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  1. Ravenhead Personnel in 1960: Norman Wilcock (Wilcox?)Charles Parr and Norman? Cannot remember his surname. Lived in Ashton-in-Makerfield. Norman W and I believe Charlie passed away quite some time ago. I worked in Personnel from 1961 to 1965. Policy then was that pregnancy meant termination of employment. Even though I returned to Ravenhead in 1966, I was classified as a new starter!
  2. I was taken to Cowley Hill Maternity Hospital by my father on 6th August 1965 around 11 am. (My husband had already left for work). I don't how we got there, but I remember my father saying - make your mind up if you want me to take you, as I am going bowling. We didn't have a car at that time, so he must have borrowed one. I was taken to the main building - examined and immediately taken to the labour ward. One of the orderlies was Rhoda Mills - she lived next door to my aunt in Hearne Road. As was mentioned, immediately afterwards I was taken to The Gables for around 10 days. Visits by husband and also the vicar - but no other family members allowed. I remember one of the nurses (think she married someone from Ashcroft Chemist) - she used to bring the babies into the ward carrying them by their feet. Matron did her daily rounds. Now, was her name Horsefall?- but I know the nurses called whoever was named Horsefall "Donkey drops". Funny how some things stay in the memory!
  3. That's correct, Joyce - I'm the relative. Terry & Brenda still in Bebbington. They have 5 boys: John, Michael, twins Peter and Andrew and youngest Graham. Think at least one of the boys lives in Australia. Terry not too good on his pins nowadays. Happy memories of keep fit at Ruskin Drive with Brenda.
  4. Well, thanks to Hort, Olliebeak and Phyll for your quick response - there are certainly some links there I will follow. Hi Ollie - I lived at number 20 - a few years older than you - from 1943 to 1964. But my mother lived there until late 1980's. Just a quick note to say - thanks for the info re Linda (Conqueror) & Colin Bebe, I think I now have an address in Warrington - thanks to the electoral roll - so hopefully I will be able to contact her. Many thanks Dorothy
  5. Hi - I am trying to trace whereabouts of Linda Conqueror of 25 Windle Hall Drive - mentioned in Ollie's memories of Hard Lane Estate. I believe we may share a gggrandparent - I have tried bmd to see if she married, but apart from her dob in 1950, no further info. Does anyone know if she married, or where she lived/lives so I can try and contact her. I am also a Lingholme Road "girl" - old lady now, but some good memories - except for Windleshaw Junior School - especially Danny Powell. Hope someone can help.
  6. I noticed on an old map of St Helens the word Glugs Moor - locally now known as Eccleston Hill - I wonder if Lugsmore is derived from Glugs Moor?
  7. Hi Algibbo - thanks so much for taking the trouble to reply. It seems as if that line of the family ended with Harvey. He did have a sister Caroline but have no further details about her. It maybe that the older lady may have been his mother as Jane (Musker) only died in 1970s. Thanks again, Dorothy
  8. Hello to Algibbo and Thumpa Lumpa - My interest is actually in trying to trace living relatives of Harvey Reynolds - he was actually christened John Harvey Reynolds and married a Gladys Margaret Spencer. His address in August 1945 (marriage date) was 3 Mill Lane, Cronton. He was then a grocery assistant. Does anyone know if they had any children? Harvey's father was my grandfather's half brother and I would love to contact any of that family. Thanks Dorothy
  9. I have checked the St Helens burial and crematorium records - found Mary Ellen Waterworth was cremated 2/9/1983 - number 24079. Mary Ellen was the eldest of 10 children (2nd child Joseph died aged 5 months). Most of the information on this side of the family came from a contact in Canada. One way of finding out more may be to check the voting records of people living in Robins Lane from 1930's? Her father moved to 152 New Street around 1932. When I next call into the library I will do my best to look this up - but it won't be for a while yet. Dorothy
  10. Edited by admin Because the poster quoted the full previous message. Please read this announcement - http://www.sthelens-connect.net/forums/ind..;f=21&id=58 Hello Gill and others interested in the Almond family - As a newcomer to this site I am looking at the Almond connection. I do have some information for you in that Mary Ellen is a descendent of my Almond family. Father was Jacob Joseph 1860, father Henry 1825, father Peter 1778, father Peter 1773, father Peter 1710. My ggggggrandfather (approx) John 1774 was brother to Peter 1778. Majority of the family lived around Billinge/Moss Bank then St Helens and Farnworth. Hope this is of some use to you Dorothy Hi - Jane Almond 1870-1938 did have a brother Nathan 1866 - father was Henry Moses 18351894, his father being Henry 1806-1877 (brother to my gggrandfather). The grave number is 9/539 but presumably you have already checked this out in St Helens Cemetery Dorothy
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