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  1. RATTY

    bicc transport firm

    I would have said that too, Holt Lane added 3 minutes later Although they were blue in this image, or maybe they were once green ? added 8 minutes later added 11 minutes later Later BI had their own ERFs orange, brown and white
  2. RATTY

    Whittle family from 1880

    I really like Ancestry and get most of my stuff from there, I know its expensive but I use it a lot and usually save christmas and birthday money to help pay for yearly subs. I also own a few data CDs I have bought over the years. I use familysearch, Lancashire on line parish clerks, free BMD, GRO indexes and their PDF certificates which are £6 at the moment. I also use findmypast now and again, in a pay as you go kind of way, if I find records there I need (ie 1939 census and their newspapers, but I find you have to be careful and know what is around elsewhere as you can end up paying for things that you can get for free. There are plenty of records out there if you know where to look. The rest is help from sites like this and rootschat. Will PM you those records now
  3. RATTY

    Whittle family from 1880

    That's ok muzzer, I wasn't getting at you, just confused,.If there's anything else just let me know added 0 minutes later Do you want the certificates for proof? I can PM you the files
  4. RATTY

    Whittle family from 1880

    I'm not. I just researched it from the info you gave What else did you want to know then if you have all this?
  5. I cant find it in the records I have but I came across the following if it's any use. I seem to remember you contacted them about this family Gateacre Unitarian records locations. Try the following for info on William Allen Church Founded 1690, Built Gateacre Brow 1700; CH; DW (94K18 Odgers); UC (D58); PRO (Lancashire 84, C 1711-1836) That is CH=In the possession of the congregation (write to the church secretary enclosing an SAE) Mrs Jenny Sturzaker Address: Endymion Grange Lane Gateacre Liverpool L25 5JZ Tel: 07969 627914 gateacrechapel@outlook.com DW=Dr Williams's Library, 14 Gordon Square, London WC1H 0AG UC=Unitarian College Collection, John Rylands University Library of Manchester, Deansgate, Manchester M3 3EH PRO=Public Records Office, Kew http://www.unitarian...ollection4.html Now that last link doesn't work anymore but this one does: http://www.unitarianhistory.org.uk/hsrecords4.html
  6. RATTY

    Whittle family from 1880

    Well, I'll be a genius if I get this correct I reckon John Whittle born 1860 Ravenhead a bottle man works for Cannington Shaw married 1880 Eliza Wright born 1860 Fenton, Burslem, Staffordshire His parents were William born 1838 St Helens and Mary Ann Rigby born ?1840 Winwick the marriages : William Whittle 19 Coal getter to Mary Ann Rigby 18 on 13 Dec 1856 at St John The Baptist Liverpool His father was John Whittle Labourer and hers Robert Rigby Boilermaker they both reside at Bright Street This could possibly be the wrong marriage I need more evidence although I have a marriage in my Billinge family at this church I think they were married here because she already had a child to someone else out of wedlock and her father was a teacher and Parish Clerk. They gave the same city address also. The priest in this church (which was behind St Georges Hall) was renowned for marrying anyone, no rules. Make of this what you will. John Whittle 20 Bottle maker to Eliza Wright 20 both of St Helens married 20 June 1880 at St Johns Ravenhead. His father William Whittle Labourer, hers John Wright, Potter Children of John/ eliza = Mary Ann b1881, Catherine b82, Sarah b97, Elizabeth b99, William b84, John b86, Robert Nathaniel b88, Thomas b90, Joseph b92, James b94, Harry b1900, Edward b1903 - All these mothers maiden name was Wright 2 children died 1881 they are at 17 Brynn Street 1891 at 5 York Place 1901 101 Harris Street 1911 they are at 101 Harris Street Children of William and Mary Ann = John b1860, William b67, Robert Nathaniel b1872 (yup) Elizabeth Eleanor b62, Annie b64, Mary b69, Catherine b77 - all these mothers maiden name Rigby except William which was mistranslated Rigley In 1891 William and Mary Ann are at 13 Barrow Street I have the marriage certs if you need them added 40 minutes later AHA! Proved the marriage. in 1851 at ?Olive Street I think it says, Toxteth district 1aaa Liverpool Robert Rigby 37 Boiler maker born St Helens Ellen his wife 36 born Winwick Daughters Elizabeth age 13 and Mary age 10 both born Winwick and this could be William Whittle b 1838 1851 Bold Street St Helens father John 50 ag lab born sutton, Mother Ellen 47 born st helens, siblings - Thomas, Joseph, John, Mary, Catherine William is age 13 and a coal miner poor thing, so ties in with the marriage
  7. RATTY

    Air raid shelters?

    Just came across these
  8. RATTY

    Johnson family

    Oh good, I like it when a theory pans out You're very welcome
  9. RATTY

    Shouldn't Throw Stones

    Great stuff Robob. Love this building. Must have been absolutely amazing to people when it was first built, dead futuristic. I will have to remember to take my camera if I go on any more courses there
  10. RATTY

    St helens cemetry records

    I posted that link BJF but there were no images of graves on there, unless that's because I was not logged in?
  11. RATTY

    Johnson family

    There certainly where more William Johnsons born in that year, a very popular name it was, these are just from the GRO JOHNSON, WILLIAM MUSKETT GRO Reference: 1887 M Quarter in PRESCOT Volume 08B Page 731 JOHNSON, WILLIAM - GRO Reference: 1887 M Quarter in PRESCOT Volume 08B Page 693 JOHNSON, WILLIAM GARNETT GRO Reference: 1887 M Quarter in PRESCOT Volume 08B Page 713 JOHNSON, WILLIAM JOHNSON GRO Reference: 1887 J Quarter in PRESCOT Volume 08B Page 727 The dash instead of maiden name and the one that is Johnson would be illegitimate. These are £6 each for a PDF at GRO at the moment
  12. RATTY

    St helens cemetry records

    They are on here Frank http://www.sthelensrollsofhonour.co.uk/index.php?act=results There was a photo of bomb damage around somewhere but I can't recall where, I have a feeling it was at the history and archives library though. Are you in the area? If not I will try to get a photo from the cemetery next time I go. It won't be for a while though but Ill PM you
  13. RATTY

    Johnson family

    I think she has the wrong date of birth Hiss also the marriage is Elizabeth to a JOHN Johnson and we are looking for Ann Johnsons identity.
  14. RATTY

    Johnson family

    Well it is not his sister as there are no births of Ann for that year with Muskett as mothers maiden name. There is an Ann Johnson born 1890 4th quarter in Prescot with no mothers name listed (illegitimate) but it's not connected because of all the other births registered whilst married, of which I would like to add the following: Ann born 1879 J Quarter Prescot Ellen 1882 M Quarter Prescot Peter 1891 S Quarter Prescot (another reason why this Ann is not a sibling) All with mother nee Muskett added 3 minutes later Incidentally, there was a Nellie Tonks born in Prescot district in 1st Quarter 1891 to mother nee Atherton added 25 minutes later I think it was his second wife Annie Holland Marriage at Prescot Register Office or Registrar attended in 1922. Unfortunately I can only find an Index listing for it and not the actual record as you can with a church marriage sometimes, so I can't give positive proof. You will have to order the certificate for that The ref code to order this from the local office is R/117/39 or from GRO 8b 972 Local order form here, you may have to add postage. http://www.lancashirebmd.org.uk/pma.php?date=1922&county=lancashire&reference=PT%3AR%2F117%2F39&file=H&pos=350993&area=PT&surname=HOLLAND&forename=Annie&surname_1=JOHNSON&forename_1=William&year=1922 added 27 minutes later And this looks like her parents Marriage: 16 Oct 1886 Christ Church, Eccleston, Lancashire, England Charles Henry Tonks - 20, Labourer, Bachelor, Boundary Lane Eccleston Mary Jane Atherton - 21, Spinster, Albion Street Eccleston Groom's Father: Frederick Tonks, Labourer Bride's Father: William Atherton, deceased, Labourer Witness: Stephen Vincent Woodworth; Eliza Tonks Married by Banns by: B. S. Clarke Register: Marriages 1879 - 1887, Page 222, Entry 444 Source: LDS Film 1657567 added 49 minutes later I looked at the Census for 1939 and found a couple William and Annie Johnson and a child Margaret age 15 born 29/5/1924 possibly Warrington? William born 5/2/1887 and Annie born 12/6/1891 they live at 250 Boundary Road Can't prove any of this without the cert though sorry

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