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  1. I'm out of the office for a week to celebrate 30 years of not murdering  my husband.

  2. I think the correct name for it was Parsons Slack and it was around the area of Mount Pleasant Farm which was on the corner at the junction of Wigan Road and Upholland Road! The area was also known as Makin's Corner. In the 1851 census Mount Pleasant is listed between School House and Billinge Slack. Mount Pleasant was farmed by William Makin from about 1890 until at least 1925 so the name may have been derived from his family. Here is an image of Parsons Slack https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Billinge-Parsons-Slack-by-Millard-Co-Wigan-/350741043716 This doesn't tell you exactly where it was located but there was a Parsonage to the left of Upholland Road which could be another clue My daughter lives very close to there now and our ancestor on my mothers side was the schoolmaster of Main Street school and also Parish Clerk of St Aidens I also know that the Rector of Wigan once owned Parsons Meadow and rented it out
  3. Use the search tab on the top menu, search for parish records> parish burials> then ask for no name, Prescot burials, 1920 and =/- 40 years
  4. 'Tis the way you ask the question

  5. RATTY

    DNA testing

    Did you know they now do DNA for dogs. One woman just got a reduction in her pet insurance because they found her dog was a cross, not a pedigree,
  6. Kinell!

  7. Warning Parking cowboys are operating on Ravenhead carpark.

  8. Temporary ....yeah right. I don't even particularly care where it is as long as it's adequate. The thing I can't stand is the underhand way they did it, treating us like we're stupid and don't matter, now they have cottoned on that they may well lose out, all of a sudden they come out with this and this
  9. I replied to this on the Echo Look at this facebook page for the friends of Cannington Shaw, they will tell you all and also the story of how they saved it from demolition and how they are trying to get the place restored. https://www.facebook.com/CanningtonShaw/
  10. We do own it, it was left along with a trust fund to run it. As I said it has been slowly robbed from us. Don't know about Sherdley (owner sold it to St.Helens Corporation on June 27th 1949 for £18,700. At the time of the sale, local newspapers reported that the council intended to develop the estate along the lines of a cultural centre for sport and recreation, stating that "every effort will be made to retain the beauty of the parkland". ) ....but we all as a town own Taylor Park, it was gifted. The mansion house and grounds were bought in 1886 for £11,000 by St Helens Corporation and the contents of the house and outbuildings were auctioned. They turned it into a museum but it closed in 1966 and all the exhibits went to the Gamble Institute. The building became the base for St Helens Parks and Cemeteries; however, was then abandoned and sadly become increasingly derelict. (What a surprise) In 1993 a local charity – Age Concern St Helens – purchased the house and immediate grounds (including formal gardens, courtyard, outbuildings and parking areas) and set about restoring this beautiful venue. With restoration work complete (thanks to many volunteers), The Mansion House became an ‘Active Age Centre’ offering a range of services for older people (thanks to partnership working and support from external funding).
  11. Transforming it by turning it into warehouse city. We were just saying at the weekend, makes you feel like leaving and never coming back for the shock of seeing that nothing remains of what we once were added 0 minutes later And that looks nothing like the town centre these days
  12. I used that dentist once or twice. I actually prefer the front of that building more than the Gamble, Gamble is a bit of a hotchpotch and I like the more Tudor style of this one
  13. Pub that burnt down in George Street?

    1. hiss


      the pub that was destroyed by A GAS EXPLOSION was the railway on the corner of George st/shaw st and it happened about 1976/77.

    2. RATTY


      Thanks for that, thought it was the Railway but couldn't find it in the pubs list, probably because I was looking for George Street.

  14. I think someone is opening a sewing shop at the top end and also another food venue, noodles related. Not heard what this is though, perhaps an extension to the Mexican?
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