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  1. As bin man bin mam?

  2. Well, there you go.

  3. Told you so

    #LabourFiles #AlJazeera.

  4. What’s the point? I am trapped on a dying island ringed by a shadow of human shit and Brexiters took away my right to escape it. - Stewart Lee

  5. Sunak or Hunt

  6. The most difficult question at the dinner table in Ukraine. Child, 'Hey grandad, what did you do in the war?'

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    2. RATTY


      Everyone's grandad in the last war in Ukraine was killing Jews for the Nazis, or standing watching,  or filling the graves afterwards.

    3. Big_Jeff_Leo


      More Russian propaganda and half truths.. More than 4.5 million Ukrainians joined the Red Army to fight Nazi Germany, and more than 250,000 served in Soviet partisan paramilitary units. It is true that thousands served for and with the Germans as they seen the Germans as liberators from Stalin starving millions of them. And it is true that they played a part in the Holocaust but to say that "everyone's Grandad" is completely un true.  The current Ukrainian leader (Volodymyr Zelensky) Grandfather fought against the Nazi's after they murdered his brothers, they where Jews.

    4. RATTY


      Ukraine has a terrible history of pogroms, both against Jews and against Russians. 

      Zelensky is by his own words not a practicing Jew and is a US NATO puppet who is not supported by a lot of the people of Ukraine. Zionists are nationalists who are on the same level as the Nazis in Ukraine and would not hesitate to use them for their own ends as they have done many times before. 

  7. Thus far, RT youtube and RT.com are not blocked in USA,  only in Britain. Good job we have Locals and Odysee then.




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    2. RATTY


      Freedom of speech is freedom of speech end of story, you can't go putting conditions on it.

      Freedom of speech is the right to seek, receive and impart information and ideas of all kinds, by any means. 

      If you want to restrict this then you have to have laws laid down which everyone agrees to, and very good reasons, not just some knee jerk woke reaction to stop the opposite side in a conflict from making their case. That is censorship and manipulation.

      According to you it is propaganda, how will you prove it and why are you so confident that our side speaks the truth always, because I know for sure that it doesn't often.



    3. Big_Jeff_Leo


      Russia is not being stopped from reporting "their case"  Putin,.... his officials and the like are quoted, and shown throughout the world directly in what they say, its across all of our newspapers, radio, TV, Internet etc.  

      While in Russia it is now illegal to say that it is even a war or you will face 15 years in Prison. There is no independent media there now, even internet access is being stopped and yet you think this this Country are the oppressors. 

      Its not "our side" its almost the entire world are calling out Russian lies which have been uncovered over and over again, yet you are still an apologist for them and that other censor China.  

    4. RATTY


      Oh do me a favour

  8. I wish they would invent a key for 's on the end of a word.

    1. Phyll


      I thought there already was one. see ' it's on mine.

      Does this help?



  9. Is nobody doing the Wordle?

  10. Most people don't want the truth, they just want constant reassurance that what they believe is the truth.

  11. Peoples Alliance of The Left Arise

  12. Planning a road trip to Scotland to escape this godforsaken place.

  13. If you can only ask PRE APPROVED QUESTIONS, pertaining to PRE APPROVED DATA, which has been gathered by PRE APPROVED EXPERTS then you can only EVER reach a PRE APPROVED CONCLUSION


  14. Israel, now identified by human rights organisations and the UN as an apartheid state.


  15. The venn diagram of MRA and TRA is a circle ♂️

  16. Spring is beautiful in places where summer is hell


  17. "The obedient always think of themselves as virtuous, rather than cowardly."

  18. The hypocrisy is astounding

  19. BREAKING: Sperm banks are running low as every w****r in the UK is at a petrol station.

  20. Brexit : A section of society forever looking backwards through shit-tinted specs. A lot of money was spent converting imperial measurements to metric and using metric screws etc. Who paid......we did. I can't believe anyone in their right mind would want to waste even more money converting back. An international scientific and technological culture simply could not function without a universally accepted system of weights and measures.
    Oh, and by the way, the metric system was invented by an English man, unlike any part of the imperial system.
  21. .1% of the population died with Covid 50% of the population went nuts.

  22. BREAKING: Sir Keith Starmer has posthumously expelled NHS founder Nye Bevan from the Labour Party for being a socialist

  23.  He did it then. 

  24. Oh god the Cuba sh**e.

  25. So they let Bill Cosby out of prison this month,  meanwhile, on the same very day, a woman who killed her pimp is sentenced to a longer prison sentence than Cosby ever got.

    To be clear, Cosby isn't factually innocent. He got off on a technicality - he's still an effing serial rapist.

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