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  1. It must be my hearing then, or the ale because I was sure that they said Sticky Vicky's. Unless that is what its called now in St Helens slang. Everyone cals l the Brasserie Chalon in Barrow Street either the Bra or the Swinging Tit.
  2. Went the pub this afternoon and someone said that a new bar had opened in Ruskin Drive called Sticky Vicky's. I have not been for some time so are they having me on or is there a bar there called that?
  3. I do not remember Windle Motor Co being opposite Buckley's. I can only recall it being on the corner of Duke St and Rigby St.
  4. Here is a good site for looking at stations which are now closed. http://www.disused-stations.org.uk/
  5. That is not the 1891 OS map. You can view it on the link below. When it opens just click on the x upper right hand side the white notice will disappear showing the OS map surveyed 1890 to 1891 Use mouse scroll button to zoom in. https://maps.nls.uk/view/101103971
  6. Kids asking what's for tea? Answer: Shit with sugar on.
  7. Corner of Bridge St and Milk St.
  8. Its quite easy to be fixed. That does not mean it was.
  9. Great pics. Was anyone there dressed up as Huskinson?
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