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  1. Excellent! Can't believe I left in '71 aged 10 and the streets must have looked just like this. Takes you back
  2. Hi Jim and welcome It's not in the Parr area but is there any chance this could be John? Burial: 13 Jul 1864 St Thomas, Ashton-In-Makerfield, Lancashire, England John Hill - Died: 9 Jul 1864 Age: 39 Abode: Haydock Buried by: J H Bullivant, Curate Register: Burials 1861 - 1874, Page 82, Entry 654 Source: FHL Film 1885663 Paula
  3. Hi Jackson, I'm sure someone will be able to help you with James and Ralph. In case you don't have it, William married Catherine RADCLIFFE on 31 May 1875 at Christ Church, Eccleston Paula
  4. Ah. I asked months ago if anyone knew where he was. I really miss his contributions. Paula
  5. Alan, have I missed something? Why former member? Paula
  6. Phyll, I don't know where you find the time or the energy but keep the links coming all very informative. Paula
  7. Although not impossible, I was a little uneasy about Martha, who is recorded as 24 in the 1901 census, getting married in 1894. That would make her 17. However, I found a possible Martha in the 1891 census living at 1 Hight St, Eccelston: EDWARDS, Wm Head Married M 52 1839 Plasterer Wales EDWARDS, Ester Wife Married F 54 1837 St Helens EDWARDS, John Son Married M 33 1858 Plasterer St Helens EDWARDS, Robt Son Single M 31 1860 Chemical Labourer Wales EDWARDS, Thomas Son Married M 28 1863 Chemical Labourer St Helens EDWARDS, James Son Married M 23 1868 Chemical Labourer St Helens EDWARDS, Eleanor Daughter Single F 22 1869 St Helens EDWARDS, Ester Daughter F 16 1875 St Helens EDWARDS, Martha Daughter F 14 1877 Scholar St Helens EDWARDS, Mary Jane Daughter F 13 1878 Scholar St Helens Certainly a possibility as William, Ester, John and Thomas all feature in James and Martha's future family. Getting their marriage cert will help. Chris, are you local to St Helens? If so, you could apply to Prescot Registrar for the cert. Relevant info is March Quarter (Q1) 1894 Prescot 8b 920 Otherwise you could apply online at the GRO https://www.gro.gov.uk/gro/content/certificates/default.asp Paula
  8. I'm sure everyone here will chip in with info. For a starter: 1901 census - 63 Lawrensonon Terrace James 36 Coal Miner Day Wageman Prescot Martha 24 St Helens John P 3 St Helens Charles 1 St Helens They have Boarders living in the house, a widow Harriet Waring and children Can't identify James at all in the 1891 census. I've looked on FMP and The Genealogist. Maybe someone else can see. This may place him with his family. The certificate of the marriage of James and Martha should give you his father's name. Paula
  9. Hi Chris Is it the Burns side of the family you're after then? If so, I can see James and Martha with John Patrick and Charles on the 1901 census. Do you want us to help search for your Burns? What do you already have? Paula
  10. Ah, so Lythgoe is Elizabeth's maiden name. Looks like you and Ron have some chatting to do
  11. Sorry, are we saying that Esther Stringfellow's maiden name was Lythgoe? Stringfellow being her earlier married name or have I just lost the plot
  12. Antonio, will the cemetery office give us those details? I'd be suprised, but it would really help me on some of my family lines. Paula
  13. Unfortunately, you'll probably have to buy the marriage cert to find out. She outlived Albert and didn't want to bury him with his previous wife or his parents. Looks as if Esther died before 13/3/1958 and he remarried in 1960? Slater could be her maiden or previous married name. Paula
  14. I think Phyll is using more like she's embarrased and has been caught out, a bit sheepish.
  15. I echo Phyll's sentiments. Well done Stephen in reminding us of the gallant men who put the safety of their comrades and their country before their own. REAL HEROES. Please keep up the good work. Paula
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