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  1. The garage was Autolex and Fredericks next to Hartleys
  2. I'm glad somebody remembers me, I had the Black Bull after the Angel. I am sorry to hear about Johhny Demo, I don't know anything about a grandson as I have been away 15 years in Scotland. You must be getting on if you remember me in both pubs. I left the Police in Dec 1977 and started as a trainee with Bernard Appleton at the Grange Park Hotel and then took it over when he went to the Rifle Corps as a tenant. It was then leased to Swindells Roofers, and I took over the Angel in town.
  3. For my twopennorth, as far as I am aware the last Temperance Bar, and the only one I knew in the town was in Liverpool Road. The Lingholme to me was a cafe. I remember the shop opposite the Court Buildings in Corporation Street had one of those old red drinks machines, before the ones with oranges twirling round inside. You got a cardboard cup full, and it was lovely. The El Toreador has a lot to answer for, I am not a great coffee lover but they sold "Espresso" coffee in that place with a frothy top and milk in it. Years later I was in Amsterdam in an Italian Restaurant and saw it on the menu and ordered it, only to be served the proper Espresso coffee, black like treacle and flat. Talk about embarrassed, after I asked for milk and got an answer I don't wish to repeat!
  4. I seem to have had a "senior moment" there, I should have said the club in Brownlow Street was between 1967 and 1977, not 77/78. It was demolished along with the Salvation Army Hostel and the rest of the town centre.
  5. There was a club at Carr Mill called the Sands Club which was just on the right as you went through the East Lancs Road lights towards Billinge. I also remember a club in Brownlow Street which was off Church Street opposite the Raven area, it was either a Buffs or a Toc H club, this was about 1977/8 if anyone can remember. The Masonic Hall probably has a bar as well in Hall Street, and I think the Sea Cadets had one in Standish St. Most of the Bowling Clubs had bars, the one at the top of Hard Lane and another one around Regents Road. Eccleston Bowling Club next to my old pub, the Black Bull in Knowsley Road and next to it was the Gas and Electric Club, allegedly closed down for non payment of VAT.
  6. Sorry I only read the last posts and went in the wrong direction it was the R.A.O.B club on one side of the Police Club and NALGO on the other. So, the answer is the RAOB.
  7. The N.A.L.G.O Club for local Government employees
  8. My ancestors lived at Billinge but they also got married at the Chapel of Rainford, I presume they were Catholic as one was Irish and my father was Catholic, which goes against "the established Church" as you intimated. Does anyone know where the records are kept from the Rainford Chapel? and what years they cover.
  9. Sorry my memory isn't as good as I would like.
  10. I would think this refers to "Hardshaw" which is a ward of St Helens and St Marys is probably where Lowe House Church is now in the Hardshaw Ward. Look at the area around North Road and the area around the Town Hall. Well done llanyb, I didn't know the origins of the Providence Hospital, but i was in the right area.
  11. I also never renewed my Ancestry membership and like Dave I was asked twice to renew at half price membership, so eventually I did and upgraded for about £54 for the year, and I will just knock it down next year after I have done the Irish connection. Worth thinking about.
  12. I remember Parr Street well as I worked with a guy who lived there who was the the fruit and veg manager at Lennons, he lived near the Lorne Hotel which was at the bottom of "Smithy Brew" on the corner of Fraser St on the map. There was a haulage contractor on the other side of the road called Ratcliffes and I think a paint factory. This was before they were knocked down and the Sally Army Hostel built by Yearsleys.
  13. Married to Rita

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