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  1. kizzy

    DNA testing

    Not surprised at all - this story might cause one or two to consider a test https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2019/may/21/dna-test-proves-former-care-worker-entitled-50m-country-estate-cornwall
  2. I've heard so many different versions about where the name came from it's hard to know if any are correct. Some are amusing, some based on half truths and some versions concocted from the men who used to drink in the bar which could be taken with a large pinch of salt. My first school was nearby in Crown St so I walked past each day on my way there and worked in the bookies next door in the 70's.
  3. Too late now - it's out there!

  4. I nearly did on Sunday but I carried on driving to Gemini Instead because I wanted the wider choice of clothes etc; plus there's a huge sale on right now and I knew the new store wouldn't have the sale stuff! I'm sure I'll be in there thought next week though when I want some food - it's nearer than Prescot for me
  5. The stuff that goes in the grey caddy - leftover cooked foodstuffs. Who wants to handle that stuff and save in a plastic box near where I have my meals! Yuck.. makes me heave just thinking about it :)
  6. A big problem for me is storage of the containers needed to recycle. The house I live in is tiny, (the kitchen is minute. I don't have space for a dryer or free standing fridge/freezer. Outside is the same; other than digging up some lawn or flower bed then the containers will have to be kept inside - (full of waste food!) but where? I have two bins outside and use plastic bags for the rest of my household waste but waste food outside in my garden? Just not practical!
  7. Got my letter informing me that later this year my area will part of this new scheme. Not looking forward to even more recycling containers stored in my small garden
  8. So sad and weird to see that stretch of emptiness along Church St. I've been walking down there all my life to the shops and market, now there's nothing to go down there for. It's odd watching the town centre die like this :(
  9. I remember her well. She used to walk home from the town centre past the garage where I worked at Windle Island about 1963-ish, sometime alone sometimes accompanied by male friends. I felt sorry for the poor woman she was more sinned against and used than anything else - she had some mental health condition that led to others taking advantage of the poor soul.
  10. I think in Connects St Helens Topics but on here somewhere.. the area Thatto Heath, Ravenhead etc; was pretty local to me growing up and I worked at Pilks in Ravenhead so passed that shop regularly. When it was discussed a few years ago I must have noted the article and remembered reading about it so It was easy enough to find when HORT asked
  11. Try this HORT, it was added by Phyl https://www.genealogy.com/forum/surnames/topics/melling/124/
  12. That's how it looked when I went to my first dance there, we jived to records probably '59/'60
  13. At least the blindfolds off!

  14. kizzy


    I used to live on Halsnead Park caravan site when I was first married in 1968. I heard the tale about the hands from some of the residents though I never saw anything spooky; it was a lovely place to live back then. The wall mentioned above by Ratty ran along the back of our caravan and was about 15/18 feet high. (I often wondered why it was there in that setting - now I know) There was a small lake on the site too with all kinds of wildlife. It was all still there last time I looked a few years ago, I was having a fit of nostalgia one day and drove to take a look added 3 minutes later Just remembered it was while living there I watched the moon landing on a tiny portable B&W tv attached to a generator. No electric in the van!
  15. So far as I know, yes. The last one we had was W H Smith in Church St but that closed a few years ago. There's a Waterstones in Warrington and Liverpool
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