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  1. joe90

    Rejig super league 2019

    Have Saints been relegated twice before but the second time they did not go down for some reason.
  2. joe90

    joel tomkins on move!

    Joe Greenwood who used to play for Saints as signed for Wigan,he should be here by the end of the month.
  3. joe90

    joel tomkins on move!

    He as signed for them.
  4. joe90

    Wakefield v Wigan

    What a load of rubbish Wigan where last night,i thought after there thrashing with Warrington they would come out and get stuck in how wrong was i,they are playing like they they dont know how to tackle,how to off load the ball,how to make a break,how to make a decent pass,how to stop giving penalties away,since the coach said he was finishing at the end of the season they have they have stopped playing decent rugby and lost the last three games,the next two games are away at Castleford and Hull.
  5. joe90

    One for Joe 90

    Was you there,i was and lots of other people where there,and was there trouble outside another pub called Imperial with some Saints players a few years back.
  6. joe90

    One for Joe 90

    I have only seen this today when i came back off my holidays,it is disgusting from them but as Non sibi said about Saints players some years ago they where the same and i was in a pub in St.Helens not many years ago and i seen them get thrown out of the bar with the bouncers.
  7. joe90

    Warrington 23 Wigan 0

    I watched the game and the only Wigan player who did any thing was Bateman,i would make every one of the other players to train 7 days a week and 8 hours a day to get them back to the team they can be,on the Magic weekend Wigan battered Warrington and how they could play like that when it mattered it was a very bad performance,also the week before when they got battered at Hull KR,£60 lost in two bets but i am still well up on the season,they play Wakefield this Thursday so i will be betting again and if they play like they can i am hopeing for a win.
  8. joe90

    Wigan v Warrington.

    For the next two weeks i will be watching rugby abroad so i will not be coming on here.
  9. joe90

    Wigan v Warrington.

    Warrington have won 8 on the trot and they hammered Leeds last week,Wigan have not be playing all that good so i thought Wigan should have got the start.
  10. joe90

    Wigan v Warrington.

    That is the best i have seen Wigan play this season,not to many penalties did they give like they do in every game,another winning bet up giving Warrington 2 start.
  11. joe90

    Courtship of the Terns

    Cracking photos again.
  12. joe90

    Spectator disinterest in Challenge Cup?

    You are giving St.Helens a bad name.
  13. joe90

    Challenge Cup.

    I watched the Warrington v Toronto game and at half time there was nothing in it,only for Toronto having three sin binnings and sending off it could have been a closer game,all Toronto were doing all the game was giving penalties away
  14. joe90

    Challenge Cup.

  15. joe90

    Challenge Cup.

    Wigan had a few players out,Burgess,Williams,Navarette,Escare,O,loughlin played first twenty minutes,Clubb came on in the last ten minutes.

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