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  1. Council propose earmarking £3.6 million for Gamble building regeneration WWW.STHELENSSTAR.CO.UK THE historic Gamble building is set to be restored after council budget papers proposed earmarking £3.6m for its regeneration over the next two…
  2. Never assume you can't have a relative of another colour, race or creed. I've had some strange experiences with people who've said things like, all our family are white/black/christian/muslim etc; sometimes I've had to tell them otherwise
  3. My tree is open. I figure if I'm hoping to find family then there's no point in hiding anything? It's hard enough finding reliable connections without handicapping myself
  4. Yes, the tiger was kept in storage for years until it fell apart and was used to patch up other animals in museums. Most kids seem to remember that tiger - I remember it clearly from my childhood
  5. Not surprised about Peacocks, they rarely had any customers in each time I passed. Too much competition with other low-price shops. Matalan is nearby and well established in a similar price range as well as TJ Hughes and the nearby Market. ASDA and Tesco do a similarly priced range too so it was always going to struggle
  6. Yes, it was the Talbot when I used to go about '62 - 65'. I vaguely remember it being the Sportsmans but that was much later
  7. No the memory is sketchy from that time - apart from those I knew personally. I do recall the police used to come in the Talbot and check our ages, if you happened to be under 18 you'd spend a few minutes in terror that they'd notice and question you. Happy times
  8. We used to go across the the Talbot pub in the early 60's at interval time in the Plaza. Just enough time to get a drink and get back to the Plaza before the group started the second half. The Talbot was quite a favourite place of ours. I think it was in Dougie Greenall's time as manager
  9. The only positive about a casino opening there is that all previous business that's opened in those premises haven't lasted long. I sincerely hope the Casino goes the same way because this town is a grim and shabby place already compared to the bustling and homely place we once had. A Casino inviting the type of customers those places attract is not going to help the town in any way whatsoever. Who allows these places to be put up on every corner of an already struggling town?
  10. kizzy

    DNA testing

    Anyone checked their new update yet? Apparently lots of people are complaining about suddenly becoming Scottish! There doesn't seem much point in fretting about it if it's what the latest samples show. I got 12% Scottish for the first time but I'm guessing it's come from my previous Irish %
  11. No, Pilkington Row and Factory Row are different places
  12. kizzy

    DNA testing

    I believed.. I just couldn't figure out to do it. I did save some after making a new group and manually saving as many as I could
  13. kizzy

    DNA testing

    One needs to be seriously skilled or dedicated to be able to work with such low matches - I'm neither, so those low matches aren't of much interest
  14. kizzy

    DNA testing

    Only just got my notification from Ancestry regarding these changes - I also found this Plea to Ancestry – Rethink Match Purge Due to Deleterious Effect on African American Genealogists | DNAeXplained – Genetic Genealogy DNA-EXPLAINED.COM I know this article is not going to be popular with some people and probably not with Ancestry, but this is something I absolutely must say. Those of us in the position of influencers with a public…
  15. I loved to watch the Tiller Girls. I was a dance fan since childhood and watched them on Sundays at the palladium on our first telly
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