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  1. @Dave Some people just seem to be name collectors and add to their trees willy nilly. i try and keep it simple and relevant and when i get a DNA connection try and add their line so I can see how they are connected, but without all the distant relatives. I also have photos in private albums on Facebook which I share with any relatives I find and in this way have managed to name quite a few people on photos which came from my gt grandmother's house. A lot I will never be able to name as anyone who knew is now dead. Just wish my aunt had shared the photos with me before she died and told me a few names.
  2. I am finding more and more of my DNA matches do not have a tree at all.
  3. This was one of my messages after contacting a DNA match who was about a third cousin and possibly could have given me clues as to my gt gt grandfather who disappeared. sorry it's all lost on me,as understand very little of it all.. cheers Steve Another DNA match didn't recognise any names from my tree therewore we couldn't be connected at all he said. I do have my tree private but will share with anyone who asks, I just got fed up of family photos being copied and added to totally incorrect people.
  4. That was the vicarage until a new one was built on Rainford Rd probably at least 30 years ago. From old censuses there were vicarages on Rainford Rd before the red brick one you are talking about was built.
  5. I dont think so as a bit too young going on censuses and age at death, but they have been wrong before. There seem to be gaps in the records for St Helens parish church and i think that might be the problem, thanks for looking, sometimes it just takes someone else to look to get things to slip into place.
  6. @woodsman I have been told there were a lot of people of Scottish descent around Greenbank as well as the irish and the two DNA's overlap areas. I can't get any further back than 1800, my 4x gt grandfather was Joseph Wilson born about 1800 St Helens according to 1851 census. he married in Farnworth in 1827 but the record is only from Bishop's Transcripts and no father's name so stuck for the time being.
  7. Her father was Thomas White born 1892 who married Sarah Kelly, my gt grandfather's sister
  8. I have found more of my DNA connections have Scottish in them, beleive my Wilsons who were in St Helens from About 1800 may have come from north of Hadrian's Wall. @Dave nearly fell off my chair looking at Ancetry hints, one comes up as the person being in your tree, Pauline Margaret White 1925-2010, presume she is connected to you by marriage?
  9. Must have changed back again then, i remember when it was first "done up" being a bit shocked at all the lovely wooden panelling being ripped out. suppose that was nearly 40 years ago!
  10. Thought it was changed back to the Royal Oak, years ago, and it was Game Bird as in ones you shoot at.
  11. The middle section of photo, second teacher from the right looks like Billy Fehan, Chemistry, to me, another one who died young.
  12. Yes it is Frank, but if you click on it and go to thesite you will see the pic of the new school underneath
  13. The baptism might not be that strange. If the twins were poorly when born an immediate ceremony could have been performed in the house and not recorded. It could be that when Winny was expected a chat with the priest might have brought to light that Ann had not had a church baptism. added 2 minutes later The priest at St Vincents might have been a stickler
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