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  1. joe90

    Wigan v Warrington.

    For the next two weeks i will be watching rugby abroad so i will not be coming on here.
  2. joe90

    Wigan v Warrington.

    Warrington have won 8 on the trot and they hammered Leeds last week,Wigan have not be playing all that good so i thought Wigan should have got the start.
  3. joe90

    Wigan v Warrington.

    That is the best i have seen Wigan play this season,not to many penalties did they give like they do in every game,another winning bet up giving Warrington 2 start.
  4. joe90

    Courtship of the Terns

    Cracking photos again.
  5. joe90

    Spectator disinterest in Challenge Cup?

    You are giving St.Helens a bad name.
  6. joe90

    Challenge Cup.

    I watched the Warrington v Toronto game and at half time there was nothing in it,only for Toronto having three sin binnings and sending off it could have been a closer game,all Toronto were doing all the game was giving penalties away
  7. joe90

    Challenge Cup.

  8. joe90

    Challenge Cup.

    Wigan had a few players out,Burgess,Williams,Navarette,Escare,O,loughlin played first twenty minutes,Clubb came on in the last ten minutes.
  9. joe90

    Challenge Cup.

    Wigan beat Hull Kr 28-10 and i won my bet,all i can say if Wigan play like they did today they will win nothing this season because they were terrible,also Hull kr had a player sin binned in the first half and a player sent of bang on half time,Wigan had a player sin binned the first ten minutes second half.
  10. joe90

    Challenge Cup.

    Saints were far better than Castleford,every time Castleford kicked the ball out to the wings Saints came up with the ball every time and scored two long distance tries through it,the missed tackles from Castleford cost them a lot.
  11. joe90

    Challenge Cup.

    The Challenge Cup is here again,i have backed Wigan giving Hull KR 16 start,Saints have got a harder game against Castleford so who wins that i dont know.
  12. joe90

    Wigan v Castleford.

    Wigan played well on Friday,Sam caught every ball that was kicked down field plus a forty twenty so i thought he was M.O.M,all the other players had good games also.
  13. joe90

    Roy Haggerty.

    R.I.P. Roy was a good player.
  14. There was a bloke this morning sat down on the floor with a cup of some thing straight across from the Glass House at ten o,clock.
  15. We where in the Glass house and when we came out they was across the road where the Multi Storey car park is they was underneath that ,also we have seen people helping them.

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