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  1. I once had a cassette tape of all my elder relatives speaking to me on my birthday. What a treasure. My brother taped over it with the Top 40 one weekend : ( They are all gone now and I would love to hear their voices again. I do have a tape of my two children chattering and singing when they were toddlers though and DVD of my daughter playing the violin. We have some cine film of family from the 60s too, one of them with me as a child at a family wedding.
  2. 1990s, You would have to inquire at the church I think, no records exist outside of the church for this date that I know of, I can find the burial month and perhaps their age in an index but nothing about the grave. I suppose someone could go and search for it on foot but it would take a long time.
  3. I see Google+ is dead

    1. Dave


      It never really lived. It'll save them a bit of drive space anyway.

    2. non sibi sed omnibus

      non sibi sed omnibus

      lets get rid of the rest of the crap apps and get one where you talk to each other?oh thats called a telephone.

  4. It is a listed building https://britishlistedbuildings.co.uk/101084314-part-of-numbers-96-and-98-former-windmill-tower-ravenhead-west-park-ward
  5. Wow, sounds like quite a character and I'm sure someone like that would be remembered. If you don't get any joy on here you should perhaps write to Chris Coffey (Coffey Time) at the local newspaper The St Helens Star and perhaps he may help. https://www.sthelensstar.co.uk/coffey_time/15211829.coffey-time-a-look-at-old-photographs/ There were a few pits in Parr so he may not have had to go far to work, nobody did then. Not too sure what was there in that era though. https://www.sthelens-connect.net/home/pitinfo.php?pit=30 Don't know if you've come across this or not, a potted history of the CP in Britain, with a good reference list at the end. https://spartacus-educational.com/Pcommunist.htm And CP Archives - http://www.communistpartyarchive.org.uk/9781851171354.php Did Robert marry Doris? if so I have the 1939 census for them if you would like it. Here's an image of Park Road Parr, it not at all like this now though. https://www.sthelens-connect.net/home/showpicture.php?pic=254
  6. Not heard anything. I used to know the folks who ran that, in fact we had our babies in the same ward at Whiston and then they went to school together added 21 minutes later There was an application to change the pub to a house in 2016 but they got knocked back because it's green belt land. Couldn't find any other application for planning
  7. Scientific support, that means there is a body
  8. Well I'm not too sure of the source, I'm just informing what's out there, I have no proof of it sorry
  9. “What is robbing a bank in comparison to forming a bank?”


  10. Any more info? There's a tree on Ancestry says she lived in Prescot but was buried in Kirkby 12.10.1788 aged 87 ( A Papist) which is quite possible but then supplies a burial record for Walton on the Hill saying she lived in Aughton which is near Lydiate ? Says she married a James Brookfield 1705-1761(Eccleston burial) children Paul 1731-1801 and Jane 1736-1782 both just say Lancashire. The tree says father was John 1678-1727 and mother Deborah Meadow who married in Aughton and Catherine had 6 half siblings but ther is no mention of another mother( These were John 1705 Mary 1707 William1711 Edward 1713-1713 Edward 1714 Martha1716) Her great grandfather was Georgius Cladwell1635-1692 (latin name so roman catholic) he married to Jane Worthington ? they think.
  11. I hate itunes!

  12. Did you mean Parys Mountain, Anglesey Copper mines DO'T? Great Orme was prehistoric mining was it not?
  13. The Works book shop is leaving
  14. RATTY


    I just came across the story of The Hands Of Halsnead. A young man in the sixteen seventeen hundreds got caught stealing, up before the judge, found guilty his sentence was to have his hands chopped off, This was done and he died and his ghost as a pair of hands, haunt Halsnead park. Halsnead Park was a walled estate owned by the Willis family, hence Whiston Willis school that was built on the land
  15. Some nice Cafes there and some lovely flats along the sea road. Quiet and clean and its all free parking wherever you like. A breath of fresh air. added 0 minutes later Some nice Cafes there and some lovely flats along the sea road. Quiet and clean and its all free parking wherever you like. A breath of fresh air. added 1 minute later added 17 minutes later added 18 minutes later Not as clear as Robs, it was a misty day too
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