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  1. Looking at the 1881 census I noticed that the Spencer and Worrall families were living in Knowsley Road and wonder if Eccleston Road might have been renamed between 1871 and 1881. The Spencers were listed at Mulberry Farm. Additionally an old St Helens map shows Eccleston Old Road connecting Holme Road with Knowsley Road. I think there might be a copy of the map on this site.
  2. Repeating Dave's search shows the Hewitt family were living there at the time of the census. Elizabeth, born 1855 Joseph, born 1853 Thomas, born 1875.
  3. The Erlam family were living at the same address in 1911 and 1939. The 1911 census also shows Thomas Dixon, aged 9 years and May Dixon, aged 12 years. They are described as Son and Daughter – presumably of the Sarah Dixon who married William Erlam at St Thomas, Eccleston on 18 October 1903.
  4. The grave is listed as #81 in the 1926 Extension which appears to be on the Delta Road side of the property.
  5. Register entries for SCULLY Baptisms at Sacred Heart: Mary: Daughter of Dennis and Ellen (Nee O’Driscoll): born 10 March 1890: baptized 18 March 1890. Patrick: Son of Dennis and Ellen (Nee Driscoll): born 15 January 1892: baptized 23 January 1892. Ellen: Daughter of James and Ellen (Nee Driscoll): born 9 April 1894: baptized 14 April 1894. Bridget: Daughter of Ellen: born 4 April 1897: baptized 7 April 1897. Elizabeth: Daughter of Ellen: born 2 May 1899: baptized 12 June 1899. This entry shows the original surname of Mulvahill had been crossed out and replaced by Scully. Patrick had also been crossed out as the father’s name. There are two MULVIHILL (children of Patrick and Ellen – nee Driscoll) entries: Margaret: born 11 November 1900: baptized 18 November 1900. Agnes: born 2 December 1902: baptized 15 December 1902. There are also a number of Mulvihill entries (children of Patrick and Mary (nee Keegan). Hope this helps.
  6. There is a burial for James Lancaster, aged 86years, at St Peter, Parr on 11th December 1961. The grave was purchased by Mr. Bloor of 115 Flat Lane according to the transcription. Others in the grave were: Eliza Bloor, 30th December 1940: 5 months. Mary Bloor, 7th January 1942: 42 years Anne Lancaster, 2nd February 1973: 3 years
  7. I haven’t been able to find any record of William’s death. He is shown in a couple of trees on Ancestry but they simply show ‘before 1911’ which is in keeping with the census records for the family. Bridget is buried at St Helens where she is the first burial in a grave with the bodies of her granddaughter Bridget – Julia’s daughter – and daughter, Margaret added later. Julia married Alexander Hackett on 13 November 1910 at Holy Trinity, Parr Mount. The marriage certificate might show whether William was deceased although that would only narrow your search by a few months.
  8. The death registration is on both Ancestry and FreeBMD Deaths Dec 1933 (>99%) Holden Mary E 33 Prescot 8b 819 The burial record is on the St Helens Crem site: http://crem.oltps.sthelens.gov.uk/ Deceased detail Surname: Holden Forename: Mary Ellen Death date: 00 / 00 / 0000 Burial date: 05 / 10 / 1933 Location: St Helens Cemetery Register Number: 77104 Age: 33 Years Grave detail: Grave reference: STHELCEM / 34 / 555
  9. I had wondered if it might be a cryptic reference to Charlton Heston or chariots.
  10. Edward Stott’s occupation is shown as ‘Lead Press Attendant’ on the 1939 Register. The Annie Prescott I mentioned married William Rylance in 1945.
  11. << If Stott and Prescott, or any descendants with knowledge of the firm, could tell me what their part was in the process, that's what I was trying to find>> There are trees on Ancestry which show that William Francis Stott (1896-1980) and Mary Gertrude Jones 1899-1984) had four children. One of them died in 2012 but one of the others married and has four children which looks hopeful for your research. The family were living in Rainford Road in 1939 which lists Annie Prescott as a ‘Domestic Servant’ at the same address.
  12. Dave Stott left West Park around 1950. He opened the batting on the Old Boys team in the fifties and sixties. He worked for the family firm at their yard on Ormskirk Street next to the cinema which was opposite The Sefton. The yard and cinema were replaced by Lennons.
  13. The tree that I quoted showed two entries for Mary with the 1790 and 1792 dates which are on the LancsOPC site so I went with 1792. The census records show her age as 51 in 1841, 66 in 1851 while the GRO records her age as 66 years for her death in June quarter 1856. The tree shows her husband as Henry Critchley Crouchley but I read his name as Critchley on the supporting image and this is the same spelling as on LancsOPC.
  14. Mary Pusill is on a tree on Ancestry which shows: Mary Pusiil, born 18 January 1792 at Croft with Southworth. Christened at St Oswald, Winwick 12 February 1792. Parents: James Pusil Pucell (1763-1819) and Mary Wood (1766-1937). Married Henry Critchley on 15 January 1816 at St Elphin, Warrington. The Henry and Mary were living in Sutton from 1820 when their second child was born. Mary died on 10 June 1856 at Peasley Cross. Thomas Critchley (1823- ) is shown as marrying Catherine Leyland on 8 August 1847. I noticed quite a number of Pusill entries in the St Nicholas Parish Registers. Hope this helps.
  15. I wonder if this might help. Bridget Holden, daughter of Edward and Mary, 102 Berrys Lane married Samuel Murray at St Vincent RC Church, Derbyshire Hill on 27 October 1945. One on the witnesses was Edith Ball, 40 Inman Avenue. There is a marriage record for Edith Holden and Frank Ball in the December quarter 1941, St Helens district. The Crem. Records show Edith Ball cremated on 8 December 1994 with the GRO giving her birth as 9 September 1922 which might tie-in with the registration mentioned by jvy20. Not sure where she was in 1939. Suspect Edward’s wife was Mary Ellen Farrell with their marriage registered in September quarter 1922, Prescot district. There is a Mary Ellen Holden buried at St Helens Crem. on 5 October 1933 – aged 33 years – and a Mary Ellen Farrell, daughter of widowed Bridget on the 1911 census.
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