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  1. gilly

    just the job closed.

    It's re-opened
  2. gilly

    help with smith family tree

    You'll have be a bit more specific ?quite a few on here will help you but a name like bill smith is always gonna be hard!. Give us more info ..any uncles,aunts etc
  3. gilly

    Building across from Boots

    It was the congregational church and cemetery some of the graves were moved upto where the united reform church is now near the landings roundabout
  4. gilly

    prince of wales pub

    I used to have many a drink with billy dance in the the bowling green .I became a close friend of his ,and enjoyed his company but it took time he was an awkward bugger
  5. gilly

    Local butchers

    Graham Ault still runs the charcoal,his dad was the butcher
  6. gilly

    Pilkington ceramics

    I worked there for a spell in the 90's it was down the lancs near tyldsley if I recall.I always thought that they were connected but a few generatios adrift so to speak
  7. gilly

    Pub closures

    Bridge at burtonwood was demolished and elm tree being demolished as I type
  8. gilly

    Visiting in October

    not many b+b's round here but if you book well in advance,you'll get a good deal at a travelodge or premier inn.They aren't that bad and quite a few.
  9. gilly

    Cafe on Park Rd

    I see the young lad is on his phone..now there's a surprise !!
  10. gilly

    Old St Helens sayings

    was you made at pilks? when you syood in front of tele
  11. gilly

    Cafe on Park Rd

    His daughter is going to run it
  12. gilly

    Home Lighting

    check if the Lancashire lamp company in Liverpool is still going
  13. gilly

    Pocketnook in the 50s and 60s.

    i was born in number 4 Traverse,i remember 1 barbers there, but can't recall if there was a second.
  14. gilly

    Another Pub Closed

    Shame had some good nights in there when Harry and Sheila Ashall had it,then later Mick Potter.It'll prob get turned into another doss house for English people who despite living here all their lives have fallen on hard times and get forced out their homes because of bedroom tax etc.It is already halfway there,i rewired some of the upstairs years ago,it has the basis for an HMO already in place.
  15. gilly

    Chip Shops

    Icehead it was Dicky Glover's and it got took over by the Indian when they expanded.A bit later on the Chung Wah opened up further down,they later moved to the El Toreador before taking up their present location in Claughton st.

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