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  1. Thanks Phyll. Apparently that is the entrance from Elton Head Road .
  2. There doesn't appear to be any pre bridge photos anywhere .
  3. Walked through many times ( my in-laws lived in Sherdley Road). Can remember passing the golf club then the farm house/barn ( now converted to a couple of houses or flats ) then straight on and past lodge on corner into Sherdley Road .... it's the bit between barn and lodge I can't remember ... and it's only 30 years ago ... senility
  4. My wife and I , as part of our lockdown daily walkabout , often cut through Sherdley Park and cross the bridge over the linkway. What year was it built ?Before the linkway and bridge were built was there a small bridge already there over a minor road ? .. or no bridge and a straight route through to Sherdley Road ? Must be old age but I can't remember what was there Have googled various searches but nothing appears apart from images of present bridge .
  5. Had a walk to the car park . Asked a local ( social distancing maintained :)) why barriers down. It's to stop people dumping rubbish there . I can imagine if car park open that would definitely happen .
  6. When walking around the Dream site I usually park in Clockface Country Park car park in Gorsey Lane then walk from there ( makes the walk that bit longer ). Recently car park has been closed and I have parked in the King Geoge V in Jubits Lane. Not sure why Clockface car park closed . People had parked just in front of barriers and others had parked farther up by the bungalows. I presume something to do with the virus lockdown .Any other reason , maintenance ?
  7. Had you got to Ferry pub by car or on foot (down Station Road ?) . I usually use public transport .
  8. Thanks for quick reply Rob , I had a walk up and down Widnes Road. There's an Indian restaurant overlooks the site. Anything that looked like a path or road had no entry signs on. I walked backed down the lane and ended up by Sportsmans Pub . Got bus back to Widnes then 17 to St Helens. Will study OS map and give it another go early next year. I read that Fiddlers Ferry will be closing down in March.
  9. Most times I have a walk around I can usually spot Fiddlers Ferry in the distance. Never been up close so yesterday I decided to go and have a look. Very impressive ,took this photo from Back Lane ,off Widnes Road. Couldn't find any way to get round the main site . Is there a path ,small road that goes round it ? Thought maybe Robbob might know .
  10. My railway enthusiast friend showed me this picture. It is of a Shaw Street signal box in 1971. The line at the back is towards Sutton Oak. I presume the one in front is the one to Liverpool. In the background you can see the backs of the advertising hoardings . The gas holder (demolished 6 years ago) and the sign for Todd Brothers which is now where Matalan stands. P.S. I hope the image is large enough . It takes me ages to resize to acceptable size for forum . Is there a quick way of doing it.?
  11. Took this last week with my mobile when walking into town from Ravenhead Park . Just before bridge near World of Glass. The area is much cleaner than it used to be .
  12. After using your link I did a search to see if I could find another old map (without the restrictions re viewing ) I found a 1900 town plan of St Helen's on this site . Lots of detail in it and can be zoomed in etc. https://www.archiuk.com
  13. Neighbour of mine is a railway enthusiast and he showed me a 1965 photo of Junction station . I took an image from Google maps to compare then and now. Where the train is in 1965 is now part of the car park and way in .
  14. Spotted it Phyll. Took me a while to open map. Kept saying I needed to subscribe. Kept tapping and clicking and it eventually opened up .
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