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  1. HORT

    For over 45 years....

    Kopite, I do not remember your Dad in the Alfred, but I do remember George Booth and after him Stan Arnold as Landlords of the Alfred
  2. HORT

    Around St.Helens

    When will they put up a flag for straight normal people?
  3. HORT

    Around St.Helens

    Was it not an ex Saints' player?
  4. HORT

    Around St.Helens

    I remember it too Alan. As kids we used to think we had seen something when we saw it.
  5. HORT

    At Carr Mill Dam

    Ollie, I think it did run on rails from memory. My brother in law used to drive the loco and I will ask him.
  6. HORT

    st.helens -dirty old town no more

    I used to monitor the emissions from Cowley Hill Works. Both inside the factory and at the weather station in Victoria Park. This was in the late 1960s and we had levels to abide by. Nat Birch was the Council Environmental Officer at the time and lived close to the Park weather station. He lived in the lodge inside the Park at junction of Rutland Street and City Road.
  7. HORT

    How did it happen?

    His rear windscreen is demolished as well.
  8. Does anyone know how this car ended up where it is? Was it going the wrong way along Lingholme Road or has it been knocked to where it is. Taken this afternoon.
  9. HORT

    Red Arrows 2018 Southport

    Fab shots Rob. Why not put them into photo competition?
  10. HORT

    Harry Kane DROPPED for England Belgian Game.

    You may groan but it just shows what a load of rubbish football is with managers using euphemisms liked "rested", for players on ridiculous salaries!
  11. HORT


    I think it was in the Liverpool Echo and a close X got a consolation prize, but it took a few weeks before someone got the x on the centre of the ball. Winners' names and addresses were published. At least I think so. There may also have been a similar comp in one of the Sunday papers.
  12. HORT

    Harry Kane DROPPED for England Belgian Game.

    I was just pointing out that when he was "rested" earlier, he was not rested, he was dropped. If Southgate was afraid of him being injured, then, he would rest him now so he cannot injured before the final. Why did Southgate not "rest" all the other players earlier? As I said earlier was he "rested" because he tired of playing?
  13. HORT

    Harry Kane DROPPED for England Belgian Game.

    But you said he was rested earlier because he might get injured. Is not more important to "Rest" (i.e drop) him now in case he gets injured?
  14. HORT

    Harry Kane DROPPED for England Belgian Game.

    Big Jeff will he will be rested for the semi in case he gets injured?
  15. HORT

    Money for nothing....

    That was after it moved from further up North Road on the opposite side. After they moved to opposite Lowe house, the early Larkins became the Magpies Nest. I think I am correct on this. Anyone else remember?

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