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  1. joe90

    Wigan Warriors

    Did any one see what Leuluai did to get a ban,i have asked loads of Saints fans and none of they knows what he did wrong,perhaps you can tell me.
  2. joe90

    Grand final

    I said early on thatTomkins was lucky to stay on the field.
  3. joe90

    Wigan Warriors

    I do remember that but i am on about the Grand Final nothing else.
  4. joe90

    Grand final

    I see that you did not mention when Matty Lees went into Tyrone Roberts head with his knees and Roberts had to go off inured and never came back on and Lees got sin binned or can you not remember that incident it was about three weeks back.
  5. joe90

    Wigan Warriors

    What a good year for Wigan Warriors teams,The under 19s team won this years Grand Final,the Wigan Warriors ladies team won there Grand Final,and to top it all off the Wigan Warriors first team won this years Grand Final,will this ever happen again it could do if you are a Wigan Warriors player male and female.
  6. joe90

    Grand final

    How did Ratchford win the Harry Sutherland Trophy,he did nothing first half and second half he made two breaks and that is all he did,Dom Manfredi should have won that,he scores two tries,saves a certain try when he bundled Lineham into touch,makes one brilliant break,goes off injured comes back his head bandaged up and scores the winning try,Tomkins was a lucky man to stay on the field and so was Charnley,Warrington played well in spells but Wigan defence held them up.
  7. joe90

    Tonight's Grand Final

    Another winning bet up £30 win giving 4 start 10-11 £57-27 back.
  8. joe90


    Because the other coaches voted him coach of the year,not the Horrible Gorilla
  9. joe90


    If he was injured why did the coach play him,it will only make the injury worse.
  10. joe90


    He missed plenty of tackles and the opposition scored tries that he should have stopped.
  11. joe90


    Played well early on in the season then he did not look interested,played well against Castleford then the next game against Warrington he did nothing in the game,I thought Bateman should have got it because he as played well every game he as played this season.
  12. joe90

    No Toronto trips for Saints next season

    It was the best result for the fans also.
  13. joe90

    Semi-final Saints v Wire

    I thought that they should have scored more points than what they did,but Castleford defence was very good and stopped Wigan scoring more points.
  14. joe90

    Semi-final Saints v Wire

    I hope Wigan play better than Saints did last night,£30 win Wigan giving 4 start.
  15. joe90

    catalans v saints

    Lomax Man of Steel,he as had about five good games this season so that makes him Man of Steel,i can name a good few better than him this season.

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