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  1. I just renewed my ancestry subs after a break and was horrified at the price increase. I was soon calmed by seeing that a problem I had was now solvable. I had a relative with two sons listed as being born 3 months apart! Today it was made clear that one son was a half-sibling which hadn't previously been noted as such. So thank you, Ancestry for robbing me but giving me my answers

  2. @Lotus Flower Maggie Waterworth was a remarkable woman. She ran the farm along with her son Derek and daughter Miriam/Mariam. She often drove the tractor in the local fields and collected potatoes and other crops. Then she'd serve us from the shed in the evenings and all day on Sunday. 

  3. I recall that building as (possibly an estate agents) in the 50s.) Clegg (the butcher) was in the adjoining building on the left hand side. I had the misfortune to go to him once...

    The few times I went to the theatre (up in the Gods to see a matinee) we went in the door around the side in Charles St, opposite Holy Cross club where dances were held on a Friday night in the early 60s

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  4. That article brought back so many memories of where I grew up. Oppenheim Avenue is off Scholes Lane and is on the Portico/Grange Park estate. I thought the name unusual when I was young, and was told the story of the wealthy family of Oppenheims, who had a big house in the grounds of the then British Legion club. There were still traces of the old house visible and we'd play in the grounds or use it as a short cut through to Upland Rd, (also mentioned in the article). Thanks Phyll

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  5. I knew of them, Hort! As Alan says they were a little before my time at school, though I knew Alex well because I used to work in a bookies in St Helens, and he and his wife were neighbours when we lived at Bold in the 70s

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  6. If this is the old farm on Prescot Rd. it was run/owned by the Waterworth family during the 1950s. I used to visit the farm regularly to buy farm produce from a shed at the back of the house. They also farmed a number of local fields, one directly across from my home in Scholes Lane

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  7. 2 hours ago, Bert said:

    For me smells are the best of the senses to evoke nostalgia

    Couldn't agree more, Bert. The smell of Hawthorn hedges or shoe polish takes me right back. As does the smell of cigarette smoke and snuff my grandfather used. I also loved the smell of baking bread and marzipan (though I wouldn't eat Marzipan

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  8. I recall them all except the first one - Bowleys bakery. I agree with you about Sidac being disgusting but there was another one I strongly remember from visiting family in Parr, the Stinky brook just past the old fire station was really bad - had to hold my nose against the toxic pong. Great recollection though

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  9. That area of Bold/Burtonwood/Sutton is an area I do know well. I lived in Douglas Ave off Neils Rd. in the 80s and used to walk to Sutton village through the fields. We lived opposite the power station and Bold pit before they closed and I remember watching those power station chimneys reduced from five to two. Then a few years later watching the final two demolished early one Sunday morning

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  10. I enjoyed reading those two posts of Alans above. I didn't live in that area - but I remember shops like that from across St Helens at the time. I visited similar shops and bought potatoes, butter, sugar and other items in the same way, (and collected the important divi points!) 

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  11. Yes I do. Right behind the Savoy, it extended to behind the Nelson pub. and consisted mostly of a few tables and stalls put up and taken down every evening. 'Dave' of Market fame who was well-known for his bargains had his van on there for awhile.

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