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  1. RATTY

    Home Bargains coming to West Point

    Home and bargain is one of the good ones, we have a huge one in Prescot and it does a roaring trade, the one on the retail is too small really so perhaps it will close, they are moving everything around there soon, I think Aldi will be bigger and Iceland too
  2. RATTY

    The life and times of a Peasley Cross Boy.

    Still around, still an author, this is him.... http://changebritishrecycling.blogspot.com added 0 minutes later Any decent photos in there ?
  3. RATTY

    Suggestions please.

    In my humble opinion and by experience you have not a hope in hells chance, especially online, without endless work trawling original parish records resulting in blindness, Just pray you get lucky and find that an Irish person has put their tree online and holds evidence of family records in their possession otherwise you're stumped. At least yours is just Kelly I have Connaughtons and Rattigans, spelt, Connerton, Connacton, Connington ,,,,and Rattican, who turfed up in Old Swan in 1841 and baptised all their children in St Oswalds, both born in Roscommon, not a trace can be found before this although I can track every single member of the family from then until death here and in US.
  4. RATTY

    Complaints about Veolia

    Don't people rinse them before putting them out ffs? Dirty mingers
  5. RATTY

    The New WHERE'S THIS then? Thread!

    My son's place did the rebrand and that website for them, those photos on the recipes page were all done in Joe Barton's kitchen You can see the new labelling on the blog page.
  6. RATTY

    St.Helens town is coming down

    Or it's old and decaying A little-known fact...2 thirds of St Helens Schools are riddled with asbestos. https://www.sthelensreporter.co.uk/news/revealed-which-st-helens-schools-contain-asbestos-1-8490947
  7. RATTY

    Thomas Abbott (1892-1953)

    Nothing much to add only There may be another child to Augustus Abbott and Elizabeth Harrison John Henry in J Quarter 1902 PRESCOT reg, mother nee Harrison Did you notice the top of the page on the 1939 census where Thomas Abbott is in Market street? It has a notation for an Abbott which I can't quite make out
  8. RATTY


    Oh! sorry I missed this, I could have helped. Yes TNA is a flippety minefield
  9. RATTY


    It's certainly a tricky one with not much info to go on. I may be one of those that has to be laid by until there are more records to search in future years
  10. RATTY

    St Helens Junction 1906 rail crash

    I found another view of the crash, still no date but those boys are in Victorian dress, see second link, long leather boots wide collars, tight jackets. http://www.archive-images.co.uk/gallery/Archive-Images-of-Lancashire-Railways/image/8/St_Helens_Junction_train_crash http://www.victorianschool.org/ Ha! solved, the boy who was killed, Charles Whittaker, GRO gives a death for a Charles Whittaker in Prescot in September 1858 aged 14, the only one near to 1906 is in 1904 aged 1
  11. RATTY


    There is no will showing up for him Did you mean the Ormskirk bap 1764? what makes you think he was from Ormskirk, just because you only found those choices doesn't mean you have to choose one of them, he may have been RC or Methodist or something, in which case the record is not online to find, I wouldn't be too quick to claim those parents until I had more evidence. added 29 minutes later I would be tempted to order the actual death cert, it would give me the address at death (possibly) and then you could look for the rest of the family then(1841) and going forward at least, that may throw more light on the matter. Ha lol, didn't check the beginning of the thread, just thought this was a new post, sorry
  12. RATTY

    Windle Crossing Roadworks.

    They've now closed down the approach to Lee Green station up Eltonhead Road and Sherdley Road, for 22 weeks, even the link road access is blocked so now you have to drive all through the new estates of Sutton Heath. What a mess we have
  13. RATTY


    I found the death, well its a Bishops Transcript for Prescot district which says abode Sutton. Burial May 23 1841aged 78 The person who buried him was GB Norman who was at St Marys Church Prescot. So, a birth in 1763 ish then added 33 minutes later Couldn't find a birth that fit but I found the following Marriage: 8 Dec 1788 St Luke (formerly St Wilfrid), Farnworth (Widnes), Lancashire, England James Cross - (X), Watchmaker, Farnworth near Prescot Elizabeth Wainwright - (X), Spinster, Farnworth near Prescot Witness: Joseph Shaw; Henry Kidd Married by Banns by: Thomas Moss Minister Register: Marriages 1781 - 1812, Page 54, Entry 972 Source: LDS Film 1655235 item 4 Baptism: 25 Mar 1792 St Mary the Virgin, Prescot, Lancashire, England Jane Cross - Daur. of James Cross & Elizth. Born: 29 Feb Abode: Prescot Occupation: Watchmr. Register: Baptisms 1766 - 1809, Page 116, Entry 36 Source: LDS Film 1657583 Baptism: 4 Jan 1795 St Mary the Virgin, Prescot, Lancashire, England William Cross - Son of James Cross & Elizth. Born: 4 Dec Abode: Prescot Occupation: Watchmaker Register: Baptisms 1766 - 1809, Page 130, Entry 5 Source: LDS Film 1657583 Baptism: 25 Mar 1798 St Mary the Virgin, Prescot, Lancashire, England Elizabeth Cross - Daur. of James Cross & Elizabeth Born: 27 Feb Abode: Prescot Occupation: Watchmaker Register: Baptisms 1766 - 1809, Page 145, Entry 11 Source: LDS Film 1657583 Baptism: 21 Sep 1806 St Mary the Virgin, Prescot, Lancashire, England Robert Cross - Son of James Cross & Elizth. Born: 20 Aug Abode: Eccleston Occupation: Watchmr. Register: Baptisms 1766 - 1809, Page 186, Entry 18 Source: LDS Film 1657583
  14. RATTY

    St Helens Junction 1906 rail crash

    If you got the image from Sutton Beauty site I know it says the incident was 1906 but look at this report from same page, surely there can't have been two similar accidents? Although it was noted for its misadventures. There is no entry there for 1906. 6th September 1858 - Two engines (named Hero & Goliath) collided on the Parr Colliery branch line which led to the Hero crashing into the stationmaster's house at St.Helens Junction while he was in bed, cutting it in two. The stationmaster's family were uninjured but a 14-year-old lad named Charles Whittaker, who was clinging to the engine, was 'frightfully mangled' and killed.
  15. RATTY

    Incident at Thatto Heath

    There was one found recently at the water tower,top of St Helens Road, the one they are renovating

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