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  1. Yes, it's possible that my Thomas may be this Thomas b1799 St Helens. On all the census returns he puts his place of birth down as Liverpool and his age on the census puts his date of birth as c1805. His death cert in 1888 gives his age as 87 which would make his date of birth more like c1801. His wife, Elizabeth Ashcroft's place of birth is always put down as Windle on the census so I would have thought that he would have put his own place of birth down as St Helens in this case and not Liverpool. I am still looking for the baptisms of his other 9 children, the first two being baptised in Birchley R.C Chapel. He moved to Maghull c1835 and I can't find the baptisms for the children born ofter this. (Maybe he lost his faith and didn't bother to have them baptised!). Thanks for all your help Pat
  2. My Thomas Bridge would have been born around 1805 (according to the census returns) but his death certificate in 1888 records his age as 87 which would have made him born in 1801. I am in touch with other people looking for Catholic Bridge ancestors in Lancashire but Thomas doesnot seem to fit into any part of their tree. Until I found the baptisms of his first two children I had no idea he was R.C and have been searching the C of E records for a while without success! I have managed to find information for his wife Elizabeth Ashcroft and she appears to have been from a Protestant family. I will see if I can find any online records for the churches mentioned here. Ron, I don't think I have a connection with your James Bridge. Thomas' son John b 1834 in Windle moved with the family to Maghull and married Elizabeth Rawlinson from Melling. Many thanks for all your replies Pat
  3. Hi Ant and thank you for your reply and the link, very interesting and a lovely little Chapel. Do you know where the next nearest R.C Church would be in the area? Pat
  4. I have found a marriage for my 3 x great grandparents Thomas Bridge and Elizabeth Ashcroft at Rainford 14th Feb 1831, thanks to this site but now have found reason to believe that Thomas Bridge may have been Roman Catholic. I have details for baptisms for the first two of their children at Birchley R.C Chapel Billinge. On 16 October 1831 Thomas Bridge and Elizabeth Ashcroft baptised their daughter Catharina Bridge at Birchley RC Chapel, Billinge, St Helens. Her godparents were Edwardus Cropper and Ellena Bridge. On 5 May 1833 Thomas Bridge and Elizabeth Ashcroft baptised their son Joannes Bridge at Birchley RC Chapel, Billinge, St Helens. His godparents were Jacobus Bridge and Sarah Almond. Also on the 19th May 1833 (the very next entry in the records) a Thomas Bridge was godparent for Jacobus Rigby at Birchley RC Chapel, Billinge, St Helens. The parents were Guililmi Rigby and Mariane Harrison. The other godparent was Martha Almond. This Thomas Bridge may have been my Thomas? If Thomas was R.C would he have first had to marry in a Protestant Church for it to be legal? If so where would the R.C marriage possibly have been held in the St Helens area. I have never been able to find out about Thomas' ancestors although people on Ancestry seem to have his parents down as Richard Bridge and Alice Almond from Rufford. Thomas and Elizabeth moved to Maghull sometime after 1834. Their next 9 children were all born in Maghull and again I have never been able to find their baptisms, maybe because they were baptised in an R.C Church. Thomas always puts his place of birth down as Liverpool not Rufford on the census returns..what a puzzle!! If anyone can shed any light on my Bridge family I would be really grateful. Thanks Pat
  5. Hi, I have only just seen your post about Edward Kelly and wonder if he is related to my John Kelly who moved from Middlesex to St Helens. On the 1881 census John was working as a glass polisher, address 12 Ormskirk Street, St Helens. His date of birth is around 1830 and he too comes from Poplar Middlesex. John Kelly married Sarah Pye, they were my 2 x g grandparents. John and Sarah possibly married in Liverpool in 1854. Pat
  6. Wow, Dave or should I say cousin! Thanks so much for these links. I've only just found your site and now I've found loads of further information thanks to you. Sarah Jane Kelly nee Pye was my g grandmother. She was born in 29 November 1859 in Chapel Street, Windle, St Helens. On the 1881 census she was a boarder, living with a family called Banks in Cottage Lane Aughton. She was a school mistress. She went on to marry Charles Hodson Ralph Harrison in Ormskirk in 1885 and had 4 children. Sadly she died at the age of 31 in 1891. I actually have a photograph of her. Her father is John Kelly born 1830 in Lambeth London according to the census. On the 1881 census he is living in Chapel Street, Windle, occupation glass polisher along with wife Sarah nee Pye born 1830. I haven't found a record for Sarah's birth or baptism so her age is taken off the census. I haven't been able to find a marriage record either yet. I have found 6 other children from the marriage of Sarah and John. Margaret b1863, Victoria b1865, John b1867, Eliza b1868, Annie b1857 and William b1858 and of course Sarah Jane b1859 I have also found an Edward Kelly lodging with John Kelly in Westfield, Eccleston, both glass polishers born London on the 1851 census. Edward is possibly John's brother? I've followed Edward through the rest of the census returns and he has stayed in Windle and also married a local girl. So there may be other Kelly cousins out there? Have you any idea which church Sarah may have been married or baptised in? I haven't been able to find any records on the IGI and am not familiar with the churches in St Helens. I would like to be able to send for the marriage certificate and find out where John Kelly actually came from. Many thanks for your help Pat
  7. My 2 x great grandmother was called Sarah Pye. She was born in 1830 in St Helen's and married a John Kelly who according to the census returns was a glass polisher (born in London). I have found Sarah Pye before her marriage on the 1851 census living in Windle with her father Richard Pye a publican and mother Mary? also siblings Ellen, Martha and Richard. Does this connect with anyone elses family research? I haven't been able to find a marriage record for Richard Pye and wife Mary or for Sarah Pye and John Kelly. I have their daughter Sarah Jane Kelly's birth certificate. Many thanks Pat
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