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  1. Not listed on the Trustinns web page any more .
  2. Have put this image on the St Helens topic forum. had a walk through Colliers Moss (the old Bold colliery site) today . lot of clearance/renovation going on. I wonder if this has uncovered the route of the tram/train that carried colliers to pit head. It is just further up from Junction and runs parallel to railway line.
  3. This morning had a walk through Colliers Moss then on to Burtonwood. Next to railway just up from Junction (past housing estate) lot of flattening out and clearance. this runs parallel to railway line. Anyone know what is going on ? Here's another view. (takes me ages trying to get correct size image for uploading
  4. Lovely day so had a walk around the Brickfields site next to Chester Lane. Beautiful , the old landfill site all been landscaped . Saw quite a few rabbits. A vast amount of land has been levelled. According to my Google search this is a housing development by Backhouse Developments. A site for 250 houses.
  5. Re the '12 ' bus . Looking at timetable on Merseytrave site . It takes 20 minutes from bus station to retail park via Morrisons etc , then 5 minutes to return to town .
  6. OK thank you NS Will get googling !
  7. Thanks Dave , really good photos . When I passed the Ravenhead old windmill the other day , it looked to be in excellent condition ! I presume it's now a listed building .
  8. Had a walkabout the other day and at one point on my walk In Ravenhead Road I passed Magnum auto parts . It is in an old building and I thought that at the back it looked like some sort of kiln . Being a 'newbie' I felt certain there would be some info on here about it . Correct ,it is actually an old windmill .In fact the auto parts store gives its address as being in the old mill . Most of the posts are from 9 years ago . In the topic 'windmills' started by Griffin in 2009 he put links of photos of old windmills that stood in the St Helens area . Unfortunately , presumeably because of length of time since they were posted , the links don't open up . Are they somewhere else on the site ?
  9. I'll take a picture next time I go past .
  10. Had a walk around Dream site earlier on . I noticed activity around Smithy Manor pub.(closed for about 3 years) A few white vans and lots of plastic piping in car park area of pub . At one time it was envisaged having a visitors centre for Dream site . Could the activity be something to do with that ?
  11. I did a quick 'Google' when neighbour gave me photo . only info I found was that prize jazz bands were very popular in St Helens and Liverpool during the thirties. http://www.old-merseytimes.co.uk/prizebands.html
  12. My neighbour handed me a tiny photo of what appears to be some type of walking day in the 1930's only a tiny photo , I've zoomed in and enlarged as best I can .The parade is led by Parr Prize Jazz band. Apparently in the thirties these type of bands were very popular.
  13. Well done Phyll ! Looks like he was correct . I'll print that map off for him . Big thanks for the info . added 18 minutes later Phyll , have had a good look at the map .The tramway for the miners (from Helena Road) appears to start just past the bridge .. ie. where the bricked up area is in the photo .. fairly certain my friend was correct . By the way , it was his mother many years ago who had told him about the tramway.
  14. When passing what looks like a bricked up doorway just under bridge at Junction Station a friend told me that there used to be a colliery railway that took the miners from just southeast of the Junction station to the pit and that this was the entrance for the miners . Is he correct ? Have uploaded photo from Google maps.
  15. This photograph was on Facebook page ( St Helens Pubs) Have seen it somewhere else actually. The Facebook page says the pageant is walking past the old Red Lion Pub in Robins Lane . The old Red Lion was demolished and rebuilt in 1963 . I can make out ' Walkers Warrington Ales ' on side of pub . Does anyone remember the old Red Lion ? is it the one in photograph ?
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