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  1. RATTY

    Bullac tree house

    Never heard of it, no google hits either. ?
  2. RATTY

    Incident at Thatto Heath

    It was a body found though, sudden death http://www.burytimes.co.uk/news/16417115.Police_seal_off_area_in_Thatto_Heath/
  3. RATTY

    Missing grandfather

    Tonge is an outlying area of Bolton, in Greater Manchester, England. The name is supposed to be derived from the Old English "tang" or "twang" meaning a fork. Probably the explanation why the name is popular there
  4. RATTY


    Depended on the priest I believe
  5. RATTY

    Anyone on Findmypast

    Sorry I'm lapsed. Nothing on Ancestry that I am able to see either
  6. RATTY

    Y-DNA (& Autosomal DNA)

    Posting this snippet from a seasoned user of all the DNA sites who I follow I regard ethnicity estimates as for entertainment only (with the possible exception of those from Living DNA But I may have to revise my views on Ancestry's ethnicity estimates - they're in the process of updating their estimates following an increase in the size of their reference panel from 3000 to 16000, and the difference this makes to my results is impressive.... the new figures look much more realistic. And my brother's estimate, previously very different from mine, is now very similar. He goes on to say though.. But no matter how accurate these new estimates they're going to be of more help to family historians in the New World than those in Europe
  7. RATTY

    Grave Search

    I don't believe I have
  8. RATTY

    Grave Search

    Bloody ell! Thanks so much BJF that's fantastic 👊 added 26 minutes later I thought I'd done that search for cremations but must have got distracted, I was searching for two families who were connected in some way,why the conection and they wanted all the families burial places but they could be here, Parr St Peters or Burtonwood 😱
  9. RATTY

    Grave Search

    Can anyone help with this problem? I've messaged Ted but it looks like he's too busy at the moment and hasn't been on for a while. Someone is searching for the burial place of his relative Matthew Davies who was born in 1895 He lived at Brunswick Street Parr and died there in 1968 age 72/73 His wife Ellen is at the Crem, she died 1970 but it was a cremation so no stone All his other family are buried at St Peters Parr but I can't find a mention of him there or anywhere else at all. added 2 minutes later This is part of his family, his parents if I remember correctly, there are brothers and sisters also in other graves I think Plot No. 512 Grave Purchased by Mr DAVIES Brunswick St FRANCES DAVIES 19 March 1936 21 yrs SAMUEL DAVIES 3 January 1939 74 yrs SARAH DAVIES 16 December 1953 89 yrs
  10. RATTY

    Money for nothing....

    Always thought it was the one on the corner at the end of that row
  11. Just came across this record set on findmypast https://search.findmypast.co.uk/search-world-records/british-armed-forces-first-world-war-soldiers-medical-records
  12. RATTY


    Or ask a general question in St Helens or Prescot genealogy and we will try to help you out
  13. RATTY


    I never had a subscription but I used to buy it every month and I found it to be the best out of the group of similar mags. Very interesting, some really useful articles which I have clipped and if I remember correctly it is relevant to this end of Britain. It is very down to earth and not stuffed with ads as some of them are, worth the money in other words. After around a year or 18 months it starts repeating itself and so I stopped buying it.
  14. RATTY

    Uncovered on Shaw St

    The Liver Bird was first blue and was used by Everton FC in the early days (Everton club came first you know) But it is actually the symbol of the city and not one team or the other and should be used by both or none. Perhaps one of each colour In 1668 the Earl of Derby gifted the town a silver-gilt mace engraved with a "leaver". In his 1688 work The Academie of Armorie, Randle Holme records the arms of Liverpool as a blue "lever" upon a silver field. Leaver bird is a Spoonbill added 2 minutes later What is the new shop there Robbob? that was quick

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