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  1. I knew this version as. Following a tram to Parr
  2. Just spoke to my elder sister and while she had heard my granddad's story about the fire she knows just about as much as me, so not too sure about that. My granddad was born in 1889. She does remember clearly about the roof of the Theatre Royal falling in. Apparently, the band had just struck up when the roof fell in. My mum and our neighbour in Alfred St. Mrs. Moss had gone to meet my mums friend Mary Ashcroft from Grafton St. My mother was late so they just missed the collapse of the roof and went to a movie instead. My sister reckons it was during the war, as she was the youngest of the girls looking for them and she was born in 1938. Joyce
  3. Was there a fire at the Theatre Royal during the war. I am sure my mother told me about that. Also my granddad was involved in taking items out of the town hall when that was on fire. If this is true it was probably around 1900- 1910.
  4. I have a photo of Lowe House Communion class. It was sent to me by a friend of mine. It would be from children born in 1942/43. maybe other people have Holy Communion photos. I have a Holy Cross infant school photo taken about 1949. It was before St Josephs and St Peter and Paul's joined Holy Cross in the junior school.
  5. Thank you Phyll and King Kenny for the information. George lived in Laurel Road and St Anne's it said, so that is definitely the one. I will be in St Helens in September and will check it out. My family were big lawn green bowlers especially Eccleston Bowling club. my dad played there and at Ruskin Drive and Queens Park. However I had never heard of St Helens bowling club. Thanks all for your input. Joyce
  6. While reading the obituary of George Stacey Gardner who died in 1902 and was part owner of Gardner and Newton with his brother Benjamin. It says that he "opened for the masons on a Saturday on the grounds of St. Helens bowling club of which he was president and of which society he was a founder member" Is this bowling club still in existence and where was it ? Can anyone help? Joyce
  7. Yes Alan I do remember them, walked along that wall many times. I also remember the stubs where the park gates had been taken off. One Sunday, in my best shoes, I tried climbing on those stubs and scuffed the toes of my new shoes. We were playing 'tracking' I think it was called and I was trying to see if there was a message at the top of the post. I remember this as it was the nearest my mother ever came to walloping me. She just threatened as she was a very peaceful and kind lady, thankfully. Joyce
  8. Lampo. One person stood between two lamp posts about 50 yards apart. The rest of us had to run from one end to the other and not get caught by the person in the middle. many, many winter nights in Linghome Road. Glory days with no traffic. Am I really that old!!! Joyce
  9. I remember the Incas, or at least the lead singer Ged White. Good looking and a great singer. He is alive and well and living in St Helens. Joyce
  10. Oh yes, I will miss the cafeteria, I always have my lunch there when I am in St Helens no need to visit the town now. First Pimblett's pies and now Tyrers. Joyce
  11. Hello, My husband worked at Woodcocks from leaving school in1953 until 1963. He did his apprenticeship there as a Patternmaker. His dad, Joe Broughton, also worked there for many years. I just asked my husband what he thought of the place and he said it served him well as he spent most of his life as a patternmaker in England and also in Canada from 1979 until he retired in 2003. He worked with Gef White and also Brian Foster who lived somewhere on the Hard Lane estate. He remembers old Dick and young Dick Woodcock and also Geoff Woodcock. Joyce
  12. Just recently my grand daughter age 5 asked what a chain was as I told "don't forget to pull the chain" Joyce
  13. There was also a cake shop called Bowley's close by, but probably nearer to Duke Street. Joyce
  14. I have a picture of me leaning against a St Helens bus.. I was outside the Empress Hotel in Victoria. I think it was a Knowsley Road bus as my sister lived there at that time and we thought it was quite a laugh. We came here in 1979 so it would be around 1981. Don't know how to download photo's, sorry, I am not very good with the new technology. Joyce
  15. On the 1871 census Thomas Beecham was living at 27 Westfield St. and my Great, great, grandmother and her 3 sons were living next door at #25. Another son and his family living at #23. I would be interested to know around what number Beecham's works would have been. When I have been back there are still many old shops around there but I think the numbers have been changed, or maybe they are newer houses than in 1871 The houses around there look really small for someone like Thomas Beecham, he had a housekeeper and a servant, or maybe they were bigger than they looked. I will ask my sister to go to the opening, but if anybody finds anything interesting about the numbering please let me know as there are quite a few photo's of the main building but nothing of the surrounding area. Thanks, Joyce
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