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  1. Yes, two hopefully. Both concern 3rd WLFA. One is about men on HMT Royal Edward when it was sunk. The other is a history of the unit 1908 to 1922.
  2. Ste, thanks for that, I hadn't realised that you could search the gallery for RAMC. Nice one of 4/3 WLFA football team. cheers Dave
  3. I'm researching for a book telling the story of 3rd West Lancashire Field Ambulance (WLFA), an RAMC unit based at Croppers Hill. Formed in 1908 as part of the Territorial Force, served in the Great War, disbanded in 1922. During the Great War it was known as 1/3rd WLFA, after 2/3rd (later 64th FA), 3/3rd (later 65th FA) and 4/3rd (a training/reserve line) were formed. If anyone has any info, photos, etc of these units or men who served with them I would be pleased to hear from you. Dave Risley
  4. Now that the St. Helens Pals project has finished I've returned to researching the 3rd West Lancs FA formed in 1908 and based at the Engineers Hall on Croppers Hill until disbanding in the 1920s. This also includes the reserve lines (2/3rd and 3/3rd raised in 1914) which became 64th and 65th Field Ambulances in the Great War. Any info, photos, family stories, etc. gratefully received. DaveR
  5. The Absent Voters List for 1918 has: 432073 Cpl. William Mowe, 4 Linghome Road.
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