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  1. Thankyou, i ll have a look at that.
  2. Great work there, fabulous detail, thanks to Ted and the volunteers for the hard work up there. Thanks also for the photos. I have people buried there but can't get up there so much at the moment so its great I can follow the work on here.
  3. The thing I've seen at the moment is it wasn't issued within 14 days anyway it was 25 days, so if it did go to court what would happen there and also re appeals it's probably too late now anyway as this happened in May. Anyhow I'm still reading and re reading all the info you've given me thanks.
  4. Right everyone, back to the dreaded parking 'fines' again, can anyone tell me do they still have to be issued within 14 days of the offence, I am wading through all the info on here but haven't seen anything yet on a timescale. My son had one which he's ignored up to now but this week has now got a letter from debt recovery plus - the original 'charge' is parking eye a member of the BPA but not issued until 25 days after the offence. Does he still ignore or contact them and say it wasn't within the 14 days? (This wasn't the range it was the gym near Farm foods)
  5. Passed the Boars Head round about 6 ish tonight and it was open for business again.
  6. Work has now started on the garage - apparently to open it as an unmanned petrol station.
  7. It did close but then one or two chaps took over as temps (it may have closed and reopened and closed and reopened a couple of times) and it opened again, not sure but it still looked open last night, it was lit up well anyway, front lights and pub sign at front on. We heard it was closing in Feb, then we heard it would definitely shut in June, planning app has gone in for change of use to retail, also heard a couple of things re the petrol, firstly Caldo maybe wanted to buy it back, then Tesco wanted it but like you say with the closures at Tesco it may not happen, not heard about a mosque, we did hear that where the Sutton Arms used to be, there was going to be a mosque. Time will tell I suppose.
  8. well that's what we wondered and whether they monitor anything there regards to any PO business or can anyone just open a PO?
  9. They do seem very nice people but we had to go twice to pick up a parcel because they couldn't really understand what we wanted even though we had the card left by parcel force. No idea why parcel force took it there in the first place because we didn't ask them to and it's not 'our' post office so to speak. While in there the second time, a chap was in attempting to post something I think he gave up in the end. The man that has it has trouble reading English hence why we had to go back when someone else was there to help him understand. It is called Nutgrove Post Office but it is nearer to Sutton Heath and I don't think I would buy a stamp there now let alone ever trust taxing a car there which you can now do.
  10. suste

    Murder Talk

    We've been a few times, it is lovely round there, the Chapel is very interesting. Well worth a visit if you haven't been,
  11. Yes I remember the farmhouse, wonder if anyone has any pictures of it.
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