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  1. HORT

    Courtship of the Terns

    The photos are of a rock. It is all that remains of the old boathouse on the Carr Mill Road side of the dam. added 7 minutes later For those who do not remember it, its shown here and called "Pleasure Pavillion" but I always new it as Boathouse.
  2. HORT

    Spectator disinterest in Challenge Cup?

    Forward passes, scrums incorrectly fed, offside etc etc
  3. HORT

    Air raid shelters?

    When I lived in Rivington Avenue in the 1950s, some of the houses had shelters still there. They were above the ground and made of corrugated iron
  4. HORT

    Cliff Watson

    He played Rugby Union before he came to Saints
  5. HORT

    Air raid shelters?

    That's the one in Stanley Bank Wood added 0 minutes later
  6. HORT

    Victoria Park 2018

    Swings and see-saws need no maintenance Neither do monkey ladders. Ok bowling greens do, but so do the rest of the park's grass lands need attention also. Also the flower beds etc.
  7. HORT

    Victoria Park 2018

    The kids rides and skateboard park are not where the bowling greens were. Neither is the basketball court. In fact the kids rides are where the swings, see-saw, monkey ladders etc used to be so they have not moved just changed. No reason why we could not have all the above AND the bowling greens.
  8. HORT

    For over 45 years....

    This happened to the last couple who had the Eagle and Child in Billinge. Hazel and Chris. Chris was a chef in the Army and did fabulous food. Bar takings through the roof and the brewery demanded huge sums for serving food. They packed in and went elsewhere. Similar story in The Abbey. Landlord Mark turned it round with great food and beer takings shot up. The council gave it 5 stars for food, then the brewery demanded huge cuts because his food takings where over £40,000 per annum. he packed in and left and now Holts have taken over the food, but the council rating for hygiene has gone down from 5 stars to zero stars and menu is a load of shite. Bar takings down and down.
  9. I do not think this is a bad problem for traffic. However millions are to be spent on so called improvements. If its anything like the Millions spent on the "improvements" of the East Lancs /M6 junction its going to another waste of money that makes congestion worse than it is now. http://www.sthelensstar.co.uk/news/16194800.Council_receives___2_6m_for_A580_improvement_works/?ref=rss
  10. HORT

    Victoria Park 2018

    The only vandals are the council. The bowling greens have gone and so have the putting greens, along with lots of other features.
  11. HORT

    Victoria Park 2018

    Yes, but its not as good as it used to be, but then again it never was.
  12. Wonder if they have an official Council road Closure Notice?
  13. HORT


    I notice that Liverpool Player Salah has his first name initial on the back of his shirt. No one else seems to have their first name initial so what is going on?
  14. HORT

    Disgrace at Sandy Bay

    That lot is disgusting, what is the town coming to?

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