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  1. kizzy

    DNA testing

    A cautionary tale about DNA testing...I've already done a test and wouldn't let this put me off ( truth is essential by my standards) but it is an example of what can happen https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/stories-46600325?fbclid=IwAR2ofFBL_6qF70KcwnSHjxrNJjoZIED-fU9BT82BkphJbw7YddOfdLdXW80
  2. kizzy

    Ancestry, message replies

    I'm told all manner of things about messages going astray or being hidden in cyberspace for months and even years on Ancestry. But a big problem I've found is that people just don't respond to requests for information. I've sent maybe 20 mails to people and received only 3 replies to date. Part of the frustration of family searching I suppose...I did get what I'd hoped for from Ancestry though, so I shan't moan too much
  3. kizzy

    Windleshaw Chantry Volunteers

    That's Brilliant Ted, thanks to everyone who has been involved with the restoration work - great job!
  4. kizzy

    The Plug 'Ole'

    That's quite a shocking sight, especially in that lovely natural site. Stuff of nightmares - brrrr
  5. kizzy

    Haunting in St Helens Mill Street

    There's always a group of misfits floating about St Helens (usually kids from the local college who inhale too much) and decide the supernatural is the key to the mystery of life. It's harmless fun and they soon grow up but Mill St Barracks usually features as the place where one can 'experience' the phenomena I agree with you Hort - utter rubbish
  6. kizzy

    Mirror Tree query

    I've just rejoined Ancestry with a WW membership and found Death and Marriage certs online. I paid for some of these years ago when I first started searching and had to jump through hoops to get them because I was in a different country. Now they're all there included in my membership sub. The UK should take notice and do the same
  7. kizzy

    Mirror Tree query

    Hope you figured it out Woodsman, I couldn't help because I've never attempted to make a 'mirror tree', I was lucky in that I never needed to use that route
  8. kizzy

    Incident at Thatto Heath

    That an old report Phyll from 2011, it's not the same incident as Hort reported earlier. The recent one was in Sunbury St/Howard St whereas the old incident was in Scholes Lane.
  9. kizzy

    DNA, Ancestry recommend public tree

    1st and 2nd cousins are a great start! It took me 9 months to get such a close match - well done!
  10. kizzy

    Find My Past

    Find My Past has unlocked some records today and is offering a freebie (be quick though I think it might just be for Friday). I just found my Mum listed for the first time on the 1939 census, she was born in 1918 https://blog.findmypast.co.uk/findmypast-friday-2592135791.html
  11. kizzy

    DNA, Ancestry recommend public tree

    I hadn't a clue either when I first started researching but with a years membership and reading some of the sites and info that's around you soon pick up on bits of info that start to make sense. It's a slow process and can't be speeded up but once you start digging you'll learn about short cuts and where to look for clues. If you start with a private tree you can always change the setting should you want to - nothing is set in stone
  12. I was gonna ask for that but I've just checked and it's already in my collection
  13. kizzy

    DNA, Ancestry recommend public tree

    Missed this...mine is public because I didn't see the point searching for relatives/matches while I'm hiding half my details. Living people aren't shown anyway in public trees so there is some privacy already exists. Over the years it's become the norm to hear people complaining that all their matches are private and they cannot conduct any worthwhile searches. But again it's something only you can decide - so best of luck added 8 minutes later I've never had anyone contact me that I wasn't happy to hear from either..
  14. kizzy

    Around St.Helens

    Fantastic trip around our town. So many familiar places and a few new ones - that massage place is one I haven't seen before
  15. kizzy

    Y-DNA (& Autosomal DNA)

    Good! It must be a relatively quiet period right now I got a test result back last week which was done in 20 days! That's a record time in my experience! My current sub ends in August so I'm going to look around for their cheapest renewals shortly

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