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  1. Some good photos there,you will soon get used to it.
  2. Wigan have got plenty of good players out on loan,dont forget Wigan under 19s are the reigning Grand Final winners .
  3. joe90

    Austin Rhodes. R.I.P.

    He had a relative where i live and i used to see him quite a lot.
  4. I have heard 11,000,13,000, and 16,000 that attended the game,Leeds did not bring that many to the game and you could see that on the telly were they was seated.
  5. I have just thought that Barba hit is wife or partner,did the people you mention above do that.
  6. Rob you take some cracking photos.
  7. Do you want me to name a few x Saints players who have been in trouble with the law,i could name a few but i dont want to get in trouble.
  8. I heared that he was caught on Camera in a Casino hitting his wife,if that his right i dont know. added 0 minutes later Why Wigan.
  9. joe90

    Saints v Wigan

    I thought it was a good game Saints deserved the win,ref missed plenty of forward passes but when Wigan scored a try if it was a forward pass he seen that behind a bunch of players.also when Clubb went off after two minutes Wigan where down to three subs and that did not help.They will be back.
  10. Good photos.the moon never showed itself where i live,very foggy.
  11. Toulouse and Toronto are not playing in the Challenge Cup,i wonder whats happened there.
  12. joe90

    Joe Sharratt

    Its ok,the more people that see it the better,they deserve every thing they get the MONSTERS.
  13. joe90

    Joe Sharratt

    Joe Sharratt who plays for St.Helens Academy as been beaten up outside a night club in Manchester on Saturday night,he is in hospital with serious injuries,it was the Doormen hat laid on him,they are BULLIES and they should spend a long time in prison,they have all been sacked from there jobs and they should never be allowed to do the same job again in this country.
  14. Great photos again,i like the Wigan one plus all of the others.
  15. joe90

    England v New Zealand

    Not good enough on the day but they won the series,the ref let to many high tackles go from the Kiwis and a few from England.
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