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  1. Good points the Captain. I think you should be promoted to a Major.
  2. I wonder if he will support Toronto when he moves to Canada?
  3. 6 police cars and ambulance, Police helicopter overhead. Street closed to pedestrians ans traffic. Anyone know what went on?
  4. Anyone know what happened here in Laffak Road?
  5. Houses with larders. We had one in 1950s No fridges then.
  6. HORT

    I'm knackered

    No swearing in topic titles? Dave?
  7. I remember the Pets' Emporium in the early 50s, but now its been sold and is closed. Anyone know what its going to be?
  8. Some people on here say there were cottages in the past.
  9. It was quite tough on the backsides so it must be a hard sell.
  10. That's good then, because you can put it onto a comb and play a tune with your mouth. You cannot do that with toilet tissue.
  11. Izal toilet roll. Is it still on sale?
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