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  1. janamott

    The Ashes

    Any comment?
  2. janamott

    Third Ashes Test

    Michael Clarke lost the 3rd test, for the Aussies, on day 1 by not putting England into bat first. Well done England you were superb this test !
  3. janamott

    First Test England v Australia

    No comments on the second test ? The Australians were brilliant. Bring on the third test !! Can't wait .
  4. Derek Hart & Sheila Scott are my mum's cousins. I used to go to Hope St. every Saturday morning during the mid 1960's with my nan (their Aunt Ette ) to visit the families.
  5. janamott

    Local Phrases

    Thanks for explaining that Les. That's really interesting..( You're right about the modern interpretation too!)
  6. janamott

    Local Phrases

    As kids,if we asked the question 'what's that?,or what are they?'. We'd be told -"they're lay 'oles for medallers"..still don't know what they are`!!
  7. janamott

    Uncle Joe's Mint Balls

    My aunt and I were shopping in Gawler ,South Australia, a few weeks ago. We went into the local sweet shop on the main street & discovered shelves full of jars of Sherbet Lemons,Pineapple Chunks, Pear drops,Mint Imperials & even Uncle Joes' Mintballs all the way from Wigan.I was immediately transported back to my childhood in St Helens and the little shop on the corner of Rivington Rd and Hewitt Ave. we used to invade every afternoon after school at St Teresa'a.
  8. janamott

    Criminal Registers on Ancestry

    I discovered my husband's 3x gt grandfather using the criminal register on Ancestry. He was sentenced to 7 years transportation to Hobart, Tasmania in 1827.Because he was convicted in Middlesex, I was able to access the Old Bailey Convictions transcripts & found a written report about his trial.( He had stolen a harp worth 70 pounds.) By 'Googling' Tasmanian Convicts, I was able to discover,the name of the ship he was on, his conduct record & that he married (bigamously) a female convict,on receiving his ticket of leave.All really interesting stuff.
  9. janamott

    Dance Halls

    I can remember going to The Maida for dancing lessons in the mid 1960s when I was about 9 or 10.The dancing school was on Prescot Rd. & was run by Miss Morgan.I used to love it there.
  10. janamott

    55th West Lancashire Division

    Hi Mark My great grandmother's brother Bertie Carter was with the West Lancs Division Royal Engineers. He was born in Shropshire in 1880 but was living at 17 Campbell St. St Helens , with his wife Sarah, when he left his job as a pit timberman & joined up in 1915. He was killed in action on 31 July 1917 (I believe at Pilkem Ridge). "426415,3rd/1st(West Lancs)field Coy.,Royal Engineers- Sapper Bert Carter who died aged 37 on 31 July 1917 Son of Enoch & Sarah Jane Carter,of 95 Talbot St,St Helens Remembered with honour " Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial. I have a copy of his army records,damaged as they are, they are very interesting & very sad. If you are interested in any other info ,please get in touch janamott

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