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  1. Lankylad

    Parr st Peter's

    The Parish Register shows a burial service for John Whitehead, aged 37 years, on 25th June 1889. The grave shows the date as 22nd June. There are four others in the grave - all appear to be unrelated with other graves in this section also showing unrelated groupings.
  2. Lankylad

    Mayers of Hall Street

    John's parents were William and Ann. Mary's were George and Anne. Witnesses were John Donohue, 23. Vernon Street and Jane Dutton, 38 Barber Street
  3. Lankylad

    St Anne's Baptism Records

    Who are you looking for? A number of members have an index of baptismal records starting in 1851.
  4. Lankylad

    Our friend Le200 has died

    So sad to hear about Chris. He was so kind and will be missed.
  5. Lankylad

    Burial at St Helens Parish Church

    If Alice is the orphan on the 1861 census then LancsBMD has 1858 death references for a Samuel (SH/26/98) and Mary (SH/26/93) in the same register - might be a mere coincidence as there are two other references for Mary in that year. Could be worth asking the Register Office to check for you.
  6. Lankylad

    Burial at St Helens Parish Church

    Is this the daughter: Alice Burrows, daughter of Samuel & Mary. Born 9 March 1856, baptized 13 April 1856 at St Helens Parish Church
  7. Lankylad

    St Nicholas Sutton Churchyard and Records

    Lancashire Online Parish Clerks now has burial records through to 1992 www.lan-opc.org.uk/St-Helens/stnicholas/index.html
  8. Lankylad

    Wiganworld is lost

    It's back working again.
  9. Lankylad


    Thomas and Erina were married at St Nicholas, Sutton on 3 February 1923. Thomas MOLYNEUX (8 November 1898) and his son, Stanley (2 September 1923) were living at 236 Jubits Lane on the 1939 Registration. The GRO death index shows Thomas death registered in March 1991
  10. Lankylad

    St Helens Civil Registration For Marriages

    The LOFTHOUSE/MURPHY marriage appears to be the correct one as the children's baptisms show their mother's maiden name was MURPHY. John was at 154 College Street and Jane at 30 Russell Street at the time of their marriage.
  11. Lankylad

    John Rimmer.

    The GRO death index shows Monica RIMMER (DOB 15 September 1915) registered at Knowsley district May 2004. Marriage of John RIMMER and Monica DAVIES at Sacred Heart on 1 June 1937.
  12. John Ernest Hulme, 20, Bachelor, Bootmaker, 99 Hardshaw Street: Father James Hulme (Bootmaker) Jane Renshaw, 20, Spinster, 71 North Road: Father John Renshaw (Mason)
  13. Lankylad

    Rigby Family Tree in St Helens

    Thomas Rigby b1843 married Sarah Taylor b1849..they had 3 children. john b1866.. mary ann b1874.. martha b1879. The middle child appears to be Maria on her baptism and census records. She married Thomas RICKARDS at St Nicholas, Sutton on 15 September 1897. They were living in Francis Street on the 1911 census with their five children.
  14. Lankylad

    Martha Anne Burnett

    Martha's marriage to Matthew CARNEY at Sacred Heart on 4 August 1900 shows her father as John PLANT - the LBMD entry shows her as Martha LEE and Martha PLANT. Her previous marriage (in the December quarter of 1885) to Henry LEE was at St Peter, Everton according to the entry on LBMD. You can find Martha PLANT with her parents and siblings in St Helens on the 1871 and 1881 censuses. The 1871 entry gives her birthplace as Staffordshire. She is in St Helens in 1891 with her son, John LEE and in 1901 & 1911 as Martha CARNEY. Hope this helps.
  15. Lankylad

    Green/Rankin Family

    James Benjamin Green’s father is listed as James Benjamin Green, Carter (deceased) at the time of his marriage to Alice Langton at St Helens Parish Church on 29 October 1892. Do you have a copy of the certificate for his marriage to Jane Rankin at St John the Baptist, Toxteth Park in the June quarter of 1880 to confirm his father as James Benjamin? (An Ancestry member has James Benjamin being the son of George Green and Mary Ann Pritchard.) There are two James Green baptisms in 1856 in the Liverpool Parish records on Ancestry: 6 January 1856 at St John the Baptist, Toxteth Park: James son of James (Flour Dealer) and Mary Esther. 2 December 1856 at St Barnabas, Liverpool: James son of George (Clerk) and Mary Ann. And this one in 1857: 11 October 1857 at St Thomas, Liverpool: James son of George (Book Keeper) and Mary Ann. I presume you have already seen that there are two James Benjamin Green burials in common graves at St Helens Cemetery. James Benjamin’s widow, Alice, married Joseph Moore at Holy Trinity, Parr Mount on 26 November 1898.

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