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  1. You do not see the Magic Sponge anymore in RL games.
  2. A comical person known as a funniosity.
  3. The stench in the Sefton Arms gents was disgusting. Many people have told me the same.
  4. £200,000 spent. I hope they have removed the stench from the gents toilet. https://www.sthelensstar.co.uk/news/17566716.first-look-inside-the-sefton-following-its-200000-transformation/?ref=rss
  5. You do not see Kids taking the Cycling Proficiency Test anymore.
  6. It does not matter, it is no longer for the use of the public. Its for the use of who and when Age Concern say.
  7. When Victoria Park was sold to St Helens, it was a condition of the sale that is was for public use in perpetuity. However the council have sold the Mansion House and surrounding gardens to Age Concern. Anyone know how?
  8. That is what I thought and when the guys were putting notices on the Old Garswood Road as well as the car park, I said that to them. There reply was that Old Garswood Road was owned by the Waterside ( Toby).
  9. From next week you have you pay to use the car park AND the road outside the Waterside. I will not.
  10. Yes. The Brown Cow was not demolished. It was bought by a scrap dealer who lives in it and spent a lot on doing it up as a private dwelling.
  11. It was being boarded up this afternoon.
  12. What is the town coming to? Its a disgrace https://www.sthelensstar.co.uk/news/17558951.youths-cause-hundreds-of-pounds-of-damage-at-mansion-house-victoria-park/?ref=rss
  13. Phyll you are all those thousands of miles away and yet you are correct.
  14. Rested? Are they not capable of playing two 80 minute games a week?Do not seem like professionals to me. More like dropped.
  15. Is the Bistro licensed when it re-opens?
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