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  1. Wow.. What an in-depth and interesting database, cheers Phyll. Here's my 'vlog' of my walk along the Runcorn Gap railway. Cheers, John H
  2. Just found this on Wikipedia... "St Helens and Runcorn Gap Railway, later known as St Helens Railway, was an early railway company in Lancashire, England, which opened in 1833. It ran originally from the town of St Helens to the area which would later develop into the town of Widnes. Branches were opened to Garston, Warringtonand Rainford. The company was taken over by the London and North Western Railway in 1864. The line from St Helens to Widnes and the branch to Rainford are now closed, the latter terminating at the Pilkington Glass' Cowley Hill works siding near Gerard's Bridge, but part of the lines to Garston and to Warrington are still in operation. Widnes Dock Junction and the flat crossing were causing problems of congestion and the LNWR dealt with this by building a deviation line of just under 1.5 miles (2 km) to the north of the original west-east line, crossing the line leading north to St Helens by a bridge. The deviation line was authorised on 5 July 1865 and opened on 1 November 1869. The line was connected to the St Helens and it included a new station for passengers. With the opening of the line from Weaver Junctionacross the Mersey on Runcorn Railway Bridgeto Ditton Junction, west of Widnes, the Garston extension became part of the Liverpool-London main line. Following the merger of most of Britain's railways into four private companies in 1923, the line from St Helens to Widnes became part of the London, Midland and Scottish Railway (LMS). Large quantities of freight were carried on the line and the passenger train from St Helen's to Ditton Junction station was nicknamed the Ditton Dodger.[1] Following the end of the Second World Warpassenger traffic declined and the service provided by the Ditton Dodger ended on 16 June 1951. Freight traffic initially continued to be heavy but it declined during the 1960s. In 1969 the line north from Farnworth and Bold station was singled and in 1975 the line south of the station was also singled. The line closed to through traffic on 1 November 1981. The track has been lifted and some of the southern part of the route is occupied by Watkinson Way, a road providing an easterly bypass for Widnes and connecting the Silver Jubilee Bridge with the M62 motorway. The base of the swing bridge which carried the railway over the canal is still present in Spike Island." Cheers, John H
  3. Haha, I didn't think of that lol
  4. Many thanks NSSO, any idea on when it closed? Cheers, John H
  5. Oreet folks I was just wondering if there's any local historian that can come with me on local urban explorations that can give any history about the locations? Cheers, John H 🧔🏻👍🏻
  6. Nice one pal.. I went passed the footbridge until there's piping or something bridging over the railway. I'd upload my photos on here, but the file sizes all seem too big.. Bugger! Lol Cheers, John H
  7. Hiya I would say contact Bishop Road police club as they have NARPO (national association of retired police officers) meeting in there, someone in NARPO must be able to help you. Hope this helps and good luck, John H 🧔🏻👍🏻
  8. Oreet folks I was just wondering if anyone can tell me anything about the old disused railway that goes along the back of matalan, past saints, past Jackson Street. The only things I do know (as I walked down it for a bit today) is it obviously links onto the Wigan-Liverpool main line and that it is littered with dirty drug needles all over. Can anyone tell me when it was closed, where it ends and what exactly it was used for as I doubt it was used as a passenger line. Any info on this would be appreciated. Cheers, John H 🧔🏻👍🏻
  9. Oreet all I'm an urban explorer and yesterday I decided to take an 'urbex' walk along the canal from the hotties and crossed the Steve Prescott bridge to photograph the old cannington Shaw building, then I decided to go down the embankment to have a closer look. I was wondering if anyone can tell me any history?... When it was in operation to and from? What it was used for? Etc. Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers, JohnH (P.S- I know it's history has probably been posted on here before, but I did a search and couldn't find anything.)
  10. I've often wondered why parr high got flattened.. I was in year 9 at Haydock High when parr closed and we got some new faces. I finished school in 2004,so I'm guessing that parr closed in 01/02? Cheers, John H
  11. Wow.. Seems like abit overkill heavy duty just for a parameter fence, I guess they weren't messing about keeping folk out! Lol I've often seen these in the past but couldn't work out what they were or what they did. Cheers, John H
  12. Oreet I've seen the thread 'Saint Helens urban exploration' and commented, but seeing as the thread hasn't been active since 2017,i thought I might as well start a fresh thread. I've been watching alot of urbex vids on YouTube (exploring with fighters) and find it fascinating, how time suddenly stops still and nature takes over. I would like to actively give it a go but I've absolutely no idea where to start or of any urbexable sites round here.. Can anyone advise of any that are still worth a trip? Cheers,  John H
  13. Oreet I've been watching alot of urbex vids on YouTube (exploring with fighters) and find it fascinating, how time suddenly stops still and nature takes over. I would like to actively give it a go but I've absolutely no idea where to start or of any urbexable sites round here.. Can anyone advise of any that are still worth a punt? Cheers, John H
  14. Thanks phyll, i found that also. Le200..i thing the photo was titled Piggy Brown.
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