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  1. jon1

    Bygone Street names.

    cyril st became silkstone st in 1903. anyone know why.?
  2. jon1

    Fish 'n Chips

    i don't know you. you must be a lot older than me. me grandad mentioned you though.
  3. jon1

    Disused St.Helens railway stations

    i remember lea green station very well. the name of the family in residence in the sixties was, Knight.
  4. jon1

    Fish 'n Chips

    lizzies chippy in doulton street. i remember it from being a liitle un in th 40s and 50s.
  5. jon1

    The Co-op

    according to my information. the first st helens coop was opened in march 1884 at num 17 market square.the name of the other st could have been, east st.
  6. jon1

    Cenny Mod

    Kenny Hill was the science teacher when i left in 1955
  7. jon1

    Finns Tobacconist

    Alan. Balkan Sobranie pipe tobacco , i used to buy that brand from the tobcconist in baldwin st next to the barbers shop near to the pub on the corner of duke st in the early sixties.
  8. jon1

    Moss Bank St/Stone St Parr

    hi Andy. just seen your post about Mossbank St. you will find a photo of it in St Helens Photographs. under St Helens past. hope this helps
  9. jon1

    Rendezvous bar

    The Rendezvous was a cafe frequented by Teddy Boys in the fifties until the sixties. it was next door to the Lamb public house in College St
  10. jon1

    Boundary Road

    didn't it belong to the Coxhead family.
  11. jon1

    1881 census

    may i have the password please

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