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  1. HORT

    Huddersfield v Wigan

    Why say "rested" instead of "Injured"?
  2. HORT

    Huddersfield v Wigan

    Big Jeff. How come they can get smashed up week in and week out, with several days in between, and all of a sudden some of them, NOT ALL, are needed to be rested?
  3. HORT

    Huddersfield v Wigan

    Its a joke, they play for 80 minutes and some times the next game is a week later and they get rested. How would they be if they had to work on a physical job every day of the week.
  4. HORT

    Huddersfield v Wigan

    Well they had not played for 5 days was that not long enough rest?
  5. HORT

    Huddersfield v Wigan

    Rest them??? How long since their last game. I am sure they must have been very very tired and needing a rest. Dropped them is the correct term.
  6. he was adored except for those directly behind him. However it was not a sport.
  7. For some type of bad behaviour. Farting and laughing footballer dropped by top French club - Euro Weekly News EUROWEEKLYNEWS.COM A BRAZILIAN footballer who was caught farting and laughing about it was dropped by a top French club, according to reports on Tuesday, May 10. Brazilian
  8. Could this be the pill box?
  9. Must along here just before you get to the double locks.
  10. Must be down here. It looks very pretty.
  11. Might be nearer to this one then?
  12. Article published in Rainford Village History. THE CRANK CAVERNS RESCUE – This postcard photograph from early in the 20th century depicts Crank Caverns. Its tunnels, caves and shafts are the remains of what had been Rainford Delph Quarry and the network has also, at times, served as a game reserve and a wartime ammunition storage facility. Perhaps attracted by its associated legends, many inquisitive souls have ventured inside the dangerous Crank Caverns and in 1965 three poorly prepared teenagers spent 24 hours trapped within. The Daily Express described their ordeal on April 6th under the headline "Terror In Pit": "A 16-year-old lost girl and two youths were rescued yesterday, tired and terrified, after 24 hours in the blackness of a disused mine. They were huddled together, only 30 yards from the mine entrance they could not find. Jenny Hurst, Tony Jones, 16, and Tony Rigby, 18, had no idea help was near. They had gone into the mine with two candles and a transistor radio. When the candles went out they could not see where they were. The search at the old mine at Crank, near St. Helens, Lancs, began on Sunday night when parents reported that the three were missing. Hour after hour rescue parties went through the galleries at the entrance. Among them was police frogman Jim Wood, 44-year-old father of two sons. He squeezed his 14 stone into a narrow slit. He kept shouting: “Are you there?” At last the reply came: “Yes, down here. We're safe.” Soon Jenny, covered in grime, staggered out half-blind into the arms of her father. The youths came up later. Tony Rigby, who had been potholing before at the mine, said: “We had gone about half a mile when the candles went out. It was pitch black. “We had no idea where we were, so we tried to go back along the way we believed we had come. It was terrible. The hours went by and we knew that we were lost. To keep our spirits up we kept the radio blaring all night.” Schoolboy Tony Jones said: “We hoped that the morning light would enable us to see. But when morning came, it was still pitch black. Then just as we were becoming desperate we heard the rescuer's voice. “We didn't dream we were so near the entrance. We guessed we were still a long way inside the mine and had spent our time just walking round in circles.” Said Police Constable Wood: “This is the first time I've ever taken part in a potholing rescue. I am more at home in the water. But I'll try anything once.”" Later that day the Liverpool Echo – under the headline "Teenagers' 24-Hour Ordeal In Quarry Cavern" – wrote: "Three teenagers were this morning recovering from a 24-hour ordeal trapped on a narrow ledge in a cavern under a disused limestone quarry at Billinge. They were rescued by members of Lancashire County police headquarters' search and rescue team from Crank Caverns yesterday afternoon. The three are Jennifer Hurst, aged 16, a sewing machinist, of 9 Hall Green, Up Holland, near Wigan, her boyfriend, Tony Jones, aged 16, a schoolboy, of 4 Lilac Grove, Billinge, and his friend, Tony Rigby, aged 18, a fitter, of 13 Lilac Grove. Tony Rigby said last night: “We went down about 2.30 on Sunday afternoon with two candles and a transistor radio. But the candles did not last long and then we were left in the total darkness. “Tony and I have been in the caverns a couple of times before, but it was the first time Jennifer had been down. She was very brave. We played the radio all night and that kept us alert and we hoped someone on the surface might hear it.” PITCH BLACK Tony Jones said: “Once the candles went out it was like a nightmare. We could not tell whether our eyes were open or shut. We hoped the morning light would give us some light to see, but it was still pitch black. “Then, just as we were getting desperate, we heard our rescuers shouting and we started shouting back to them. We were out within 10 minutes.” Jennifer said: “It was the first time I had been down and it is going to be the last.” The man who found them, Constable Jim Wood, aged 44, said: “They were huddled together when I found them on a narrow ledge, over a 6ft. drop, which they could not have seen. “They were very wise to have stayed together and were in surprisingly high spirits when I found them.” It took twelve years and another near tragedy before action was taken to prevent amateur potholers from endangering themselves inside the Caverns. This was revealed in the Echo on July 15th 1977: "The entrance to the “big hole” at Crank Caverns, between Billinge and Rainford, where three St. Helens boys were recently rescued, is to be gated to prevent a recurrence of what could have been a tragedy. The gate is to be erected ten feet inside the entrance and keys will be available from Mr. and Mrs. Lyon, at nearby Delph Cottage and at Rainford Police Station."
  13. HORT

    Saints v Wigan

    Where was Saints full back when Wigan got their last try?
  14. I have never even heard that one and I am 73 years old.
  15. Wigan and Warrington have had theirs. When will we get ours?
  16. Fifth of May and I have still not had mine. Anyone had it yet?
  17. Ernie Buckley's newsagents
  18. Anyone received it yet? I have not.
  19. Barbers asking customers, "Something for the weekend Sir?"
  20. There is another in George Street.
  21. Do not seem to see The Chuckle Brothers these days.
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