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  1. Little change? Why is it taking 2 months?
  2. Are you taken the mickey? Disruption at Windle cross is not a little. Its major and lasts for over 40 weeks.
  3. Polish it behind the door
  4. Gospel is New Testament.. Judaism and Star of Israel are old Testament. If it was a christian church (which it ma have been) why have the that window? Just a question.
  5. It is Oxford Street. I do not know what kind of religious place it was but the Star of Israel window makes it look like it may have been a mosque
  6. I know a few people who still have and use them Dig
  7. People darning holes in socks.
  8. Okay but how long ago are modern times? Do you mean there were no canals in England before modern times?
  9. Some good info there IV but its not the oldest canal in the world.
  10. Is there not more punt and grunt in RL Alan?
  11. What a joke. Cowley Hill glass making has gone. UK6 is to be demolished. Wired glass at Watson Street has been stopped. Head Office has been sold off. Most of the labs at Lathom R and D are offices that were at Head Office. This wa the world leader. We were world leaders but not any more.
  12. I think you are correct there a Alan I am mistaken. Sorry.
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