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  1. https://www.google.com/maps/@53.4525844,-2.7318164,3a,75y,332.61h,107.29t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1smB4LkD92kER3M5XB4xDPew!2e0!7i13312!8i6656 added 1 minute later I think you are right Non, surprised me that the odd numbers were on that side as assumed the Bickerstaffe St end was nearer the town hall but looking at a map it isnt. Link is C & C Lea Flooring - The Catapult Centre, 13-15 Haydock Street ...
  2. From 1891, Amelia was a Wilson who married George Clarke and Haydock St is just round the corner from Dixon's undertakers in Bickerstaffe St 25 5 1890 George CLARKE Amelia WILSON St Helens Parish Church First name(s) Last name Relationship Marital status Sex Age Birth year Occupation Birth place George Clarke Head Married Male 22 1869 Glass Maker Lancashire, England Amelia Clarke Wife Married Female 19 1872 - St Helens, Lancashire, England Mary M Clarke Daughter - Female 0 1891 - Lancashire, England Elizabeth Wilson Mother In Law Widow Female 54 1837 - Lancashire, England John Jos Wilson Brother In Law Single Male 13 1878 Errand Boy Lancashire, England Alex Williams Nephew - Male 0 1891 - Liverpool, Lancashire, England added 6 minutes later 1901 First name(s) Last name Relationship Marital status Sex Age Birth year Occupation Birth place John Wilson Head Single Male 23 1878 Carter @ Wine & Spirit Merchant St Helens, Lancashire, England Elizabeth Wilson Mother Married Female 64 1837 - St Helens, Lancashire, England Amelia Clarke Sister Married Female 27 1874 - St Helens, Lancashire, England Maud Clarke Niece Single Female 10 1891 - St Helens, Lancashire, England Walter Clarke Nephew Single Male 7 1894 - St Helens, Lancashire, England John Clarke Nephew Single Male 2 1899 - St Helens, Lancashire, England added 9 minutes later 1911, cab driver still at same address and getting closer to hearse driver. John Wilson's Household Members Members that resided in the household at the time of the census. First name(s) Last name Relationship Marital status Sex Age Birth year Occupation Birth place John Wilson Head Single Male 33 1878 Cab Driver Lancs St Helens Amelia Clark Married Married Female 37 1874 - Lancs St Helens Maud Clark Daughter Single Female 20 1891 - Lancs St Helens Walter Scott Clark Son Single Male 16 1895 Glass Worker Plate Lancs St Helens John Horace Clark Son Single Male 12 1899 School Lancs St Helens Norman Clark Son - Male 1 1910 - Lancs St Helens
  3. 1939 list, the father must have died and she is living with mother and at least 3 siblings in a house called Sauganash close to Pottery Farm, looks like the house was owned by another couple and the Wiswells were lodgers, Siblings ages suggest a few of then didn't marry.
  4. The first time I went in The Fleece was 1960, my aunts wedding, so don't remember a lot about it then. In the seventies would have a drink in the bar there, seem to remember there was a side entrance that came out by The Angel?
  5. I like Llandudno too, am told the main reason it has kept its character is that Mostyn estates own the freehold on most of the seafront properties and don't allow them to change much. Also its the last place i saw my dad alive, he had gone for a day out unbeknown to me and vice versa, we went for a drink in the Grand and the week after I got a phone call to say he had died at home, so glad I bumped into him that day.
  6. A friend of mine went for an interview and one of the questions he was asked was how did he cope with change, he replied absolutely fine, as he had worked on the buses, needless to say he didn't get the job. i agree with Devon Boy though, a lot of those houses were falling down and the demolition had started before you and i were born. I remember the house my gt aunts lived in, no inside toilet and getting washed in the kitchen sink, think i would rather have change than that.
  7. What a far cry from the houses around their that my gt gt grandparents lived in from 1861 onwards.
  8. Haha, well we will see, though i think a couple of relatives who might have known the full story about my Donlan's are now dead. Fingers crossed someone gets a a DNA kit for Christmas who is connected and interested in helping put it all together.
  9. My gt grandmother Kelly was married twice, her fist husband died aged 46 leaving her and 6 children. She then married a bloke called Peter Rigby, according to my gt aunts, the wicked stepfather who never stopped drinking. Anyway when gt gran died the inscription on the gravestone read, Timothy Kelly died......... then Ellen, the wife of Peter Rigby died ..... My gt aunt got some compensation when her house was demolished and though i had asked her not to, spent half of it on a new gravestone which now reads Timothy Kelly and his beloved wife Ellen, Peter Rigby being obliterated from history. On various family certificates and censuses gt gt grandfather John Donlan is alternatively dead then alive, people don't always tell the truth which makes it even harder for us researching.
  10. I did write again but he didn't even answer the second message, as a new kit probably sick of being contacted by folks. Plan B is working through other shared matches but the disappointment is that this person has twice the matching DNA of any of the other shared matches but I ain't giving up!
  11. Message I sent last week to a person who might have given me a clue as to the Donlan line and could see all my family names on my tree. Hi, You have come up as a good match and I wondered who you are and how we are connected, also do the shared matches mean anything to you? Reply I got sorry it's all lost on me,as understand very little of it all.. cheers Steve It makes you wonder why they bother joining genealogy sites and paying for DNA tests
  12. @woodsman Yes I have tried and particularly with regard to my gt gt grandfather John Donlan who vanished from St Helens in the mid 1890's have found other second and third cousins all asking the same questions. I suspect my aunt who died in 2005 knew a bit bit chose not to tell. The family story had always been that the Donlan's came from Blackburn, I checked this with another younger aunt in Australia. Not long before my aunt in St Helens died I asked her once again about the Donlan's coming from Blackburn, but she said no, she though they came from Parr or Sutton, I just put it down to the illness at the time, but eventually realised she knew with the research I was doing I would find out about this lie which had been kept up for over 100 years. it is all to do with him being twice my gt gt grans age and getting her pregnant at 16 and them being forced by her employer where she was in service to marry in a register office in 1878 and him just generally being a drunkard etc. My gt gt grandfather Thomas Hignett in Liverpool also seemed to disappear, he isn't on the census in 1861 when my gt grandfather was one but I haven't found anyone connected so far, but am not giving up hope. The third mystery is my gt grandfather Stephen Prescott, in the last few years I found out he was adopted and was down in 1871 as Stephen Barker, but they just changes his name to Prescott by 1881. Anyway, might make a breakthrough soon as more and more is coming online!
  13. @woodsman Yes I am on those sites and Gedmatch in particular is good at finding shared matches which do not show up on Ancestry. What I am short of at the moment is a few closer matches to help tie in the more distant ones.
  14. At the moment am a bit fed up with lack of replies re Ancestry and other sites but I am looking a lot farther away than first cousins as I know all mine and think most of my second cousins too, needs to be 3-4th cousins to give me the information i need regarding my mysterious gt gt grandfathers.
  15. I just find it odd it was never talked about, no medals etc, he died in 1944 and when my gt gran became ill she lived with my grandparents so I inherited all the bits and pieces.
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