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  1. When people were asked to by a ticket for the policeman's ball, some did. Other refused and used the excuse of no because I cannot dance, Then the answer was, "Its not a dance its a raffle".
  2. Tickets for the Policeman's Ball
  3. Did The Elephant Man ever go in there?
  4. HORT

    Liverpool beat Barca 4-0

    Why will he get back? He was not on the pitch and they did the impossible. Who will be dropped to let him in and how will the dropped player feel?
  5. The reason it went down was due to the the brewery Holts. When Mark was landlord and did his own menu, it was brill and everyone loved it. The meal and bar sales went up and up because of the menu. Then, as other pub owners have done, they put the charge for him using the kitchen up to a ridiculous level. Mark said no and Holts put their own menu and staff in. The menu was crap and the staff knew it. That is went it all went down. Mark left. A new manager took over, the people stopped going . The manager left and now there is a good manageress and its well run but no food. The same situation happened in the Eagle and Child Billinge when Hazel and Chris had it, soaring sales because of the good food, so the owners put the kitchen rental up to stupid levels so they packed in.
  6. They did it without Salah, so will he get his place back?
  7. The Abbey pub in Hard lane closes at the end of business, 9 pm on Sunday May 12th. Do not worry. Its a twelve week closure for extensive refurbishment works. See you all there in the new surroundings.
  8. You may like it as a statue, but it is the connection that I cannot see.
  9. I know most will not agree but I cannot see the connection to workers who lost their lives and that statue. Sorry folks.
  10. I cannot wait to go despite the breaches of the laws of the game by referees.
  11. Gypsies with crystal balls.
  12. Started this evening. Details below https://www.sthelensstar.co.uk/news/17605977.fire-at-colliers-arms-pub/?ref=rss
  13. A new Leader of the Council is to be elected. News and names here. who will it be? https://www.sthelensstar.co.uk/news/17605829.who-could-be-the-next-leader-of-st-helens-council/?ref=rss
  14. I saw this a few weeks back on the overflow at Carr Mill. Anyone know what killed it?
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