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  1. Tony J

    Cemetery tree

    My dad's cousin, Joe Hignett was Superintendent of Parks and Gardens which covered the Cemetery too. I think he retired in the 1980's as died a couple of years ago in his early nineties. Regarding the old sections with the big trees, Mr Bibby the sexton told my dad if you go to a burial in that area don't hang around too long as tree branches have a habit of coming crashing down. I think one of the best things they have done was making available plots in the old area which makes it all more used with people being about.
  2. Tony J

    GG Grandmothers family name?

    Only 4 years? I have been struggling with some of mine for 14 years, ever since I started researching the family. My gt gt grandfather was Irish and a bit of a drinker so when the first child was born he went to register the birth but got the name wrong, instead of Donlan it got registered as Donald and subsequent children were Donlan or Donnlan so its no wonder the censuses and certificates are all over the place, he like Lazarus apparently had the ability of resurrection as is dead and alive on various certs and censuses from 1900, finally appearing as dead in 1911 but then said to be alive in 1912.
  3. Tony J

    GG Grandmothers family name?

    In 1881 Cornelius Canning is head of house aged 50 with Susan Gullivan sister aged 52 and Cornelius Gullivan nephew aged 23 at 63 Wilson St St Helens, so I would suggest the mistranscription of names is at the other end, though it is perfectly possible for the brother and sister to have been recorded with different spellings when born.
  4. Frederick Augustus G Benyon born 1895 married Isabella Roberts in Q1 1916, he died Q1 1918 and his son Frederick A G Benyon was born Q2 1918 and died in 1923 and it is him in the grave.
  5. Tony J

    1876 Birth

    I beleive 27 Church st was Dunns shop or very close to it https://www.sthelensreporter.co.uk/whats-on/arts/church-street-memories-1-6377340 I suspect the person you are looking for lived in a flat above the shop, can find in Slaters 1895 27 Church St was Dromgooles Bookshop and was 4th along from Hardshaw St
  6. Tony J

    How are you geting on with your Family Tree?

    I only found out today how to do that, get a list of matches up then put ticks in the boxes to select, then press the "submit" button on the left near the top. Then press "matrices" and go to bottom one, "matching segment matrix" and it gives you a list of which bits you match the other people with, you can also press download as CSV and it comes up as an excel spreadsheet
  7. Tony J

    How are you geting on with your Family Tree?

    @kizzy I have been using Gedmatch and am still not that good at interpreting the data but on a thread on here a few weeks ago t was pointed out that there is a link to help forums on the main page. The thing I use mostly is "people who match one or both of two kits" as am trying to track down my gt gt grandfather and two of my mum's second cousins have Gedmatch numbers also.
  8. Tony J

    How are you geting on with your Family Tree?

    I have now downloaded my Ancestry DNA to Myheritage and Familytreedna both for free to try and sort out more matches in the hoping of tracking down two missing gt gt grandfathers but am finding some interesting connections, my dad's Hunts from Ditton had a brother who moved to Gateshead who has descendants connected to me through both the Hunts and Donlans from Galway on my mother's side.
  9. Tony J

    Ancestry DNA

    @natkinder I am in email contact with two of my late mum's cousins but the problem on that side is all we know about my gt gt grandfather is he was called John Donlan or Donellan, appeared from Ireland in 1878 when he married my gt gt grandmother, then disappeared a lot of children later, there is a lot of mystery around him as on various marriage certs and censuses he was alternately dead and alive, and on my dad's side his gt grandfather Hignett also seemed to disappear when my gt grandad was less than one. There is no one older close enough to ask that I can think off.
  10. Tony J

    Ancestry DNA

    @natkinder from Ancestry Ethnicity Estimate Ireland/Scotland/Wales 44% Connacht, Ireland Great Britain 40% Northern England & the Midlands Scandinavia 10% Low Confidence Regions Iberian Peninsula 3% Europe West 3% and from Myheritage 98.2% North and West Europe 98.2% Irish, Scottish, and Welsh 72.7% Scandinavian 25.5% Africa 0.9% West Africa 0.9% Nigerian 0.9% Middle East 0.9% Middle East 0.9% Middle Eastern 0.9% Tony 100.0% View full screen I am on Gedmatch too but hadn't realise that there were forums so will have to have a further look. The biggest problem I have found with Ancestry is shared matches only go as far as 4th cousins and because I cannot track down two gt gt grandfathers and looking for connections possibly more distant.
  11. Tony J

    Ancestry DNA

    @natkinder I only got to downloading my Ancestry raw data to Myheritage last week, on Ancestry it says 10% Scandinavian but on Myheritage 25% from the same raw data, but I have found a few matches which are not on ancestry so hoping to track down my missing gt gt grandfathers eventually.
  12. Tony J

    Old cobblers

    And those round heels for mens shoes with a screw in the middle so you could keep turning them round a bit to last longer.
  13. Tony J

    How are you geting on with your Family Tree?

    Kizzy, i am a member on Ancestry so can see the unlinked trees but an awful lot seem to have nothing at all and the only relatives that have taken tests are two of my mum's second cousins so can only identify relatives from one set of gt gt grandparents easily.
  14. Tony J

    Update on john duffy

    Where was he baptised Nat?
  15. Tony J

    Suggestions for gggrandparent's name

    I saw a Sharples birth earlier for a Jane but GRO started playing up earlier and i gave up and did some jobs. So the grandparents must just have been looking after some of the kids in 1881 as there were so many of them, the rest were with parents at 86 Corporation St

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