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  1. It wasn't in St helens in the 60's but when the boundary reforms came in around 1972, a large part of Billinge went into St Heles and has been there ever since. It icludes the Eagle and Child and the The Stork. Stork was built 1752 but is no longer a pub. Its being converted into flats. Mason's Arms in Billinge was built in 1779.
  2. Yes but not as old as the Eagle and Child in Billinge.
  3. Its opposite Victoria Park about 100 metres from Bishop Road.
  4. Building on Cowley Hill Lane Does anyone know what it is and its history?
  5. I always wondered why it looked in that direction, but someone on here said it was looking towards the Raven Hotel.
  6. Former Rockware pub now a base young adults with additional needs WWW.STHELENSSTAR.CO.UK A FACILITY which offers a nurturing and friendly environment to young adults with special and additional needs has taken up home in the...
  7. Rockware pub. This is now a facility for adults with additional needs.
  8. Great pics. That turnpike marker used to a short distance away outside Cowley Maternity Hospital. Picture below
  9. I was at Windleshaw in the 1950s and had the same experience as you Tony at the baths. I hated it.
  10. I did not learn kizzy. We were thrown in with a float and expected to know what to do. About 7 years old. The worst thing for me was the temperature drop on my body when I entered the water. Never learned to swim. Decades larer in Benidorm my wife got me to enter a pool and taught me how to float. From there and after a few paddling arm movements and I was slowly propelling myself. Swimming I suppose but I do not like it at age 73.
  11. Christmus full of stuffing. At Lidl on Park Road.
  12. 2 Men made from wire in rememberance. Sited in St Helens cemetery.
  13. This is a shot with Johnny Wellies grave in the foreground, complete with flowers in his wellies.
  14. The army statues went up in time for Rememberance Sunday.
  15. Great pics. I could not get there in time. Thanks for posting.
  16. The voluteers have prepared the Chantry for Sunday's Rememberance.
  17. Eccleston Arms on Prescot Road
  18. I always wondered why they took tonsils out. Anyone know why? I and lots of others my age refused and we are still here.
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