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  1. Fair enough I suppose. Still seems a great waste when the site was empty for a while and then they put up the very forgetable building that is there now.
  2. From my memories of St Helens as a kid (late 60s, early 70s) I remember Helena House being the heart of the town centre. It always seemed a very sound and solid building too - can't imagine it had any structural problems. And when they demolished it (I can't even put a date to it now) they didn't seem to have any great purpose for the site either. I know my dad thought there had to be something dodgy or corrupt about it being demolished, but don't think he knew anything about it, he was just suspicious of the motives.
  3. Stumbled across this thread via a google for Crank Caverns. Lots of things said about it being man made for extraction of stone rather than natural caves, but I don't see why it has to be just one or the other. If they were looking to dig a quary/mine it's quite possible they would choose a site where there was already access via a natural cave. So granted the entrance is man made but there can still be a more extensive cave system (not say there is, just it's possible).
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