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  1. Could it be a side effect of having a purely vegetarian diet - you SPROUT another head ?
  2. Dunno nsso, but in the third pic up from the bottom, the lady with her back to us with arms akimbo appears to have two heads.
  3. It looks interesting, but I'm a bit confused by the pics. Is it an indoor car boot sale that serves food, or is it an eatery that has a clutter themed decor ? added 14 minutes later Either way, I wish them success in their venture.
  4. Wasn't he one of the reporters on the tea time Tonight programme ? Had a Scottish accent, a small beard and wore a trilby ?
  5. Well, I watched it. Something of a let down. Here we had two Liverpudlian actors who are labouring under the misapprehension that being Scousers their every inane utterance is hysterically funny. But I have a few questions. Firstly why is it on this show and on the similar themed Bargain Hunt whenever they are interested in an object, they manage to negotiate the ticket price down to sometimes fifty percent of the asking price ?. Would this work for me in an antique shop if I wasn't accompanied by a film crew ? Unless I missed it, at no part of the programme was St Helens mentioned or shown on their route map. For me the only saving grace was the presence of expert Catherine Southon, who we saw rather a lot of in the auction segment. My finaly question is to our Robbob. Is Catherine as nice in real life as her tv persona ?
  6. Hangonamo

    Craft Fair & Fun Day at Victoria Park

    There was also a pirate themed event on in Liverpool on Saturday and Sunday. Nothing happens for weeks then several events happen on the same days in different places.
  7. Hangonamo

    Cenny Mod

    Thank you for that information knockaloe. Hadn't heard about the attempted lynching of the head prefect. This was on reflection not so much a seat of learning that you graduated from, as more a place you survived. The saying what does not kill you makes you stronger springs to mind. Best wishes to both yourself and Mr. Bennett.
  8. Hangonamo

    Cenny Mod

    When I joined in 1958 the teachers in the first year were : 1A. ( Jazz ) Taylor 1B Griggs 1C Gregory 1D Smart I can remember a visit to Speke Hall but cannot remember going to the airport. I remember Keith Bennett. All the boys were both in awe and terror of this guy who was fearless. I am unaware of him bullying any boys, but him and Sid Griggs didn't get along to put it mildly. For readers fortunate enough to have escaped this teaching establishment at the bottom of North Road, to help you understand better what Master Bennett was like, think Biff Tannen, Marty McFly's nemesis in the Back To The Future film trilogy. I remember certain incidents of his exploits. Once during break time he entered Sid's classroom, took his cane from the top of the cupboard where it was kept and twisted into a pretzel shaped knot. He then left a note next to it saying - and I remember it to this day - the fantum strikes agen. I remember the hymn book throwing incident. as you say it was during a break and it must have been raining as we where all corralled in the hall. Griggs came out of a classroom that opened onto the hall. As he turned to walk toward Dopey's office, an object came flying through the air and struck Sid on his back. He spun around to identify the culprit, ( innocent faces all round ) he spotted Master Bennett, in his rage he grabbed him by his lapels, pulled him to him, whereupon Keith kneed him in the groin. Sid cried out in shock and agony, his legs buckled and clutching his plums he collapsed against the wall. What the outcome of this incident was for Keith I do not know. What became of him I don't know. Does anyone ?
  9. Hangonamo

    House in the entry

    Interesting photo's Rob. Looked in a copy of A to Z to see if it had a name, but none shown. As the opening at the George Street end does not line up with Haydock Street, I assume it is not a continuation. Being in an old part of the town, if it hasn't got a name, perhaps we could have an onsite competition to come up with one ? As we have a tradition of naming roads and streets after local politicians, we could have a section of suggestions on these lines. How about : Grunewald Ginnel Rimmer Road. Labour Lane Wasters Way As the Council has recently supported Liverpool Pride, how about suggestions that encourage tolerance and inclusivity ? Pride Parade Back Passage Rear Entry Gay Grove Or, a name that sums up the town centre Desolation Boulevard Skid Row Dead End Street. Perhaps the sites PTB can organise a poll ?
  10. Hangonamo

    Where am I ?

    If I walk down Fleet Lane and stand at the top of Berrys Lane I am in Parr. If I walk to the other end of Berrys Lane I am in Sutton. At what point during my stroll do I walk out of Parr and into Sutton ? And, if I live in Stafford Road, is my "area" address West Park, Toll Bar, Thatto Heath, Ravenhead or Grange Park ? And which of these "area tags" is the most up-market.
  11. Hangonamo

    Extinct Species ?

    Thanks Dave ! this is the first info I have seen that they are still alive and kicking in St. Helens. I visited the link you gave and was amazed at how many local lodges there were. Good info on the site, but a shame about the annoying pop-ups.
  12. Hangonamo

    Extinct Species ?

    First a little quiz on Greek mythology. Question one : What was the name of the Horse with wings ? Question two : What did they call the creature that was half man - half bull ? Answers at the end of this post. To business. Whatever happened to the RAOB that organisation that was represented in most towns in the north west ? Known as The Buffs they were regarded, perhaps unjustly, as a poor man's version of the Masons. If my memory serves me right, they had an office of sorts in North Road between Charlie Chan's and the Coachmans. In Tennis St. (?), they had a clubhouse. I believe that there was a branch/lodge at Parr. Now there is no sign or mention of them. Do they still exist ? A few years ago the only listing I could find was for the branch/lodge in Southport. Have we any Buffers reading this ? ttfn Hangonamo Answers to quiz What was the name of the horse with wings ---------------------------Pegasus What did they call the creature that was half man - half bull ------------- Buffalo Bill (sorry)
  13. Hangonamo

    Smells like St Helens

    my lasting memory of a smell is that of disinfectance or Sallywhite that you got as you approached and entered the old baths in Boundary Road. If it was Sallywhite that they used, that may have been due to the fact that the stuff was made and sold about a hundred yards away in Albion Street.
  14. Hangonamo

    Cenny Mod

    I had the misfortune to attend this school from 1958 to 1962. In the first year our class, together with another first year class, had to march to Windle Pilkington for the morning lessons. The classrooms we used were on the top floor and the playground was on the roof. Our teacher was Sid Griggs and the other teacher was called Mr. Gregory if my memory serves me right. PE or PT was held in the gym of the YMCA next door and was accessed through a gate in the playground wall. For rugby and soccer we had to march to Merton Bank School in Parr. For cricket we marched to Bishops Road. Woodwork, was as mentioned, taught in a building opposite the Theatre Royal. When one compares the facilities available in today's schools to the facilities available to us, Central Modern was a dump.
  15. Hangonamo

    Morrisons Supermarket Boundary Road

    Ty Griffin, great photo and usefull info

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