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  1. May be cheaper for the Council not let them work and claim 80% of their pay than have them working and getting virtually no tickets.
  2. I have had to go to Town a couple of times this week. But seen any Traffic Wardens. As they cannot work from home I thought they would out and about issuing their tickets. Not seen any announcement from the Council. Anyone what the situation is?
  3. Anyone Remember East Yorkshire Driving School, Corner of Mill Street?
  4. Was there a pub called The Red White and Blue?
  5. No they met at the junction with Tontine Street.
  6. Photo of Tyrers and Running Horses in Liverpool Road
  7. The boy stood on the burning deck His arse up to the mast. He would not move a singe inch till Monty's going past. But Monty was a fly boy and threw the lad a plum. And when the Lad stooped to pick it up he................ the bum
  8. Was there a pub there called The Blackman's and Whiteman's?
  9. Did Peter play for Saints?
  10. Across the road from the Vridge pub in liverpool Road/ The images below show the landmark store through the ages, from its original home on Liverpool Road to its present location on Bridge Street. History is here https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/tyrers-store-st-helens-closes-10716832
  11. I think it was a Walkers pub.
  12. Do you Remember another pub? The Volunteer.
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