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  1. I never opened the door once that night, the some cheeky sods even knocked on the window. The wife and daughter took the grand-kids out, when they got back they asked how many had knocked, I said loads but ignored them cus i had nothing to give them, wife then told me there's a huge bowl of sweets on the hall windowsill.
  2. Yup as Jeff says And bring back Whippet Racing @ Bold Miners on a Sunday to.
  3. lol I always thought it was true, must be like caravaning nowadays.
  4. Iv'e often wondered where does shit'n'lash go when you use a toilet on a train, is it just dumped on the track when you flush.
  5. I once heard a tale off the last bloke to run it, that it was originally on the opposite side of the road "not main road" i.e if you stood facing the front of it , havanna lane is to your right, well havanna lane would have been on the left, he said it was moved brick by brick and rebuilt to where most of us know it stood. Dunno if thats true.
  6. now i know where to pog some spuds from if i'm ever homeless, lizzy bats only grows that yellow oil plant.
  7. Well its more of a shock to me as I never knew he was a saints player, we are on about the Voll on here?
  8. Parr is mostly chilled out these days cus 70% of the population are pot heads,10% are piss heads ,10% are coke heads 5% are crack heads and the rest are normal. Just a rough estimate, it could be the reverse also. @Robbob Iv'e seen that car many times, in fact there are quite a number of classic cars knocking about, its nice to see some one has put in the effort to restore them. Some are proper yedturners.
  9. Bet that copper was thinking just a few more years and a few more fake government sponsored terrorist attacks and we'll be kitted out like you only with real guns a live ammo to kill anyone who stands in our way because we are gods and you useless eaters need our boots stamping on you forever. great pics btw rob, wish i'd have known it was on. When's the Chilli Festival on.
  10. steve.

    Website birthday

    2018 again now
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