ! he died in Paris on holiday of a heart attack P S dose anyone remember Totty Wallace his the old bastard still going,
  9. Yes Margie The Carmelite Monastery is still open and going strong! In fact the nuns have extended the monastery for retreats ,young men or women who wish to be Priests ,Brothers ,or nuns ,in the Carmelite order go to the Mother houses in Kent and London !
  10. dose anyone remember sam holland
  11. Hi, no my cousins name was Laura I recall being taken to see her in the 1960s as mum and dad add tea with her I remember seeing three little huts in the back yard and nothing but cats dozens upon dozens of the dam things she would take in and feed all the strays in the neighborhood god knows how much it must have cost her ! but that was Laura for you one of the most kind hearted people you could meet I believe she was landlord in her own right,
  12. Hi, the Dixon famly ran a number of pubs in the parr area in the 1800s and 1900s up to the the 1960s my cousin being the last in the famly to run a pub the white hart in parr! if anyone as info on which pubs they add or were I may get a copy of a pub on every conner! I would be greatfull ,
  13. It is nice to know that work is going on ! as I to have ancestors in the chantry
  14. Hi thank you nb from rome" it"s nice to be hear ! No the pic is not of me the guy in the pic is ribb hills he is an american male modle and D I Y expert on american T V it was me having a little bit of fun but if you like the look and he is good looking go to google lots of pics there !
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