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  1. Welcome to the forum I know that thereare 8 Flanagans appear in the Census for Prescot Township, there could be more in the Parish of Prescot (which consisted of 15 townships) As far as history of the place goes this should give you a starter for 10 http://www.prescot.org/?page_id=1461 Good luck and if you need further help I'm sure you'll get more from the members here
  2. Regarding the BICC Staff Magazine - The Link Apparently Wigan Local History has acquired a set of the BICC Company Magazines, 1936-1970 (Acc. 2009/5) Haven't looked at them yet - yet but their facilities are excellent and it should be easier to get at the originals there than Liverpool If you haven't seen it they publish an excellent magazine - 3 times per year - issue 51 refers to BICC Magazine acquisition all available on line http://www.wlct.org/culture/heritage/pforward.htm
  3. I've just joined after coming across the site when researching my family history. I'd just like to say thanks for all of the work on the Prescot Roll of Honour web site. Two of my family where there Charles and John Berry so you plugged a gap and saved me a lot of work. Back to Prescot. I was born in Prescot and my father worked for the BI from leaving school around 1929 through to his death in 1971. I too remember the buzzer in the morning and the streams of people leaving the factory at the end of the day. My mother also worked for several years in the canteen on Warrington Road. Two of my uncles also spent their working lives at the BI. I got a summer job their in around 1969 - working in the Reprograhics Section. I'm also glad you enjoyed the Country and Western Nights at the BI Social Club. I worked behind the bar for a few years around 1971 and it was there that I met my wife who was a part time waitress. We married in 1973 - still married . The Country and Western evenings were always mad - but good for the waitresses who made good tips - not so for the men. One particular memory of one C&W was when there was a bomb scare - half an hour before last orders. The police arrived and we were told to shut the bar and evacuate the hall. When this was announced the bar was beseiged and as fast as I pulled the shutters down the customers were pulling then up saying it was only going to be a hoax and that they'd rather have a drink and take their chances. In complete contrast was the Ken Dodd night when he came to formally open the Club. He was on stage for several hours and we hardly sold a drink all night. My wife and I moved from Prescot to Rainhill before ending up in Macclesfield. Until recently family connections meant that we regularly back to Prescot. I have become interested in Prescot Local History. I have so far traced my family back to around 1760 - all Colliers all within about a quarter mile radius of Sewell Street and Kemble Street. I have been working on a detailed map circa 1850 and I also have transcribed the 1891 Census for Kemble Street, Sewall Street, Market Street and a few others. My mother's famly came from St Helens so I guess I have a foot in both parts of this site. Geoff Berry
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