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  1. joe90

    Ben Barba

    Jeff Leo get that beat,who did you play for,and i played Rugby for a very good amateur side and played football in the Warrington league.
  2. joe90

    Ben Barba

    Luke Thompson as been banned for 1 match for throwing the ball at an official after scoring a try against Huddersfield at the weekend,yet the bloke from Catalans nothing happens to him.
  3. joe90

    Adrian Lam

    I dont know how that as happened.
  4. joe90

    Adrian Lam

    Adrian Lam takes over as Wigan coach for the 2019 season then Shaun Edwards takes over in 2020 season
  5. joe90

    Adrian Lam

    What a load of rubbish Wigan where last night,i thought after there thrashing with Warrington they would come out and get stuck in how wrong was i,they are playing like they they dont know how to tackle,how to off load the ball,how to make a break,how to make a decent pass,how to stop giving penalties away,since the coach said he was finishing at the end of the season they have they have stopped playing decent rugby and lost the last three games,the next two games are away at Castleford and Hull.
  6. joe90

    Newton Show 2018

    Rob you take some CRACKING photos.
  7. joe90

    its who really wants it?

    According to Redvee he did it with intent thats why they have got RLF involved.
  8. joe90

    its who really wants it?

    You would if it was your daughter who got hit in the face.
  9. joe90

    its who really wants it?

    I was joking to what Hort said.
  10. joe90

    its who really wants it?

    I have been on Saints website Redvee and some one is saying the Catalans player Kenny Edwards threw the ball at Saints fans and it hit a young girl in the face,i never seen this happen on the telly but plenty of Saints fans seen it,it has been reported to the RLF and they are looking into it, did any one on here see it if they went to the game.
  11. joe90

    its who really wants it?

    It was all them in the pub on Friday night who backed Saints,but i have been told they all backed Catalans so thats why the game was thrown.
  12. joe90

    its who really wants it?

    I was in the pub on Friday night and loads of my mates went in the betting shop backing Saints,they said it was a knocking bet giving ten start,Wigan struggled to beat them last week and Catalans had a few players missing.
  13. joe90

    its who really wants it?

    Saints coach said after the game that Barba was not 100% fit so why play him,Grace is not a good player,he is fast and that is it,Makinson all he did today was run sideways across the pitch.Wilky past his sell by date.
  14. joe90

    Peyroux breaks arm

    He as done well to carry on playing the last 15 minutes,if that had been a footballer he would have been stretchered off then took straight to hospital.
  15. joe90

    Saints 14 Warrington 12

    I listened to the Wigan v Catalans last night,8-6 to Wigan half time and Catalan had a bloke sent of just before half time,Wigan came out second half and went 20-6 up in about ten minutes,i thought they was going to hammer them,then they went to pieces,20-20 across,Sam drop goal then Greenwood with a try to make it 25-20 to Wigan final score,Tomkins and Bateman they only two that played for Wigan the rest where rubbish,the new lad they signed last week scored the first try then he went off injured,i dont know how bad it was.

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