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  1. kizzy

    Sutton Library

    Me and my kids used the library at Sutton for years from about 1975 to 1995 when we lived at Bold. It was a great library, well stocked and of traditional design. It looked a bit like a church from the main road with the entrance in Goodban St and double swing doors up a couple of steps to enter the building. Couldn't believe my eyes when I drove through Sutton a few years later and it was gone!
  2. kizzy

    Holman Michelle

    If you look at the top of this page there is an envelope symbol which will allow you to send a private message to another member
  3. Found my old Android tablet and it's charging right now so hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to try that app.
  4. kizzy

    St helens cemetry records

    Here's a map which shows the sections, it might help http://www.sthelensrollsofhonour.co.uk/cemetery.php
  5. Aren't these apps only available on phones? I always use my desktop so haven't seen them but I'd like to try it
  6. They should leave the beggars alone, some are genuinely homeless and show the face of the govts savage cuts. The few who are faking it are easily spotted by those who watch them and report their daily activities They only get a pittance anyhow most people ignore them and walk on by as if they're invisible
  7. kizzy

    For over 45 years....

    Most likely had a few names. I've shopped there as long as I can remember but never really knew what it was called. We simply called it the Chicken Shop
  8. kizzy

    Royal Oak Pub, Chancery Lane

    There have been a few problems recently as some of us are aware but it's not usually this way. It's a temporary hiccup and just unfortunate that you've joined us smack in the middle of it. Don't give up on us though it'll be back to normal pretty quickly and who knows who and what you might find about your old town
  9. kizzy

    Two more 'For Sale'

    Love the picture in last weeks Star of the flooded fields in Burtonwood Rob, beautiful..
  10. kizzy

    Around St.Helens

    Wonder why the delay on the retail park shops - the one which is supposed to be a M&S food hall? Work is at a standstill and has been for months.. As for Frankie and Bennies they're a joke of a restaurant I tried the old one when it first opened but made sure not to go back. In fact I'm totally disappointed with the West Park site too. I was hoping for some interesting new eating places but it's turned into a joke; Aldi. Costa and now Frankie & Bennies, what next
  11. kizzy

    Spring Equinox 2018

    Hallelulah to that!
  12. kizzy

    Cemetery tree

    What a lovely idea considering it's in the resting place of a large number of babies and young children. I'll see it through new eyes next time I visit
  13. kizzy

    Cemetery tree

    Love that old tree skeleton, always take a walk up there to see it. One of my relatives (a newborn baby girl who I was named after) is buried in that plot. It's one of the sections where they erected free headstone a couple of years ago to the thousands of people buried in unmarked graves. There's a number of them in that section
  14. kizzy

    How are you geting on with your Family Tree?

    At last! doesn't look like too many surprises there
  15. I saw a report on the news earlier about it and about the iron figures placed around the UK in commemoration of those who gave their lives in WW1. Very poignant and a timely reminder to remember those who lost their lives

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