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  1. The whole of the Covid-19 vaccine in the world would fit in a coke can.

  2. Could you try a previous restore point? don't ask me how though. Silly question but didn't you have any backup files?
  3. Doesn't surprise me, its proper boggy out there, all that meltwater won't help
  4. Noticed it on facebook, people blaming the council which in a way I go along with because they bought it and sold it cheap, but all in all it doesn't really matter because it no longer belongs to the town whoever owns it, along with a lot of other good stuff.
  5. I was in Taylor park the other day, it's mainly frozen over but there are fishermen there, what are they hoping to catch, penguins?
  6. RATTY

    Lord Harry

    My great aunt was one of his secretaries
  7. I Work starts on Prescot train station improvements - Knowsley News WWW.KNOWSLEYNEWS.CO.UK Major improvement work has now started at Prescot train station to upgrade facilities and enhance access for local residents and… I'm sceptical
  8. The world
    Oh, the world turns around
    The world and the world,
    The world drags me down.

  9. You take fantastically sharp photos Robbob, brill!
  10. Thought he was one of mine at first, never crossed my mind he could be yours.
  11. I came across this soldier born in St Helens who is not on SHROH, possibly because he was Canadian Infantry. Just thought I'd let you know. Photos of Private William Arnold - Find A Grave Memorial WWW.FINDAGRAVE.COM Service No: 437276 Regiment/Service: Canadian Infantry, 1st Bn. Casualty Details | CWGC WWW.CWGC.ORG Casualty Details | CWGC
  12. Redefining women and girls as an identity or concept within a mans head is insulting
    Reducing oppression faced by women and girls around the world - uxoricide, abuse, rape, trafficking, child marriage, sex selective abortion, infanticide, genital mutilation - to a choice that girls and unborn female embryos make is insulting.

  13. I have a signed picture somewhere of Gay Spinks Miss Great Britain 1973, on top of what used to be Fine Fayre car park.
  14. Phoebe Barton nee Roughley nee Tither , married in 1955 St Thomas I think, no kids, she had one from before, Gertrude Tither I think, she's in the grave. Phoebe died 1966, They lived South John Street and Raglan Street His father John Married Elizabeth Ellen Hunter born Dudley, Staffs they lived Boundry Road Campbell, Creswell and Raglan Streets added 2 minutes later Sorry, thought I'd noted the grave no when I copied the dates I have no clue why my post is before your last one though 😮 added 13 minutes later Oh yeah I forgot about that rootschat thing, god that feels like years ago. She sent me the index cards and then I managed to research all the rest online and at FEPOW and the facebook friends, even down to learning a bit of Japanese Kanji to translate the cards. Of course luckily last week they had that freebie of war records on findmypast so I got even more from that. I've written it all down in story form for my dad and when its finished I'll send you the PDF if you want it. I'm just about to start another tale about a Henderson in the strikes of the 1870s.
  15. 1901-1973 I have his gravestone img His full name was William Eric Henderson B 20/02/1973 St Helens Cemetery He was son of John
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