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  1. Aye me to, we used to lift floorboards and jump down underneath the woodworking machinery and fill our bags/boxes! H&S phwah!!! I lived at 9 Folds Lane circa 1954-59 - my best friend next door was Linda McMNee (Dad's name was Peter?) and had another friend Neil Shankly who lived at back of us and used to crawl through a hole in the hedge to play. Happy days
  2. cast your mind back to 50's n 60's. As a kid living in Roland Ave, I spent tons of time in Laffak (Woodlands Rd when it was just a metalled road degenrating to dirt track at Chain Lane). Present day Laburnham Ave is built over small stream and we spent hours either passing through on way to Blackbrook basin or, when the Hawthorn berries were in fruit, we used to swarm allover the railway bridges having war games using our home made "laccy guns". Any pictures out there? I have one of Laffak School playground but now I find myself living in Laffak, I'm desperate for some old pictures
  3. About the same time does anyone remember Violet Carson (Ena Sharples) arriving at the Woodlands pub to knock down a pile of pennies?
  4. I saw Barbera the other day as she was walking alng Haresfinch Road - I was in same class - she's hardly changed
  5. Phyll you're right I did and thanks for reminding me and to the posters inside that thread for posting Aye Tessmop, this is on my list to get to .. I only live in Laffak and was on recce over the weekend, just waiting for the best light
  6. Whereabouts is it? Ravenhead Road near the Laundry?
  7. Planning a personal calendar for next year but focusing on disused/ruined local buildings in black and white .. ANY SUGGESTED LOCATIONS? HAVE ATTACHED MY FIRST EFFORT
  8. I've got a mini project going and that's to product a personal calendar for 2013 and I want to use local buildings that are in ruins as the theme .. any suggestions where?
  9. My Auntie left her son outside Woolies whilst she went shopping then went home, calling at my Mum's for a cuppa .. it was only then that she realised her baby was still outsdie the shop in Church St!!!!!! He was still there when she got the next bus back into town .. the baby's now 40+ and not too badly scarred for the experience!!!!
  10. My Dad whi is now 80 was chrgehand electrician for donkeys years at Cowley Hill - Norman Yates, don't suppose you remember him?
  11. As a young apprentice at Pilks and a year after I got married in 1972, my wife and I moved into No.11 Deport Bungalows, which were wooden, prefabricated single storey buildings that were owned by Pilks and were due to be demolished in return to free up valuable building land (now Brentwood Close, off Millfields) the council agreed to house the tenants who lived in them as first tenants in the newly developed Saleswood Ave. My question is does anyone have a photograph?
  12. Strangely enough I've spoken to your Brian Johnson when booking pitches for Thatto Heath Crusaders (I'm Vice Chair) - are you sure it is the same one from Litherland Crescent?
  13. As a kid, I lived in Roland Ave, Haresfinch, St.Helens and in our "gang" of kids who made those 3 roads (Litherland and Chadwick) plus Haresfinch Park our own playground was Brian Johnson, Frank Preston, Colin Pennington, David Anderton, Brenda Lawrenson, Val and Viv Tench, Leslie ?, David Smeltzer, Ann Milsop, Janet Hesketh, Neil Shankly, Raymond Bradbury and my best mate Keith Parr who was sadly tragically killed in a road accident whilst riding his bike to work .. oh what happy times in the late 50's-early/mid 60's - I should write them all down before I forget. Older than us was Keith's sister Pam and her friend Lynn ? plus Keith Lythgoe and Tony Oldham and a bit younger was Janet Roberts Where are they all now I ask myself?
  14. You still there? If so we must only be 100m apart 'cos I'm living in Chestnut Grove!
  15. Can confirm the dating of the original Laffak estate (all dormer bungalows) Woodlands, Rd., One half of Laffak Rd, and the other smaller estate rods as I'm now living in Chestnut Grove and when I was a kid, my Mum and Dad were the very firsat people to move into 202 Woodlands Rd. and the rest of the Laffak estate was still being built. I remember going to Wenbley in '66 from our old house in Roland Ave but leaving school in '68 when at Laffak so built sometime between the two.
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