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  1. From my 20+ years of genealogical research, about 16 of which have been focused on the Great War, I can say that whenever the question of FWR crops up, the overwhelming majority of respondents advise that they be avoided. The occasional success story gets a mention, but is quickly drowned out by dissatisfied customers who have (usually) spent lots of money for little return
  2. Mmm, followed the link and was confronted by a screen full of scantily clad ladies. That didn't go down too well in the work place
  3. All seems OK to me (10 hours later :-) )
  4. My dad built the Tower. At least, that's what he told me when I was little. He worked as a Rigger for Cubitts. After building the Tower he moved to the Copper Refinery in Prescot (BCR)
  5. zippyshare is dreadful 🙂 All kinds of dodgy links ar offered, including some VERY dodgy images !
  6. My burial data covering 1665-1921 shows only 5 "Flanagan" entries in that period John , buried 28/05/1890 aged 34 Eliza Maud, buried 03/06/1890, aged 23 months Nancy, buried 03/03/1862, aged 50 Daniel, 16/04/1797, no age shown John, 11/05/1797, no age given, son of the above Daniel
  7. I lived at 85 Eldon Street in the early 1970's but don't recall any Eldon Row around there
  8. Some interesting (and evocative) footage of the dig before they build the Shakespeare Centre My great grandparents lived in the slums of Highfield Place
  9. There's a 1918 AVL entry for 29 Church Street, so strong possibility that No 27 actually existed
  10. I lost my Popeye figure in there circa 1966 Still traumatised :-(
  11. I reckon that moon explained all the dickhead drivers on the road last night. M56/M6 seemed to have an inordinate number of dickheads cutting in and out of traffic, not signalling, sudden (for no apparent reason) braking, etc.
  12. Also bear in mind that the general usage of GSW to mean Gun Shot Wound also included Shrapnel injuries
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