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  1. joe90

    Leeds v Wigan

    I watched Wigan against Leeds on Friday night and the try Clubb scored at the end of the game, it shows how bad the ref and linesmen are,every one in the ground could see he dropped the ball before he got to the line,i know it could help Wigan on points difference at the end of the season but why did the officials not see it and the linesman was stood there in the corner where the no try was scored.
  2. joe90

    Catalan v Wigan

    It holds 99,500
  3. joe90

    Catalan v Wigan

    I watched the game yesterday and Wigan where out classed in every position,i thought after playing well against Warrington the week before that they had a good chance of winning this one but Catalan where to good for them,they will have to get shut of some of them that played yesterday and bring in some more players for next season to do anything in the league.
  4. joe90

    Ajax beaten

    This final could go any way but i just fancy Liverpool.
  5. I am a Man United fan so well done Liverpool and i hope you win the league also.
  6. Its a Cormorant, it looks like some fishing line is there under its left eye.
  7. I asked who was the Cas players who got injured so why did you not say who it was,when Adrian Lam spoke out it was after the Wakefield game and the player who put the video on was Fifita,so act your age and dont tell me to do what you said.
  8. Which Cas players got injured in the Wigan game,do you mean the three Wigan player that got took off injured,Manfredi,Greenwood,and Sammut.
  9. joe90

    wigan v st.helens

    On the Wigan forum it says Davies has done is Fibula and Tibia,and his foot is facing the other way,Shorrocks his neck is in a Brace,i never seen the Davies injury because some one knocked on the door,but i dont think they showed a replay because i was only at the door ten seconds,why did the Saints player jump on Shorrocks when he was flat out on the floor,then the ref gave him a sin bin with one and half minutes remaining.
  10. joe90

    wigan v st.helens

    Too good for them on the day,i thought Wigan played okay the first twenty minutes but when Davies went off the team went off,Davies and Shorrocks both in Salford Hospital,Davies will not play again this season thats if he ever plays again.
  11. They did well to hold them to a draw at half time.
  12. joe90

    Saints v Warrington

    You never mentioned it when Wigan got three players injured during the game against Castleford last week,last night i thought they did okay to only get beat by ten points with five young lads playing.
  13. joe90

    Dom Manfredi

    Dom Manfredi will not play again this season for Wigan,he hurt is leg in the Castleford game last Friday,and what i have read he might not play rugby again,he has had no luck through injuries,he was one good player and he will be sadly missed.
  14. joe90

    Wigan v Catalans

    Wigan did not turn up for the game with 9 first team players missing and Wigan nilled them.
  15. joe90

    Wigan v Catalans

    What was Saints final score i missed it.
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