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  1. Amazing to see people still have so much interest in the caverns, I might call back down myself soon before the last of the warm weather.
  2. Nothing like a clear explaination eh ?
  3. How the **** did you manage to post pics ?
  4. Clearly talk of the caverns IS more important than the actual place, as not a single person passed the place for the entire time that I was there. If anyone has any other suggestions, other than through a computer, how these maps could be passed around then feel free CM
  5. TRUE, but if "Crankschosenfew" is a naughty boy with an axe (assuming you are a boy), then CrankCaverns are a BAD place to be. I very much doubt that this person is a Mad axe murderer though.It depends on weather people actually want the maps and explore the place themselves, or just talk about it. Not everything can be brought to the screen in front of you.Only when you have seen the entire place for your self will you realise how amazing it is, and satisfy your curiousity.CMI also find it reassuring that you like cats.
  6. Crankschosenfew, Wednesday 11th July (tomorrow) ok ? I'll be there from around 11AM Send me a txt or phone me on 07864187269 if you can or can't make it as I won't have access to a computer for a day or two now. CM
  7. Ok "Crankschosenfew" I will be there this Sunday from around 12pm, I'll bring maps and photos
  8. Now, please tell me that you're not the same person that plastered the cavern walls with the words "crankschosenfew" some time ago.
  9. After weeks of trying to get access to a computer, i've tried again to put these photos and maps on here by following the instructions from the link and still I find the same message telling me I need a website. I give up trying this way, but if anyone wants copies of maps or photos or wants to have a go at puting them on here themselves then thats not a problem. I did manage to partly clear the blockage around the tunnel which apparently leads to the "Church Cavern", but it appears there may still be another fairly large entrance way to this point from somewhere other than the caverns. Once I got around 30ft past the blockage, there was a large Iron gate which appears to have been ripped off the cavern wall in this area. This gate is too heavy for the average person to lift, without even thinking about how they got it down there. This area is fairly new to me as i've only seen it on the map before, so I went maybe another 30ft past the gate then turned back. The Church is apparently around another 50-100 feet in from here and the original map states that ropes are needed to get any further, so after considering my brothers suggestion to "jump" for 2 seconds i decided against it. I am planning, one day soon when the weather clears up, to take virtually every piece of equipment I could possibly need down there and not come out until there is no where I've not seen. Mark
  10. I have the photos and maps on the computer from my phone, but i don't know how to get them onto the internet. Do you need your own website because that takes the p!$$. I have photos of 3 of the maps which are not totally clear but you can just about make them out, and also photos of each of the marked entrances on the maps + the ones leading to the lake, mirror cavern and church. When I try to insert a picture etc in a post, it comes up with "URL site", I might sound stupid, but can anyone give me some step by step instructions on how to get them from the computer to this site. Thanks Mark
  11. What I will have to do is take a photo of the originals using my camera phone then put them on here that way, I know the quality will probably not be as good but for now it's all I can do. I should hopefully be able to do that in the next couple of days. Mark
  12. Don't worry, I plan to have the photos and some maps on here asap, as pretty soon I will have the facilities to do so. I will try to show a map of the mousey as it is today, one of how it looked when the maps were made and photos with discriptions of the tunnels. I also have a very faint drawing of the exterior of the mousey as it looked then, it's amazing how much it's changed and how people can be mislead into thinking that crawling has only ever been the way in there. I'm still slightly puzzled as to what the "square chamber" is, and as it's pretty cold and wet so i'm not going to sleep down there for a while. I am determined so I wont stop until I suss it out though. Mark
  13. I really wish I could get some photos on here but I do not have a computer or scanner, i'm just using a library one. If i can find someone with a scanner then I'm more than willing to share all this information, anyone know where I can get access to one ?
  14. After recently trying to access all of the lower tunnels further inside the mousey I have some interesting information. I only went down there again because couriosity got the better of me and I decided to try to un-block the tunnel which leads to the church (somewhere I hadn't been before). After spending about half an hour moving rocks down there, I sat off for a rest near a large formation of rocks and slabs and noticed a large overhang and a ledge leading to a drop down into another chamber (near enough perfectly square room). I managed to get through there fairly quickly and noticed that the room was near enough filled with what looked like broken wooden storage boxes and pieces of old metal. I would estimate that the room is about a mile or so in. What I find really strange is there is no mention of it at all on the maps that I have. When I went down there, I only took equipment for un-blocking and lighting, I am now going to be spending most of my time down there exploring every inch of that place, WITH A CAMERA. This is too exciting not to. Mark
  15. I don't mean large candles, just small t lights, and a few mates to spend 20 minutes to help you light them, it really depends how long you are staying down there. The shaft is blocked for about 5 ft inside the mousey with large rocks and rubbish, the earth outside is piled up on top of it, its very stable though as i've jumped on it (not a clever thing to do though). I think it's probably best to get something sorted in the way of the history and also the gates which you mentioned James, if we don't then the owner may just try to seal them up for good. How would we set this in motion though ? Mark
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