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  1. where is the bridge? and the new stadium,i am an ex-pat. not been back for 20 years
  2. derkie,I worked at bishops in 1963-4,I was only 16 then.tommy atherton was the foreman then,the lads in the blowing sheds used to look like they were in hell to us young uns! some of the names then were brian sheilds,peter hockey,florrie ennis,pat lockley(me).linda oakes(my mate)
  3. Bridger,sorry I forgot to ask what you knew about joseph sammon? I know he was my mums stepdad,but I dont know any details,like when they married etc. maybe you could let me know ? thanks again bridger. gypsys
  4. hi bridger, thanks for replying ,ellen was my grandmother,do you have any info on the italian? he was my grandfather but I never knew him.It seems ellen had my mum and my aunt ellen to him and then he died early in a pit accident,but there are no written clues to his identity.She was not married to him,I heard he was from Turin ,I guess with not being married they kept things quiet?
  5. Sorry Phyll.called you "elite" will get used to the site soon.thanks again.
  6. Hi elite,thanks for your help,I will look at the link.My relations lived at gerards bridge in the 1900's till about the 1960's.My grandmothers name was ellen critchley(later Sammon after being widowed).She had 2 children to an italian immigrant from Turin,one of these was my mother(born 1909)we were never told his real name,so I guess I am clutching at straws but you never know,might be someone still alive who remembers something from Stanley street,I would love to have seen him.He was killed in the pit about 1913/15.thanks again elite.
  7. L200,thanks for your help.I found the street on map.I am researching my family history but its not easy with limited info.thanks again.
  8. do any of you older members know of a stanley street which was in gerrards bridge? it was demolished many years ago,my mother grew up there and i would love to find out about it.
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