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  1. gangad

    Courtship of the Terns

    It was near the lake Al
  2. gangad

    Cliff Watson

    Sad news coming through that Cliff Watson has died in Australia Another Saint in RL Heaven
  3. gangad

    Around St.Helens

    Spent my early years living in Langtree St
  4. gangad

    Around St.Helens

    Yeah one with a deep end
  5. gangad

    Air raid shelters?

    There is still one on Greenbank Crescent In the gardens of 32-34
  6. gangad

    The bears paw inn in Westfield st

    Where was Westfield Street
  7. gangad

    Roy Haggerty.

    RIP roy
  8. Ooh MI5 and Novichoch, is this some kind of conspiracy theory
  9. gangad

    Saints v Hull

    Took sick before the game. Alan
  10. gangad

    catalans v wigan

    The ref was a product of the wigan referees society.Just saying
  11. gangad

    For over 45 years....

    Spent many a hour in there when Mick Potter was landlord
  12. gangad

    Cemetery tree

    Was Hignet ave named after him Tony
  13. Kept the wine nicely chilled Tony
  14. gangad

    Air raid shelters?

    I will ask him
  15. gangad

    Air raid shelters?

    My next door neighbour still has one

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