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  1. There is one on here looking from the iron bridge towards the gas thing http://www.8dassociation.btck.co.uk/TheStHelensRuncornGapRailway This here is walking past the pub The Hawk and Buck on the corner of Peasley X Lane and Manor Street added 0 minutes later More images like the one above but haven't found any of the actual street yet https://www.sthelens-connect.net/home/doc.php?showstreet=203 added 18 minutes later This is the 50's. Manor street corner of is behind them on the left added 19 minutes later In the area of Manor Street, Greenough Street I believe added 22 minutes later This is an old one of Manor Street
  2. RATTY

    Ancestry, message replies

    You get this lots, I was looking at something similar the other day. A man who married twice, with one lot of kids but who's wife died and he married again between censuses, they didn't have a clue, had the child down as the second wifes even though the marriage was 3 years later than the birth and the woman's name changed from Martha to Jane, look up the birth of the daughter and you get a different maiden name. I suppose it just stands out to me because I'm stickler for trying for 3 points of evidence that match but some of them just use census info and nothing else. It's infuriating. I always wonder what's going to happen in the future with all these crappy trees and then I think ........well who cares really G take a chill pill You can not take anything seriously on Ancestry and should always do the legwork yourself. I'm almost surprised now when I find one that's been done well.
  3. RATTY

    Burials for Davis/Davies

    Oh thanks much for that Lankylad, one more put to rest ....Sorry added 13 minutes later I couldn't find her in the Hard Lane cemetery search, the graves from Parish Church were reinterred there in 1970 and I thought the names would have been included in their lists am I wrong?
  4. RATTY

    Ancestry, message replies

    It was up the wall last night. I was manically searching and transcribing and it kept giving me wrong info, as in random answers to searches, wrong names. It kept crossing me over to .com and refusing to give me info because I didn't have a sub. Strange thing though, I did one search which I knew the name was one of two spellings, it showed me exactly the right item on .com as an index item but wouldn't find it when I did same search in .co.uk... it couldn't find the record.....anyway I later got flagged to say site was under maintenance so maybe that was why
  5. RATTY

    Ancestry, message replies

    To be honest I get more wound up by the no replies on this site. They ask a question and you do the damn research then they don't even bother to reply, not even a thanks.
  6. RATTY

    Ancestry, message replies

    I contacted someone a few months ago and didn't receive a reply, even though I could see that she was very active on there, so I messaged again and got an instant reply, so yes I agree. To be honest I don't even think about messages on Ancestry and I can imagine it's easy to miss the notification way over there in the corner
  7. RATTY

    The New WHERE'S THIS then? Thread!

    Nice food, good atmosphere and lovely, lovely staff in there, gets packed on a Saturday and when the rugby is on
  8. RATTY

    Lancashire Canal Cruises, Pictures & Video.

    Did this years ago, a gang of us rented a barge on the Runcorn trail, down over the Manchester ship canal for a four day weekend, great pub crawl it was, had a great laugh and thoroughly chilled. One of those boats has my sisters nickname on it. How weird
  9. RATTY


    Can't get better advice than that
  10. RATTY

    Burials for Davis/Davies

    Thanks both, this prompted me to look somewhere else, without any luck though, either there are missing or untranscribable records or they just didn't bother, anywhere to be found. added 1 minute later Can't find hide nor hair of Ed Farrer either
  11. RATTY

    Burials for Davis/Davies

    I just found BT for a Margaret Davies burial 20/6/1851 with the signature of Edw Farrar as the person performing the ceremony, anyone place him in a church? James Davies at St Thomas ...burial Nov 19 1869 age 35 abode Sutton is not mine as he was shown present n the 1871 census. Census was taken 2nd April so it could be the one in the crem 8th April So what church for Margaret and where is Samuel?
  12. Ok I'm bug eyed. Can anyone who has records look for these burials for me? I have searched all mine and everything I can online and I just can't find them. They could be under either Davis or Davies This family always lived in Parr and the first lot had children's baptisms at Parish Church, No marriage has been found. I'm looking for the burial place of Samuel Davies born 1797 died 3rd quarter 1838 and his wife Margaret born 1797 Windle died 2nd quarter 1851 Although they were all born in St Helens as stated on census, no baptisms have been found for the second family James Davies born in 1834 died 2nd quarter of 1871 His wife married again and I think I found her at St Peters. I have their marriage at Farnworth There is a possible for James at the crem 8/4/1871 but no family with him that connects. He was at Traverse Street when he died Thanks
  13. RATTY


    I would say so yes. I have made the same decision
  14. RATTY


    I have never subscribed to them so can't help, I found I already had the records they seemed to be offering me. have been getting a lot of emails from them recently, they have new records I think. On ancestry when they do the free fortnight that you have to give your debit card details in for, people have said it is safer to give it, then immediately delete it once you are in, (or use a an account with little funds, this stops them from automatically signing you up at the end of your free trial, or monthly sub as they can't access any money. Don't know if this works here or not. I looked at their terms of service and there is no minimum length of membership stated. Its like ancestry you have to contact them to cancel and people will tell you that that never works very well and they end up still being charged. Then I looked on my rootschat forum and the news is not very good. I'd avoid them. http://www.rootschat.com/forum/index.php?topic=764733.0
  15. RATTY

    Windleshaw Chantry Volunteers


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